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‘Young Rock’ gets into the Christmas spirit

There's a rich tradition of network television shows doing Christmas specials, standalones that don't necessarily play into the ongoing storyline. Other times, they don't make much sense, like the notoriously cheesy Star Wars Christmas Special. Often, Charles Dickens'...

Documentarian’s chance meeting with Mike Pappas leads to film

A documentary called The Flying Greek, set to premiere next Friday, December 10th in Springfield, Missouri, came together as filmmaker and subject unexpectedly crossed paths, and the partnership formed brought equally unexpected benefits to both as well. Manoli...

McDevitt’s shot best part of Dark Side’s steroids episode

Ever get the feeling while watching a documentary that there is a far more interesting story to be presented than the one that’s currently on ? I must confess that this particular thought crossed my mind a time or two during the October 28th episode of Dark Side of...

Rock, Cena, Batista rumble for People’s Choice Awards

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena will be battling it out again -- but this time, it won't be in the ring. Rather, they will be fighting for Hollywood championship glory in the form of the 2021 People's Choice Award for Male Movie Star of 2021. The nominees for...

‘Dark Side of the Ring’ doesn’t hold back on XPW

Despite popular sentiment, there’s nothing inherently salacious or sleazy about either wrestling or pornography. Both have their extremes, ranging from relative tameness to hardcore. When adult film producer Rob Black decided to put wrestling and porn in business...

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