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Behind the Gimmick Table: Lenny Lilac was always sold on wrestling

Lenny Lilac is a pro wrestler, manager and more, however he started in the industry much differently than most. The native of Kitchener, Ontario, has been obsessed with wrestling since he was five years old, in 1978. He credits the fascination blossoming due to his...

Behind the Gimmick Table: Super Gabby springs from a storage locker

It is common knowledge that platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have allowed anyone with a camera (read: phone) the opportunity to create original content that anyone the world over can consume. To be successful many invest in production: good microphones,...

Behind the Gimmick Table: Mikey McNeely striving for originality

Mikey McNeely is a wrestler who is hard to classify as a fit into a typical box. The same goes for his DIY merchandise. Sometimes it fits best in a blister pack for example. His first memory of pro wrestling goes back to his childhood in Marion, Kentucky, when he...


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