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New details surface in McMahon rape allegations

An article published by the Intelligencer is shedding new light on allegations that Vince McMahon raped wrestling trailblazer Rita Chatterton in 1986. Chatterton is recognized as the WWE's first female referee working for the WWE in the eighties as Rita Marie even...

Wrestler’s Court: On the Vince McMahon situation

Some weeks it’s hard to be a wrestling fan. I admit, I watch mostly as a form of escapism. Long before Disney acquired the Marvel Universe and someone decided that every DC hero needed a dark, gritty reboot, professional wrestling was as close as I could get to...

Christina Von Eerie speaks outs

It’s one thing to stand up to your opponent in the squared circle of professional wrestling. Fans get wrapped up in two individuals that lock up to professional wrestling, and don’t often see behind the scenes, and how hard it is to face down an opponent. One of those...

Von Eerie, Dickinson dispute turns into a legal battle

Christina Von Eerie had accused Chris Dickinson of abuse as part of the #Speaking Out movement and now lawyers from both sides have gotten involved. As originally reported, Von Eerie (Christina Kardooni) went on Facebook Messenger and alleged that Dickinson...

Von Eerie accuses Dickinson of abuse; Dickinson responds

Late on April 27, women's wrestler Christina Von Eerie dropped serious #SpeakingOut accusations against Chris Dickinson, alleging physical and mental abuse, and much more. Dickinson, who recently announced that he has signed a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling,...

WWE fires Nash Carter

The WWE has fired Nash Carter. One half of the NXT Tag Team Champions and the MSK team was let go after his wife, Impact wrestler Kimber Lee, posted accusations of abuse and then a photo of him imitating Adolf Hitler on Twitter....

McHenry, Tyrus lawsuit over

The sexual harassment suit by Britt McHenry against Fox News and current Fox News personality and former wrestling superstar Tyrus has been settled out of court. McHenry has also decided to leave the network. “I am very proud to have to stood up for my rights and hope...

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