Not only was Angelo Mosca one of the most memorable football players in Canadian Football League history but he was one of the best wrestlers too. Need proof? Read on!



I remember when Bill Watts was in a match and Mosca jumped him and put him in the Mosca full nelson and caused Watts to bleed from the neck. Of course Watts lost consciousness.

I remember Mosca during the late 70 at Maple Leaf Gardens tossing Greg Valentine around like a toy, not kicking out but pressing him off, also saving Dusty Rhodes’ title from John Studd.
Sheldon & Janice Socket

I remember once at the Gardens, the best place ever to see wrestling in Toronto, Mosca’s partner was a no show, cannot remember who, so Jake the Snake Roberts took the no show’s place against Ivan Koloff and somebody else. Well the match went on, like they do, Mosca at the time was feuding with Koloff, The
Snake was in the ring with Koloff on his knees, going backwards begging Ivan not to hurt him, suddenly he smiles, reaches behind him, tags in Mosca, Angelo cleans house after the win, Jake grabs
the mike and says “well big nasty we got them…….” I also remember cleaning the crowd in MOSCA!! chants and seeing Ang come back to life on my call…

I remember many years ago watching King Kong Mosca have a fight couldn’t call it a wrestling match against Chief Wahoo Mcdaniel on Mid Atlantic Wrestling and they fought in and out of the ring with anything they could get their hands on and totally destroyed the announcers table and the Mid Atlantic Set.

I remember nailing Mosca with a cup of ice in Camden, South Carolina after he was thrown out of the ring fighting Paul Jones. It left a big red mark on his chest and hurt him probably more than any fake hold ever did.
Merri Bradley

I met Angelo in Florida in the 80’s he was one of the smartest, and funniest people I ever knew.
the Ly sisters

I was at a Mosca Mania event in Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum. The main event was Ric Flair, at the time a bad guy, against Dusty Rhodes, the ‘good guy’. Fans in Hamilton saw things differently with everyone cheering for Flair. As the wrestlers and referee picked up on this, it appeared that they changed their roles midmatch for one of the most entertaining events I have seen. Mosca was perhaps at his best as a promoter.

I can remember one the greatest matches I ever saw was King Kong Mosca vs The Iron Sheik in a steel cage at Maple Gardens during the early eighties. It was for the Canadian title which The Sheik had. Both combatants were covered in blood, but King Kong won the title after throwing The Sheik head first into the cage. The Gardens went nuts! After the win, many of the wrestlers from the back came to the ring to congratulate the new champion. It was a sight I will never forget.
Sean Dumond

I had the pleasure and you could call it that to work on 4 different shows with Angelo when he was with the AWA. He was great to work with, I remember one time my back went out during our match I let him know and he said no problem and gave me his King Kong running slam and put it back in, he saved me a trip to the chiropractor. Thanks again Angelo.
Your brother of the ring Ravishing Race Bannon.

I can remember when my father introduced me to Angelo Mosca all I thought of was how big he was when he shook my hand .As it turned out he and my father were wrestling together in the states at the time. (Oklahoma I think or maybe N.C.) Well I haven’t seen him in a couple of years but I’m sure he’s doing well. If you read this periodically Ang, hello from Victor Rosettani Jr. and family.

During the mid seventies while I was in high school I formed an Angelo Mosca fan club. I wrote to the Hamilton Tiger Cats and asked them to send me materials about his playing days as a linebacker. I received newspaper clippings that included a picture of Mosca licking a cow. I showed the picture to Ric Flair who in turn showed it to Mosca. Flair jokingly told Mosca that he had obviously been ” Big Nasty” for a long time!

I remember the first time I became a Hamilton Tiger-Cat fan as well one Angelo Mosca. It was the fall of ’72. I had just finished watching the greatest football game I have ever watched. There old number 68, was bleeding but yet after winning the Grey Cup and saying that he was going to retire and wrestle full time. It was that picture I remember, it was that moment that I knew I was a Hamilton Tiger-Cat fan and a fan of the man who would be known as “King Kong Mosca” from that point on.