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Champions of the Galaxy game still going strong

Monolith, the Andre the Giant of the GWF (Galactic Wrestling Federation), has defeated Basilisk of The Horde in a brutal chain match to become the new GWF Champion. In other breaking news, The Horde's Shann-Ra has won a women’s battle royal to become the first ever...

AEW announces three games, partnership with Yuke’s

AEW has already signed some the WWE’s most recognizable superstars. Now, they have signed away perhaps the greatest wrestling video game developer in history. AEW announced today that they are working hand-in-hand with Yuke's to create the AEW Wrestling game. Yuke’s...

Battlegrounds to introduce Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg and others

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is expanding. 2K has announced that the game is getting a number of free roster updates in November. The following Superstars, Legends and Hall of Famers are currently scheduled to appear in WWE 2K Battlegrounds via automatic updates, with some...

Champions of the Galaxy commemorative set coming

Filsinger Games is celebrating the release of 50 game editions of Champions of the Galaxy with a new collectible starter set called Tournament of Champions in late September. Tournament of Champions will pit the greatest fighters in galactic history against each...

WWE Battlegrounds has the best of both worlds

When the news first broke that 2K Sports and Saber Interactive were working on an arcade-like wrestling game to replace the next installment of the WWE 2K series comparisons were drawn between it and the total botch that was 2011’s WWE All Stars. After a comprehensive...

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Jan: 30: NJPW The New Beginning in Nagoya
Jan 31: WWE Royal Rumble
February 10: The New Beginning in Hiroshima: Night One
February 11: The New Beginning in Hiroshima: Night Two
Feb 14: NXT Takeover
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Feb 27: AEW Revolution
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March 21: WWE Fastlane
April 10: WrestleMania 37: Night One
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April 24th: Impact Wrestling Rebellion
May 29: AEW Double or Nothing