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Chyna and Mark Henry, more bonuses coming to Battlegrounds

WWE Hall of Famers “Ninth Wonder of the World” Chyna and “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry will be joining the WWE 2K Battlegrounds roster. They will be released with other add-ons such as Christian, Dana Brooke, Otis, Tyler Breeze and a new arena in the next month...

New gaming shows announced

Both the WWE and AEW are set to launch new gaming shows. Next Wednesday, Kenny Omega will be hosting AEW's new 2.Show on AEW's Games YouTube channel. Meanwhile, the WWE is debuting their Superstar Gaming Series the day before on the WWE Network and their social...

Wrestling legends to join 2K Battlegrounds

The 2K Battlegrounds roster is expanding to include some noteworthy WWE Hall of Famers. Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, Diesel and Razor Ramon will be joining the Battlegrounds roster alongside several current WWE Superstars setting the stage for a...

WarGames coming to WWE SuperCard

Just in time for this weekend's NXT event, WarGames mode is arriving for WWE SuperCard the the collectible card-battling game from Cat Daddy Games. WarGames is a new solo event and is scheduled to drop tomorrow, December 3rd. WarGames will be available as a free...

Champions of the Galaxy game still going strong

Monolith, the Andre the Giant of the GWF (Galactic Wrestling Federation), has defeated Basilisk of The Horde in a brutal chain match to become the new GWF Champion. In other breaking news, The Horde's Shann-Ra has won a women’s battle royal to become the first ever...

AEW announces three games, partnership with Yuke’s

AEW has already signed some the WWE’s most recognizable superstars. Now, they have signed away perhaps the greatest wrestling video game developer in history. AEW announced today that they are working hand-in-hand with Yuke's to create the AEW Wrestling game. Yuke’s...


June 20: WWE Hell In A Cell
July 17: Impact Slammiversary
July 18: WWE Money in the Bank
August 21: WWE SummerSlam
August 28: NWA In Power
August 29: NWA 73
September 5th: AEW All Out
November 6th: AEW Full Gear