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Wrestlers’ Court: AEW’s foreign objects

Over the past few weeks, I have followed and occasionally joined an online discussion about AEW's woes. I'm not as down on the company as others seem to be, and I think that AEW has a bright future ahead if it can lock down its place in an American professional...

Wrestlers’ Court: AEW facing an identity crisis

On May 26, AEW aired its Double or Nothing pay-per-view, marking the promotion’s unofficial fifth anniversary. Opinions about the show and the state of AEW have become increasingly divided. SlamWrestling.net’s John Powell wrote a blistering critique of the card and...

Mat Matters: It is time to cancel AEW

Having spent a couple of months observing X (formerly Twitter), I already know what is coming. I will be called an “E-Drone” just for the headline of this article. There will be calls of tribalism. You see, no criticism of AEW is valid even from experts on the...

Wrestlers’ Court: The Bray Wyatt show looks to continue

In my last column, I wrote about the likely return of Taylor Rotunda’s Uncle Howdy character at the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event (PLE). By now the cat’s out of the bag: Uncle Howdy did not return at King and Queen of the Ring to a thunderous...

Wrestlers’ Court: Will we be saying hi to Uncle Howdy?

On Saturday, May 25 WWE will present its latest Saudi Arabian Premium Live Event (PLE), the awkwardly-named yet inclusive King and Queen of the Ring. The Saudi events have been noteworthy since they began in 2014. They reflect the Saudi Ministry of Sport’s interest in...

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