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Documentary review: ‘Luchadoras’ transcends the wrestling ring

There's a bold statement made near the beginning of Luchadoras, a documentary directed by Paola Calvo and Patrick Jasim who, along with Phillip Kaminiak, produced the film through their Berlin-based Tumult Film company. The statement comes from one of the film's main...

‘Young Rock’ Episode Six: A royal battle in Hawai’i

NBC's Young Rock has tiptoed along a very fine line in its episodes, playing to both wrestling fans and a broad family viewership. If anything, and to its credit and success, the show has focused much less on wrestling than one might have first presumed would be the...

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. forging a new legacy behind the scenes

So, you need someone to train actors to get into the ring and fill the wrestling boots of some iconic names -- who do you call? Chavo Guerrero, Jr., who had a hand in the Emmy-winning stunt choreography of Netflix's GLOW series, took that call from the Young Rock...

‘Young Rock’ Episode Five: Mom’s Rules

This week, it's another chance for 15-year-old Dewey Johnson (played by Bradley Constant) to take center stage in Young Rock. To get you back into this timeline, we last saw Dewey decking a schoolmate for calling wrestling fake, right after he had managed to impress...


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