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Guest column: Brand guru Gair Maxwell returns to wrestling roots

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Cocagne Arena,  25 minutes outside Moncton, New Brunswick. It’s the early 1990s. Van Halen, The Crüe and G’n’R still rule the hard rock world before grunge explodes out of Seattle. On the other end of the continent, Big Stephen...

Looking back on my CWF Legends Fanfest trip

Now, a weekend removed from my trip to Lutz, Florida, for the CWF Legends Fanfest, I've had time to reflect, and catch my breath. Wrestling fans started arriving Thursday, November 4th, for the seventh installment of the CWF Legends Fanfest, at the Residence Inn by...

Winnipeg’s Bruiser Bastein to be remembered today

It is with the utmost sadness that I have been asked to announce that Jean Claude Abraham, well remembered in his hometown of Winnipeg as the professional wrestler Bruiser Bastein from 1994-2006, passed away in his home in Vancouver on October 1, 2021, at the age of...

Mat Matters: Without Mosca, I’m not writing this

Without Angelo Mosca, it's unlikely that I would be writing this today. It's noted in my scrapbook the day that we met, September 20, 1986, at Casey's restaurant in Waterloo, Ontario, which was just around the corner from the flower shop that my Mom owned, and Mom and...

Mat Matters: A tale of a talent-less WWE

Someone once told me, when I was barely a Lucid Luchador, that working for the WWE can be the best place in the world but also the worst place to be in. I’ve often pondered those words and how valid they were. And after the latest talent release by the WWE on the same...

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