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Behind the Gimmick Table: From Austria comes Martn Pain

Martn Pain is one of the most well travelled wrestlers one may come across today. He is regularly booked throughout Europe, Asia and North America. But the native of Austria may not have even known of professional wrestling if not for the merchandising. Pain told...

Behind the Gimmick Table: JunkShopDog figures on Bruiser Brody

Wrestling collecting has hit all-time highs in demand, interest and prices in 2020, in large part with people forced to stay home because of the pandemic, and, in many cases, with discretionary income to spend. The secondary market has expanded online beyond the long...

Behind the Gimmick Table: Myers went from tape trader to Leatherface

Tony Myers’ unusual and humble beginnings in pro wrestling were bolstered by the blessings of merchandise. Upon debuting, his career would too remain unusual but merch would take a backseat until decades later when he went wild, wielding a chainsaw. Myers’ taste for...

Behind the Gimmick Table: Vampire Lestat and his bloody good merch

“The Omen” Gabriel Lestat is a pro wrestling vampire. To the layman it may seem like a cliche. But surprisingly despite vampires being one of the most enduring archetypes through all ages and cultures, your average obsessive pro wrestling fanatic can probably only...

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