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Party on with GCW’s Spring Break cards

Each year, since the spring of 2019, Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) has released a two-box set of trading cards to commemorate and celebrate its annual Spring Break event. According to, the first set of GCW Spring Break cards was released in...

Indy wrestlers celebrated by Cards Subject to Change

On January 19, 2022, the Twitter account for Cards Subject to Change (@CardsSubjectTC) shared an announcement made by professional wrestler Anthony Greene (@alternative_ag): I (Anthony Greene) will be working alongside Cards Subject to Change on this passion project...

Upper Deck’s AEW cards are pretty ‘Elite’

On January 7, 2022, I received two hobby boxes of the brand-new Upper Deck AEW trading cards. I pre-ordered these boxes in August of 2021, so I hung on every teaser and announcement from Upper Deck and AEW about the release of these cards until they were finally in my...

First six PowerTown figures revealed

Following the exclusive from Wednesday -- Exclusive: New retro figure line has Remco ties to Gagne, Rosenthal -- comes the digital renders of the first six figures from PowerTown: Where Wrestling Lives On Series 1. When the story ran, we were told...

Exclusive: New retro figure line has Remco ties to Gagne, Rosenthal

The first major line of professional wrestling action figures were the Remco Toys of the American Wrestling Association, featuring the likes of the Road Warriors, Fabulous Freebirds, Ric Flair, and AWA World champion Rick Martel. An out of the blue call has brought...

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June 26: AEW Forbidden Door
July 1: Impact Against All Odds
July 2: WWE Money in the Bank
July 30: WWE Summerslam
Sep 3: WWE Clash at the Castle
Oct 8: WWE Extreme Rules
Oct 8: Impact Bound For Glory
Nov 5: WWE Crown Jewel
Nov 26: WWE Survivor Series