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Second chances, Silas Mason, and Scrambles highlight this NWA USA

The title picture is getting more exciting as some promising challengers are looking to scramble in the main event for a shot at the Junior Heavyweight title, and the "Thrillbilly" Silas Mason is facing his toughest test yet against Judais, as both men look to make...

Smackdown Live Report: Salt Lake City acknowledges the Tribal Chief

This was the first time since the pandemic hit that the World Wrestling Entertainment has done a live show in the Beehive State of my home, Salt Lake City, UT.  The last time WWE did a show was in January of 2020 when Monday Night Raw still managed to hold a live show...

Rampage Grand Slam: Muta’s mist, Starks is Lights Out

Greetings and Salutations all! This isn't Impact or ROH so I am excited to be writing the report for AEW Rampage. After a strong show on Wednesday from Arthur Ashe I am excited to see what a double sized episode will give us. This reminds of a a comic book annual...

SmackDown: The Usos remain your champions

Hi friends, Has anyone else see the press conference between Reigns and Logan Paul last week? I did. The parts I’ll always find funny was when Roman shoved Paul over, then Logan tells Reigns not to touch him. Or when a fan shouted that Roman sucks when that’s not...

NWA POWERRR: Bully Ray needs a friend

Not only is the National championship tournament in the National Wrestling Alliance really highlighting up-and-coming challengers, but the feuds are also adding fuel Into The Fire.  Since coming to the NWA, Bully Ray is not getting the hero’s welcome in Matt Cardona’s...

Raw: Lumis stalks Miz some more

We're live once again for Raw, and there's no time to waste - we're headed right into action. Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins (United States Championship Match) To his credit, Lashley has been very strong in his position with the gold, but the problem is with the big...

New WoW, same old mistakes

I'll admit it. I was never a fan of the original Women of Wrestling for the same reason I was never a fan of Lucha Underground. Both of them were so over-produced they played out like parodies of weekly wrestling programs. I just couldn't take either of them seriously...

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HHH says blood is not necessary, doesn't belong in wrestling any more. Do you agree with him?


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