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Quest for ‘The Crusher’ by the Novas

By Christopher Annino and Steve Prescott - For One of my favorite novelty songs is “The Crusher” by The Novas. It is catchy and it is about wrestling. Trying to write about it ended up being a rather interesting journey. If I am, humbly, Don Quixote...

Kenny Lush part of the Punk ‘n’ Wrestling connection

The similarities between punk rock and independent pro wrestling have become increasingly apparent to those who have taken part in both. Be it the counterculture aspect of each scene or the do-it-yourself approach to marketing T-shirts or other merchandise, punk and...

Mat Matters: When Sweet Daddy met Charley Pride

Allen Abel, the great, retired columnist for the Globe and Mail newspaper, wrote a feature on Sweet Daddy Siki in 1982. He noted that "Sweet Daddy Siki was going to be the new Charley Pride, but now he'd settle for being the old Sweet Daddy Siki." With the...

Singer John Condrone, with a past in wrestling, dies from COVID

Singer-songwriter John Condrone passed away on October 20, 2020, from complications due to COVID-19. Although more known for his music such as "If You Stole My Heart", "But Then," and "Since I Found you," he also dished out numerous hits inside the squared circle....

Mat Memories: The Prince of Rock ‘n’ Roll Mickey B

When my sister Donna called me in tears this past week and told me about the death of one of our dearest friends, Mickey Borack (Mickey B), at the age of 74, a great sadness came over me. I knew Mickey was battling cancer, that his time was nearing an end, after a...

Cheap Pop shows passion for pro wrestling through song

Jacqui Pratt has been a musician and pro wrestling fan her entire life. All it took was inspiration from WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley, to mash her two passions together. Pratt was watching WWE with her husband, Nick Dailey, and some friends, when Foley came on the...


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