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‘Dazzler’ Joe Cornelius dead at 93

News of the passing of "Dazzler" Joe Cornelius, one of the legends of the British wrestling scene, has been slow to reach North America. Cornelius died on October 30, 2021, after suffering from dementia for years. He was 93. His daughter, Jane Cornelius, wrote on...

Original Superstar Graham ‘scandalous’ memoir discovered

Recently, Pittsburgh professional wrestling enthusiast, collector and historian Ron Russitano shared the story of a fascinating, mysterious, and unpublished autobiographical pitch from “Superstar” Billy Graham. The proposed tome, with assistance from accomplished...

Angelo Mosca Jr. shares laughs and lessons from his father

It's less than 24 hours since his father, Angelo Mosca died, and Angelo Jr. is on the phone, laughing. He can't help it. He's telling stories about being on the road as a wrestler with his dad, and each tale brings about another laugh. You can tell it's doing him a...

A worthy celebration of Handsome Johnny Bradford

On Friday, November 5th, Pro Wrestling All Stars of Detroit will be honoring the career of the one and only Handsome Johnny Bradford, presenting him with a Lifetime Achievement award. Impact Wrestling's Johnny Bravo will be doing the honors. Having known Bradford for...

Terri Runnels wants to see fans, Falls at Fan Fest this weekend

“Are you kidding me? I put on my face today, and you’re going to transcribe this?” That is Terri Runnels – better known to wrestling fans as Marlena from her time in WWE – expressing her disappointment with this reporter when he confirmed that was indeed the case....

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