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The Iron Sheik would appreciate Rikishi’s new song

"Hip Hop music has always been a part of my life. When I started my wrestling journey, I always had a tape playing in the car on the road from city to city.  As I start this new adventure in music, I wanted to pay homage to the hip hop and reggae artists that...

Celeste plans to rock Cleveland at NWA Samhain

Modern-day wrestlers must be proficient in the ring as well as on the mic. Celeste is one such wrestler who’s made it a career talking on-air as a radio DJ and is now parlaying that into the squared circle. Celeste (real name Chelsea Lyons) has been in the wrestling...

Wrestlers’ Court: A Little Night Music

In a recent interview, National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) owner and The Smashing Pumpkins (and Zwan) frontman Billy Corgan noted that he is not a fan of entrance music used in wrestling. While he acknowledged the importance of music to the overall presentation of the...

Chris Bey aiming for No. 1 with a Bullet

"The Ultimate Finesser" Chris Bey has been a member of Impact Wrestling since 2020 and as a member of Bullet Club, he has risen to the top of the tag division. In the summer of 2021, Bey was presented with a Bullet Club shirt by "Switchblade" Jay White and after weeks...

Randy Savage’s ‘Be A Man’ gets Record Store Day reissue

Nearly 20 years after its release in October 2003, “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s cult rap album, Be A Man, is getting the special Record Store Day treatment. On April 22, 2023, a limited pressing of 1,000 copies of Be A Man will be reissued in select independent record...

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Which match do you most want to see during Cena's retirement tour?


Jul 20: TNA Slammiversary
Aug 3: WWE SummerSlam
Aug 25: AEW All In
Aug 31: WWE Bash in Berlin
Aug 31: MLW Gold Rush Night 1
Sep 1: MLW Gold Rush Night 2
Sep 1: NXT No Mercy
Sep 1: AEW All Out
Oct 5: WWE Bad Blood
Oct 12: AEW WrestleDream
Oct 27: NXT Hallowe’en Havoc
Nov 23: AEW Full Gear
Dec 28: AEW Worlds End