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Angelo Mosca Jr. shares laughs and lessons from his father

It's less than 24 hours since his father, Angelo Mosca died, and Angelo Jr. is on the phone, laughing. He can't help it. He's telling stories about being on the road as a wrestler with his dad, and each tale brings about another laugh. You can tell it's doing him a...

Mat Matters: Without Mosca, I’m not writing this

Without Angelo Mosca, it's unlikely that I would be writing this today. It's noted in my scrapbook the day that we met, September 20, 1986, at Casey's restaurant in Waterloo, Ontario, which was just around the corner from the flower shop that my Mom owned, and Mom and...

Angelo Mosca photo gallery

We're not going to try to cover Angelo Mosca's time in football, since we don't have rights to all those great photos from Canadian Press, or the newspaper chains across Canada, but what we DO have are lots of photos of Mosca from his wrestling days, and beyond. Enjoy...

Angelo Mosca dead at 84

Angelo "King Kong" Mosca, star of the gridiron and the ring, has died. He was 84, and had been suffering through Alzheimer’s disease for many years. His family shared the news: "It is with great sadness that the family of Angelo Mosca announce his passing on November...

Tom Cusati – manager Royce Profit – ‘was a gimmick 24/7’

Tom Cusati, a long-time wrestling fan turned promoter and manager -- as Royce Profit -- was found dead on October 28, in his Las Vegas condo. Friends had been trying to get in touch with him for days, and finally the condo operator, urged on by "Sabu" Terry Brunk, who...

Western Canadian manager Vinnie Valentine dies of COVID

Ryan Pollard, who was known in Western Canadian rings as manager "The Infallible" Vinnie Valentine, has died of COVID-19. He was 55. His primary promotion has been Pure Power Wrestling, based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Pollard's spouse, Jerri-Lynn Wilson, confirmed the...

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