It’s been awhile, but I’m finally opening a new hobby box of wrestling cards, and this time it’s the return of Panini Chronicles WWE.

Last year, I opened two boxes of Chronicles, and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of cards in every box, so I was looking forward to seeing what I’d get this time around.

My first thought was the box seemed smaller than I remembered, but when I looked at my previous review, it was confirmed that the box configuration didn’t shrink. Just like in 2022, 2023 Panini Chronicles WWE includes six packs of eight cards per hobby box, with two autographs per box, on average, so this was going to be a quick, but hopefully fun, rip.    

wwe chronicles hobby

The first card of my first pack of 2023 Panini Chronicles WWE was a Becky Lynch Certified, then a Gunther XR, then I saw an autograph peeking through, so I tucked it away to save for last. After this, I pulled a Butch Chronicles base card (yes, Pete Dunne is still Butch in this set), then a Kofi Kingston Chronicles base card, then a Lex Luger Classics card, which has a cool retro style, then a Carmella Season Ticket card numbered out of 49, and a Tiffany Stratton Phoenix card. Finally, I revealed my first of two autographs in the box, and it was an awesome Alundra Blayze Donruss Optic Signature Series card, which was a great way to start this box. 

alundra blayze auto

Like in the 2022 set, 2023 Panini Chronicles WWE has a 400-card base set, including over 15 different styles of sets within the 400-card base set, so 2023 Panini Chronicles WWE is a big set with a lot of diversity in every pack. 

My second pack began with a Rey Mysterio Chronicles base card, then a Jimmy Uso Origins card, a Trish Stratus Ring Royalty, The Miz Chronicles card numbered out of 199, a Drew McIntyre Donruss Optic, Bob Backlund Honors, then two cards from a set that’s new to this year’s release, a Bron Breakker Limited card numbered out of 199, showing him midair hitting a moonsault, and a Booker T Limited. 

bron breakker chronicle

Pack three started with a JD McDonagh Chronicles base card, then a Dragon Lee Chronicles rookie, which I was happy to get. Next, I pulled a Becky Lynch Season Ticket card, a great looking “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Golden Age card, a shiny Bret Hart Spectra, a Rey Mysterio Phoenix card, which was numbered to 49 on the back, a Charlotte Flair XR, and a Liv Morgan Illusions. 

dragon lee chronicle

The first card of the second half of my box of 2023 Panini Chronicles WWE was a Zelina Vega Chronicles base card, followed by a Ring Royalty card of “The Final Boss” The Rock, and after that, The Bloodine continued as I pulled a Roman Reigns Chronicles card numbered out of 199. Next, I pulled a card from a new insert set celebrating the career of Rey Mysterio, a “Biggest Little Man” insert card showing Rey Mysterio defeating his son, Dominick, at WrestleMania 39. After this, I pulled an Alba Fyre Donruss Optic card, a Cora Jade Phoenix, Bianca Belair XR, and finally a 1-2-3 Kid Illusions. 

biggest little man

When I opened my fifth pack, I saw it included my second autograph, and decided to save it for last, and opened the other remaining pack, which began with a Ludwig Kaiser Chronicles base card. I then pulled an Austin Theory Chronicles, a Honky Tonk Man Golden Age, and a Tiffany Stratton Luminance card. Luminance is another new inclusion this year, featuring full bleed glossy photography, and I always appreciate it when wrestling cards prioritize photography, so I was happy I got at least one of these in my box. Next I pulled a Spectra card of LA Knight (Yeah!!), Braun Strowman Phoenix numbered out of 199, another Dragon Lee rookie, this time out of Illusions, and finally a John Cena Limited card.

tiffany stratton chronicle

At last, I opened my final pack of the box, which started with an Ivy Nile Chronicles base card, The Miz Season Ticket, and a great Bobby “The Brain” Heenan Voices of the Ring card, which is a new set that celebrates some of professional wrestling’s greatest commentators and ring announcers. Next, it was “Tiffy Time,” as I pulled another Tiffany Stratton Luminance card, but this one was numbered out of 25, so a low numbered parallel of Stratton is a nice hit. And to finish my last pack, I pulled a “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio Honors card, The Miz XR numbered out of 49, a Shawn Michaels Certified, and a Voices of the Ring autograph of Corey Graves, so it was a nice surprise to get two of these cards in one pack, the Heenan card and the Graves autograph.

corey graves auto

Overall, I was quite pleased with my one box of 2023 Panini Chronicles WWE. It’s a somewhat small box, with about 48 cards per box, including two autographs, for under $200, which makes it more accessible than some other recent wrestling card releases, and it includes some nice variety and a big checklist, which makes for a fun, fast, and relatively low risk rip. If I get the chance, I’d gladly open some more.