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NWA Women’s Champion Kamille confident and Empowerred

There have been many a pro wrestler whose debut was so striking you cannot help but take notice, such as Chyna or Brock Lesnar. Another name to add to the list is Kamille, the current NWA Women’s champion. Since her introduction as the “insurance policy” of Nick Aldis...

Colby Corino on fighting his father and his future

Wrestling is open. Wrestlers today are being given the chances to show their art in so many different nationally and internationally recognized promotions. Colby Corino is a second-generation wrestler who is working his way to the top and wants to show the world that...

Behind the Gimmick Table: Chris Adonis a ‘Masterpiece’ of merch

Chris Adonis is the NWA National Champion going into the NWA’s 73rd anniversary pay-per-view, this Sunday, August 29, at the historic Khorassan Ballroom of the Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis. One of the veterans on the show, especially after years in the WWE as Chris...

Jennacide unleashed at NWA Empowerrr

The pandemic and a serious car crash were a double-whammy that changed Jenna Van Muscles into Jennacide. The relatively new character will be on full display at this Saturday's all-women's NWA Empowerrr pay-per-view. "Jennacide was after everyone is locked in their...


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