Chris Dickinson issued a statement that he has filed a defamation suit on Christina Von Eerie and another woman. Dickinson (real name Christopher Torre) filed suit on July 22,2022 against both Von Eerie (real name Christina Kandoori), and McKaila Coulter, another ex-girlfriend of Dickinson’s.

Von Eerie stated on her Facebook Messenger post, as well as in an exclusive interview with SlamWrestling, the interpersonal violence she experienced during her time with Dickinson. The other defendant, Coulter, posted via Twitter about her experience with Dickinson via Twitter on April 30, 2022.  While not naming Dickinson by name, she relayed the following in her Tweet on April 30th:

“I wasn’t sure about doing this.  I’m scared.  I’m anxious.  I don’t know Christina.  I’ve never met her.  I’ve heard a lot about her.  I am scared to share my story but I can’t sit there and watch her called a liar when I know everything she said about him is 100% true.

Reading what she posted triggered so many emotions for me.  Sadness. Anger.  Validation.  I could hear his voice in that vicious tone he speaks.  There was so many similarities in her story to what I went through.  Including all his thoughts on females in wrestling.  He would brag about ruining Christina’s career.  “I’ll ruin you like I ruined her, you are nothing without me.”  He didn’t like me being involved with anything wrestling.

When we broke up I went MIA on the internet.  I found out he was following me on a secret account – screenshooting things I liked and acting like a friend sent it to him.  I felt violated.  I couldn’t handle it.  Even with him blocked on all social media.  I didn’t want him to know about me.  Nothing he could use against me.  When asked about my life I lied and kept it secret for fear of retaliation from him.  I did less with wrestling because I was scared to interact with him in person.  He doesn’t want his partner to be more successful than him.  Anything bad that happens to him isn’t his fault.  It’s ours.  I was a shell of myself.  rebuilding from years of love bombing followed b y mental abuse.  On the outside I looked fine but inside I was slowly dying because I didn’t feel like me anymore.

I could go on for hours about the amount of f***ed up things that happened.  It took me a long time to understand the level of abuse he did to me.  A big reason I never said anything was his family.  He had the most amazing family in the world.  Kind.  Generous.  I loved them more than anything.  I never wanted to hurt them and it breaks my heart knowing they have to go through any of this.  I also think it’s one of his manipulations.  He knows we get attached to them and uses it against us.

I look back now and I can’t believe the vile things I let happen.  That I put up with.  Yeah there was some physical stuff but he makes it feel like no big deal.  “Oh I lightly pushed you into the wall.”  “I just threw a water bottle at you it’s no big deal, not like I hit you.”  He breaks s*** all the time.  Especially things you care about.  The worst thing he does is mental.  His mental abuse is real.  It’s traumatizing.  He mental abuse is real.  It’s traumatizing.  He knows you love and care about him.  He makes you think he just loves you so much that it’s passion.  I’m in therapy.  I’m trying to have a healthy relationship with someone who isn’t abusive and I am really understanding the trauma he left on me.”

Dickinson stated the following via his Twitter account on the legal direction:

“For those of you that have been weaponized by my accusers to hate, attack, abandon critical thinking, and want to draw negative attention to myself without being provided any actual proof or context other than false allegations and he said she said information (sic) I ask you this.

What would you like me to do?  Plead my innocence in imaginary Twitter court?  Share years of conversations, private information, screen shots, tell my side of the story?  Hope I’m forgiven and everything goes back to normal?  No matter what I can say and prove we all know that will not help me at all.

There’s so many details conveniently left out of my accusers individual stories yet a mass of contradiction, fabrication of the truth, embellishment, and lies are all present.  This is not about ‘awareness.’  I promise you I can provide more than enough information and truth to reveal my accusers as nothing more than bitter ex-girlfriends with their own separate motives bent on destroying my career and any ability I have to earn a living doing what I love.

My silence was not an admission of guilt, this lawsuit is not an admission of guilt, I am not bullying anyone into anything.  I want a fair chance to prove myself.  I wouldn’t be going through with this if I knew I couldn’t do just that.

Therefor(sic) I have every right to defend myself as I see fit and no woman, man, or anyone for that matter should be capable of destroying someone’s life with empty and think they can just walk away without being held legitimately accountable for it.  If you’re willing to do the damage be willing to defend yourself where it counts.

For those of you that support me and have supported me.  Thank you!  I love you all and appreciate every single one of you more than you can imagine.”

Dickinson had his attorney file suit in the state of New Jersey, which has no anti-SLAPP laws. SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, and they are designed as retaliatory litigation to deter freedom of expression in the United States. Oftentimes, they are used as a tool to silence critics with the pressure of the cost of litigation.  Anti-SLAPP statutes provide a way to terminate claims based on First Amendment rights.

Von Eerie issued a statement via Twitter in response to the defamation suit on August 11, 2022:

“It has been made public that Christopher Torre, (Chris Dickinson) has filed a federal defamation lawsuit in the district of New Jersey, against McKaila Coulter (ex girlfriend) and myself (ex girlfriend).  None of the 3 parties live in NJ.  Even his attorneys(sic) office is based out of Brooklyn, NY.  New Jersey has no anti-SLAPP Law statute.  That has made it very difficult and costly for us to find representation.  Especially because neither of [us] live anywhere near there.

We fear that if we don’t reply to the lawsuit with proper legal representation not only will it harm us, but it will only reinforce that women should be afraid to speak out against their abusers unless they have the resources to also fight them in court.

Defamation can only be claimed if there is false information.  Everything we have spoken out against is true.

That being said, we did not back down after being send C&D’s to our jobs and homes.  We will continue to stand our ground in the court of law.

If anyone has any lawyer recommendations or groups they would recommend to help us fight this please reach out.

Thank you for your support.

CVE & MAC” reached out to Von Eerie for a comment. She will not be making any more public comments about the case at the present time. SlamWrestling also managed to reach out to Coulter on the matter, and she too declined comment.  Attempts were also made for Dickinson to comment on the matter. We have yet to receive a response.

TOP PHOTO: Christina Von Eerie, left. Facebook photo; Chris Dickinson, right. Instagram photo.