Sexyy Red was at NXT on Tuesday night. There was lots of hype ahead of time: “One of music’s biggest stars is coming to NXT when rapper Sexyy Red makes her way to the WWE Performance Center.”

But it begs many questions, including …

Sexyy Red

Is She A Big Event?

Billboard seemed to think so, writing, “As hip-hop celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023, Sexyy Red became a dominant force in the cultural conversation around the genre and where it’s headed next,” in a story from January 2024.

This was as her fame was increasing for “Pound Town,” released in January 2023, remixed May 2023 by a famous mate.

“I met with Sexyy Red & found her to be so down to earth & sweet. I couldn’t hear myself on this song at first but once I let go & decided to just have fun with a bad b!ch, I ended up LOVING how it came out!” said Nicky Minaj, reported by Shawn Grant.

Since then Sexyy Red has become a sensation, even being used to advertise a seafood restaurant and she’s been involved in wrestling before, Jay Uso hyping up the crowd to her track “Skyee Yee”.

The Music

An album has just come out, In Sexyy We Trust and one thing’s apparent, Sexyy Red isn’t a family friendly artist.

Exhibit A: “Drop that dick, daddy, make me run” from “Lick Me”

Exhibit B: “Shake Your Dreads, Between My Legs” for “Awesome Jawsome”

Do you think WWE brass have Googled the lyrics (other search engines are available) and thought, Bit spicy, maybe good for returning to the Attitude Era?

I’m no prude at all, but is this what WWE, the Make A Wish-friendly promotion, wants to support and promote?

Seemingly so, perhaps because it’s edgy, up to the minute, Bad Bunny-style vertical integration that WWE are so obsessed with. From the terrible Hogan movie No Holds Barred to the XFL via Hollywood stars who made it when they’d left the WWE, there’s always been a wish to have that, an emphasis on the “E” in WWE.

So this rub is certainly something interesting for the promotion, but it’s not just the “get me Mike Tyson” celeb call, Sexyy Red actually likes the WWE and is is leaning into the hype, posting on her X account:


Oh yes, there’s that too. The new album “In Sexyy We Trust” is a mix of old skool (if I can use that phrase) drum machine beats, which is usual in the new HipHop and Rap style — nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

But there’s more. An ominous piano at the back of opener “She’s Back” which made my head nod, used too in the simple appeal of “She’s Back”; there are helpers here, like Drake with his flowing, easy contribution to Bedroom Soul “U My Everything” and the twinkling backing and rather expected naughty feel of “Lick Me” is served well by Lil Baby’s contribution.

The spotlight is on the lyrics of bravado and lifestyle; delivered with a swaggering ease, they work against the backing and that’s all to the good.

It’s what I’ve heard before, but with such confidence from a pretty new artist, it pulls you in.

After NXT

So, what did Sexyy Red do at NXT on May 28th? Twerk, mostly. It seemed as though she was doing it every time she was seen, which was a few times. She wasn’t just a main event hit, this was a full program deal.

Sexyy came out at the top of the show to announce she would host the next Premium Live Event, NXT Battleground, then she palled up with Trick Williams (who else) and Je’Von Evens, and while they worked out, she twerked out. She was also involved in that final match, when she stopped Joe Coffey using a chair.

So what did she bring to NXT? On a night of surprises, of Jordynne Grace and Ethan Page, she provided a new offer, edginess and certainty, she fit in well, wasn’t overawed and actually took part.

And that agitational figure, on a brand looking for it’s direction after so many departures, may be just what NXT is looking for.

One of her tracks is called “Ova Bad”. She might well be soon…

TOP PHOTO: Sexyy Red and Ava Raine in NXT on May 28, 2024.