Micro One is officially on the road before Microfest. Nothing but heartbreak and excitement came from this week’s episode. Ivar The Micro got the motivation he needed to take a chance in the ring, Pinky and Syko go through it once again, Hot Rod returns to the ring, we see the result of whether or not Andrew The Giant makes it onto the Microfest card.

Ivar The Micro

In the beginning of the episode, Ivar is seen still contemplating if it’s worth it for him to wrestle at Microfest. In hopes to cheer him up Melissa has a surprise for him. She takes him to a tattoo shop and Ivar has no idea what the tattoo will be. They go inside and Ivar waits to see the stencil. The tattoo ends up being one of his signature poses with with microphone on Melissa’s thigh. While getting the tattoo and a bit of convincing from Melissa, Ivar got the motivation he needed to continue to pursue his dream of being a wrestler. There is nothing more motivating than your significant other giving their full support behind you. The two later go on to look for an outfit. Its very difficult for him to find pants. At first, it seems like they were going for a John Cena look but it didn’t fit. I must add that thankfully they didn’t because those jorts were horrendous looking. They head to the mall off screen to find an outfit. Not only am I hoping Ivar does well in training for Microfest but I do hope they find an outfit for him that looks better than those jorts and fits the Undertaker look he goes for.

Hot Rod

After Hot Rod’s concussion and recovery he finally returns to the ring in their first stop of the road trip. Hot Rod started to have a few mental lapses, contemplating if he should do his signature move, the Photo Finish. During the match he took the chance and it paid off. He was in the flow and was able to do Photo Finish on Chief Littlefoot. As a wrestling fan there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a wrestler thrive after injury. Even Lil Show agreed that it was nice to see Hot Rod in the ring and doing well. For the rest of the episode Hot Rod just has a good time with some alcohol and some fans. Something to look forward to next week is that Hot Rod and Lil Show will have a steel cage match at Microfest.

Hot Rod acknowledging the crowd before his fnisher, Photo Finish.

Hot Rod acknowledging the crowd before his finisher, Photo Finish. Photo: Micro Wrestling

Pinky & Syko

Now comes for the couple. The two are on their own journeys this episode. Syko gets initiated into Micro One with some slaps to the chest and Andrew The Giant’s Stinkface. That was something I was not expecting but like what the women say: Boys will be boys and men will be men. It was pretty funny to be fair. Pinky is also taking on a mentorship role by taking Lid’l Lex under her wing. Both are currently busy doing there own things. It is something that I think both the audience and Syko wanted to see. Syko also has a good first match with Lil Show and is liking what it tastes like to be a member of Micro One. However, the journey slightly goes south as Syko doesn’t answer any phone calls from Pinky after a show. Syko tries to call her the next day. Pinky answers with some justified attitude towards Syko. The two talk it out and everything seems fine again until Pinky sees some photos online showing Syko interacting with some female fans. Pinky then changes her Facebook status to single, which scares Syko.

Lil Show about to slam Syko

Lil Show about to slam Syko. Photo: Discovery Channel

This would scare any significant other if they didn’t do anything wrong in their on eyes. The two talk it out once again and it seems like the rollercoaster of emotions is done. Then, we get to the end of the episode where Syko is left heartbroken and a little betrayed. Not only is Syko not versing anyone from Micro One at Microfest but he will be taking on Pinky. To add more weight to it, Syko has to leave the road trip early to work on his match with Syko. This caught all of Micro One by surprise. The goal for the two making it to Microfest together has been mad but it doesn’t seem like either of them want that match to be it.

Andrew The Giant and JMazing

Unfortunately for Andrew The Giant and Jmazing they suffered heartbreak as well. None of them will receive the cash incentive as Andrew did not make the goal of losing 100 pounds before Microfest. Just before the announcement of the card, Andrew weighed himself in front of Jack Darrell and the rest of Micro One. He did lose some weight. He lost 10 pounds. It is a step in the right direction but sadly Micro Wrestling and Big Little Brawlers fans will have to wait for him to enter the ring. This doesn’t mean to stop rooting for Andrew, continue to support him and his weight loss journey regardless if he couldn’t make it to Microfest.

The episode ended with the release of the Microfest card. As mentioned earlier, Pinky and Syko will have a match at the event, along with the main event being Hot Rod vs. Lil Show in a steel cage match. To go along with those matches Chief Littlefoot will take on Ben Urkel, Disco Dom will face Zach Pressley AND Ivar the Micro, then it will be Jamaican Jo vs. Baby Jesus.

There is still more to unpack in the season finale of the show. Will Pinky and Syko continue to work things out? Can Ivar finally check off wrestling from his bucket list? Will the beef between Hot Rod and Lil Show finally be settled? We will have our answers next week.

See you then!