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On the Road to NWA’s Hard Times 2

The National Wrestling Alliance is continuing its forward momentum this Saturday, December 4th, with their upcoming pay-per-view Hard Times 2: Revenge has no Bounds.  This show is billing more offerings in that it will incorporate some major players from Ring of Honor...

NXT: Déjà vu with two WarGames ladder matches

NXT's repetitive night of déjà vu had not one, not three, but two WarGames advantage ladder matches in preparation for Sunday's event. Granted, those bouts between Dakota Kai and Kay Lee Ray and Johnny Gargano and Bron Breakker were pretty solid. It's really the...

MKW Blast-off episode 39: Supreme Shut Down

Things start off with a cold open promo getting us ready for the Supreme Societies championship main event. Little Johnny stands behind MKW champion Coldray as he speaks, saying that while Wangtao was indeed able to win The Coldray games, the game ends tonight for...

Jericho comes to Kingston’s aid on Rampage

"A friend in need is a pest," the late, great Bobby Heenan was fond of saying. Loner Eddie Kingston probably sees things the same way but even he must have been thrilled that Chris Jericho saved him from what could have been a disastrous beatdown on Rampage. After 2.0...

SmackDown: An unlikely challenger amuses Reigns

Black Friday has come to the WWE, and SmackDown's special event is an invitational Battle Royale which will grant the winner the number-one contendership to Roman Reigns' Universal Championship. Kayla Braxton is in the ring to lead us off, but before she gets much out...

Impact swings back to Wrestle House for Thanksgiving. Bravo?

The network disclaimer before Impact Wrestling's weekly show is "The following program may not be suitable for all viewers."  Truer words were never spoken. Because Thursday night's episode was unlike any other wrestling show you've ever seen, or probably will ever...

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