We are at the halfway mark of Discovery’s Big Little Brawlers six-episode run. This one is full of various emotions from the cast and the introduction of the second most popular micro and one of the original micro wrestlers. Now without further ado, let’s dig in to what happened.

Rodney “Hot Rod” Seaton

We start off right where we left off with the accident during Hot Rod and Micro Tiger. Luckily Hot Rod is okay. He explains that during the attempted flying crossbody by Micro Tiger, Hot Rod was out of place and his head hit the concrete. Although, Hot Rod wants to continue wrestling at the end of the night, Jack Darrell, the CEO of Micro Wrestling, does the right thing and saves him from himself. Darrell mentions that this accident humbled Hot Rod a little because he sees himself at the top. And I couldn’t agree more.

As talented as Hot Rod is, it seemed like something like this needed to happen to bring him back to earth. After the show, Hot Rod is crying and reflecting and admitting that it could have all been over and he was scared that he would no longer be in his daughter’s life.

We only see Hot Rod one more time, he was talking to his wife and daughter talking about the accident. He says that he will still wrestle to provide for them. Hopefully this accident doesn’t give him a mental block in his future matches.

Andrew "The Giant"

Andrew “The Giant”

Andrew “The Giant” and Jordan “Jmazing”

We get introduced to new micros in the show: Andrew “The Giant” and Jordan “Jmazing.” Andrew  is very popular and Jmazing is a veteran. Andrew reached out to Darrell in hopes of getting into the ring. Sadly, he hasn’t entered the ring because of his weight and currently only selling the merch. Jmazing has stopped wrestling due to age but is still in the ring, but as a referee. Both men add more fun to the show. Darrell realizes the social media following of Andrew and wants him to compete at Microfest but only if he can lose weight. To add more motivation, Darrell adds a cash incentive of $5,000 for Andrew and $1,000 if Jmazing helps him successfully. This is will not only help the company but Andrew in the near future.

The whole world is rooting for you, Andrew!

Lil’ Show The Redneck Brawler

This time it’s Lil’ Show who takes majority of the show’s duration. It explores his family and their relationship. At the start of the episode, it was nice to see regardless of his beef with Hot Rod, he still was worried for him and that he thinks of him as a brother. He said that the beef is not worth it — which is something I couldn’t agree with more. Not only in the show is that important, but it was a great reminder for the audience to take away. For the rest of the show, it was another feel good moments, seeing his family support him during his match and go on a little off road trip with him. Lil’ Show is often on the road and only gets to visit his family for two months worth of the year. It really puts into perspective the sacrifice these wrestlers make, which I think was something great to add to the reality show. The rest we see from Lil’ Show was from his date with his wife where they get real dirty, which honestly, should have only be for their ears only.

Pinky and Syko

Once again, we have Pinky and Syko in the episode and it looks like their relationship took a big hit. Before what causes the two to go fight, Pinky talks to her “Rated R” comedian Wendi. The two talk about Syko possibly leaving for Micro One (foreshadowing), Wendi reminds Pinky that Syko is not her father when talking about Syko, their daughter and their relationship. Later on, Syko talks to Darrell about officially moving to Micro One. Darrell talks it over with the trainer Cody Hawk and they both agree that it can work. This is when the big fight happens. Darrell confirms that Syko is moving to Micro One in front of Pinky. This catches Pinky off guard because although they talked about it, there was no talk between the two about going through with it. I can see the frustrations from both sides.

Pinky wants Syko there as a parent and Syko is daring to be great by moving to the better Micro wrestling team. Watching this is frustrating because it seems like neither of them are getting the support from one another that they hoped for. Hopefully they can work things out because it’d be a shame if the relationship ends not only for them but their daughter. The two continue to argue until the end of the episode leaving not only them, but viewers questioning how this bump on the road can be paved away.

In summary, the show is going steady at the halfway mark, introducing two more micros was a good idea. It keeps the show refreshing because the arguing is between Hot Rod and Lil Show and the couple act was getting a little bit old. I would’ve liked to see more progress on Ivar wrestling but hopefully we see more in the next episode. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing whether or not Pinky and Syko sort things out, if Ivar checks wrestling off the bucket list, if Andrew makes it to Microfest and if Lil Show and Hot Rod squash their beef,

See you next week.