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RVD makes for a high F’n A&E Biography

There are times, when watching something like Sunday night's A&E Biography on Rob Van Dam, that I'm pretty damn proud of the archives here at SlamWrestling.net as it allows those who want to, to fill in the blanks that WWE didn't on a complex career. So take your...

Mayes McLain was a gridiron legend turned wrestling star

Editor's note: Problematic language may remain in vintage quotations and has been kept to maintain historical accuracy of the speaker's words. In the list of incredible athletes that came out of the American boarding schools for Indigenous peoples there is little...

Bro, third ‘Who Killed WCW?’ all Russo and bad booking

World Championship Wrestling devolves from a creative mess into a political minefield as 1999 enter into the year 2000 in episode three of Who Killed WCW? The show opened with senior vice president Eric Bischoff officially gone from the company and Bill Busch working...

ECW A&E Biography same old, same old

I really don't get why A&E Biography had to go back to the well with an episode on the rise and fall of ECW, especially when there was an actual DVD release called The Rise and Fall of ECW. Was there anything new on Sunday night's episode on A&E? Not...

Goldberg steamrolls through second ‘Who Killed WCW?’ episode

The cracks beginning to show in 1998 and then a disastrous 1999 were highlighted in episode two of Who Killed WCW? The second episode also featured the neverending back and forth between Bret Hart and Bill Goldberg, Eric Bischoff trying to survive against Turner...

‘Other Side of the Ring’ DVD kinda dull

We seem to be living in the Golden Age of Pro Wrestling Documentaries. Beyond the Mat and Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows were groundbreaking at the time, and still hold up. Then came all the documentaries filmed for companies like Highspots, like the great one on...

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