Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has reignited his long-standing feud with AEW’s Chris Jericho.

In an interview with Metal Hammer magazine promoting his new album Child Within The Man, Bach was asked by a fan: Will you ever do a sing-off with Chris Jericho?

Bach replied: “The better question would be, will he do a wrestle-off with Sebastian Bach? Because I’m as much of a wrestler as he is a singer.”

Since 2019 Bach has leveled allegations against Jericho and his band Fozzy countless times in the media. Bach claimed that Jericho uses taped vocal tracks and lip synchs to them during his live performances. Bach has even called Jericho the new “Milli Vanilli”.

During one such dust-up in X, Jericho had this to say:

Bach responded:

Jericho fired back:

Bach replied:

Jericho responded:

Bach later wrote and explained his stance.

“I’m not trying to beat anybody at anything. I’m actually trying to say hey Chris maybe you’re right maybe I’ll stop singing live and prance around while the tape is playing just like you do Chris. I’m tired of trying so hard it’s like beating my head against the wall,” he said also saying that he and others who have had to learn how to sing live are insulted by people who use taped tracks during live shows.