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‘Sodbuster’ Kenny Jay dead at 85

"Sodbuster" Kenny Jay, who has died at the age of 85, is proof that you don't you have to be a winner in the ring to be fondly remembered. He was one most memorable figures in the history of the American Wrestling Association. Ed Wiskoski, who wrestled in the AWA as...

Arezzi marks 30 years since André’s death with rare interview

André the Giant died on January 28, 1993, and many people across the Internet noted his death on its 30th anniversary. Podcaster John Arezzi did too, on his Pro Wrestling Spotlight show. However, he went a little further. Arezzi was a long-time fan and was actually...

No Ill-Begotten life for Alex Taylor in the NWA

Life on the road has its share of adventures, and Alex Taylor remembered such a time. He received a phone call from Jeremiah Plunkett and Crazzy Steve. They asked what he was doing the coming weekend. “I was like, ‘Well, it’s my birthday but I got nothing going on.’...

AJ Cazana is a Country Gentleman forging his own Legacy

Many who step into the squared circle go with the mindset of getting championship gold. Others are maintaining the family history of professional wrestling. This is also true of “The Legacy” AJ Cazana, one-half of The Country Gentlemen alongside “Adorable” Anthony...

Kazarian back home in Impact

It came up early and often in the Impact Wrestling Press Pass on Wednesday afternoon that Frankie Kazarian was back home in Impact Wrestling. This is a man with a deep history with the company, from TNA right up until today. He was in the first ever Ultimate X match,...

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