The WWE has fired Nash Carter.

One half of the NXT Tag Team Champions and the MSK team was let go after his wife, Impact wrestler Kimber Lee, posted accusations of abuse and then a photo of him imitating Adolf Hitler on Twitter.


Wes Lee’s wife, Queen.E.Marie, has continued to defend Carter.

She had this to say after the WWE’s decision had become public.

The hash tag “#JusticeForNashCarter” has been trending on Twitter with fans posting their comments.


Queen.E.Marie entered the war of words with Lee after she made the allegations.


“Just so everyone is aware, @NashCarterWWE has been living with Wes and I for months ever since she was in the hospital (which she checked herself into). He’s actually been the one trying to avoid her and HER mental abuse. They haven’t been together. He went to 1 therapy session,” wrote Queen.E.Marie in response.

She also said:

This sparked a back and forth between the two.

Kimber Lee has since blocked her on Twitter.