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The Pooper Stars bring toilet humor to wrestling cards

Admit it, professional wrestling is pretty ridiculous. Of course, it’s an amazing athletic achievement, an art, and all of that, but also, it can be pretty silly. Which is why I’m surprised more modern wrestling collectibles don’t reflect this silliness, and why when...

Be kind rewind: A wrestling VHS jackpot at Michigan estate sale

The day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 22, 2023, I received a text from a friend notifying me of an estate sale that coming weekend. Tim was a record collector, so that was how this sale got on his radar, but he was telling me because the sale was...

2023 Upper Deck AEW Wrestling: Bigger and better

Well, now it feels like the holidays! Last week I opened a hobby box of 2022 Upper Deck AEW Allure, and now I have a box of 2023 Upper Deck AEW Wrestling, the third annual flagship wrestling card set for Upper Deck and AEW. With the release of this set, all 2022 AEW...

2022 Upper Deck AEW Allure is the surprise hit of the year

Just a couple short months after the release of its nostalgia fueled 2022 Upper Deck AEW Skybox Metal Universe, Upper Deck has released possibly the surprise hit of the year, 2022 Upper Deck AEW Wrestling Allure. Allure hit the streets on November 15, 2023, so I was...

Ethan Page still has something to prove … and toys to get

Despite the moniker, "All Ego" Ethan Page is quite the opposite. He's a good conversation, especially if you get him going and talking about nostalgia and all things nerd-related. The AEW and now Ring of Honor mainstay chatted with about his career...

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