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A&E/WWE ‘Biography’ checks the boxes on Mick Foley’s career

Of all the featured wrestlers in this series of Biography on A&E, Mick Foley's story may be the best known to fans. His youth and his entry into wrestling were laid out, after all, in a famous string of interviews/promos with Jim Ross on Monday Night Raw in 1997....

Hellwig’s journey to ‘Becoming Warrior’ is indeed dark

With World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and A&E airing their documentary on James Brian Hellwig, better known to pro wrestling fans as the Ultimate Warrior, this past Sunday, social media has been abuzz about how this week’s Dark Side of the Ring episode, also...

Army of the Dead is dead on arrival

Army of the Dead gets one thing right and one thing only. It shambles just like the blood-thirsty undead it features. The film stars former WWE superstar Dave Bautista -- but more on him later. As bloated as the rest of Zack Snyder’s back-patting opuses, Army of the...

Squared Circle Cinema and Shots #4: Piper’s pictures rowdy and fun

Welcome to another Squared Circle Cinema and Shots, the only column that dares to watch wrestlers become actors, and to ask the all-important question:  how many drinks does it take to tolerate what I just saw? Depending on the movie, and the beverage, please try this...

‘Dark Side of the Ring’ sells the sizzle on Collision in Korea

A host of WCW and NJPW stars, a boxing legend, and the mercurial communist country of North Korea put on a wrestling show in the mid-90s. The results, as detailed in this week's episode of Dark Side of the Ring, were as bizarre as you'd likely expect. April of 1995...


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