Findings by the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner have determined that an overdose of the painkiller Oxycodone, known slangly as “Hillbilly Heroine” led to the death of Canadian pro wrestler Andrew “Test” Martin.

As reported by the United Kingdom’s paper, The Sun, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Vernard Adams filed Martin’s autopsy report, determining that the ingredient caused Martin’s passing. Dr. Adams further described the death as, “accidental.”

Martin was found dead in his apartment on March 14, just a few days short of his 34th birthday. Dr. Adams began the autopsy the same date, according to the report.

Martin got his big break in wrestling in the late 1990s with the then WWF. Throughout his two tenures with the Fed, Martin would capture numerous titles with the company and be part of several long-running feuds, the most high profile being his engagement to Stephanie McMahon, which led to Vince’s daughter marrying Triple H. Martin would also spend time, briefly, in TNA.

Martin’s body was discovered after a neighbour who was able to see into Martin’s apartment in Tampa reported to police that he had been motionless for several hours. The Whitby, Ontario, native had recently completed a rehabilitation program. Speaking with SLAM! Wrestling on March 15, Martin’s father, Bob Martin, described that Test, “was putting a real fight up. He did that. He was here at Christmas, and he was just great and we had a great time. January, February, March, he phoned. We had great chats about a lot of things. He knew it was going to be a struggle with him forever but he was willing to do it.”

As reported by The Sun, Oxycodone has been linked to many deaths in the United States, including the passing of WWE Hall of Famer Sherri Martel and actor Heath Ledger.

– With files from The Sun (UK).


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