On Big Little Brawlers, there is no doubt that the show draws it’s attention to the relationship strife between Pinky Shortcake and Syko, but interviewing the pair shows that everything is fine and dandy.

In the show, the couple is seen as wrestlers and parents, both have the goal at wrestling at the biggest event of Micro Wrestling called Microfest. Syko is seen trying to push Pinky in order for both to be in. The honesty of Syko leads Pinky to get flustered and creates fiction. At home, Pinky has trust issues with Syko. This is a result of the broken relationship with her father. There is a fear that Syko would leave her and their daughter, especially after a discussion about Syko being a part of the road team, Micro One.

Picture of Syko


But in reality, the recording of Big Little Brawlers helped the pair smooth out things in their relationship. The two have even called it helpful when asked about their experience with the production team during a Zoom call with SlamWrestling.net.

“To me, it was almost like it was therapeutic because you got to start realizing how you act when the camera’s aren’t looking,” said Syko (Derec Pemberton). “But now they are looking.”

Pinky (Ashley Waterhouse) added to it saying that the production team took them in with open arms and helped out with their daughter or provided help in anything that they needed.

She said that during the recording, the relationship has gotten stronger because “they got to let some things out.” The pair realized that they needed to work on their communication skills and found solutions to further develop it.

“We needed to come up with a better way to communicate and how we should come, how I come about it,” Pinky said. “And not just like jumping to the conclusion or to whatever the situation is.”

Picture of Pinky Shortcake

Pinky Shortcake

One of the solutions they found was being more open to each other’s feelings. The couple agreed that they should accept each others emotions that are happening when a situation happen besides trying to change it right away.

Syko said that the trust Pinky has for him has made a lot of progress along with building their communication skills.

“I think she finally realizes that I’m really not going nowhere and that family is here and forever,” he said.

In the latest episode of Big Little Brawlers, Pinky feels like she is being pushed by Syko more then she could move and that she doesn’t want to let anyone down, both are still trying to be selected at Microfest. In the show the relationship still has bumps on the road and a goal to reach, viewers can watch what will happen next on Big Little Brawlers on Discovery, Tuesday, January 16, at 10 p.m. ET.

TOP PHOTO: Pinky and Syko head out for a ride. Photo Courtesy Discovery Channel