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NWA POWERRR: Brawling, Beauties, and “The Burke”

Tonight is a show that emphasizes the three B’s:  Brawling, Beauties, and “The Burke”, and you best step Into The Fire to warm up to a cold open As Kyle Davis is with Billy Corgan and…Mickie James!  Corgan makes a couple of big announcements.  On August 28th -31th,...

NXT: Domestic brawls ensue during In Your House go-home show

In terms of buildup for this Sunday's TakeOver event, it's better late than never. Preceding probably the most overlooked NXT event in some time, tonight's go-home show helped bump the excitement level for the second edition of NXT TakeOver: In Your House. Plus, if...

RAW: The ThunderDome becomes a house of horrors for Shayna Baszler

Another week, another WWE release. And if can happen to Braun Strowman, who was most recently in the main event picture with the WWE champion, it can happen to anyone. At least his story line was pretty much over, unlike Aleister Black. And with Lana's release, her...

MKW Blast-off episode 27: Sexual Harassment Panda

Cold open promo from “PK Mode”: Black Mamba and Bamboo Crusher. They have a message for the stable that although it could be any combination of the 3 due to their Freebird rule, PK Mode is ready for any of them and will advance to the tournament finals. This week we...

SmackDown: You’d better win

Featuring an appearance from the SmackDown Women's Champion, this June 4th episode of SmackDown has 150% more title matches than your regular leading episode! Our beloved Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, makes his entrance to kick off the show. Notably, Jey Uso isn’t...

AEW Dark and Elevation: Fall Out From Double Or Nothing

Welcome the AEW Dark Elevation and AEW Dark recaps. Both shows were much shorter than the last few weeks clocking in at just under 1 hour and 22 minutes (Elevation) and 54 minutes (Dark). AEW Dark Elevation had more storyline than normal as they pushed angles such as...

NXT: Cole returns, shakes up TakeOver main event

Remember NXT TakeOver: In Your House? The June 13th event is quietly approaching amidst an exciting rebuild of wrestling audiences and touring, but, the Capitol Wrestling Center will remain home for now. Tonight's episode, surprisingly the penultimate before TakeOver,...


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June 13: NXT TakeOver: In Your House
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