It’s officially the road to Microfest in this week’s episode of Big Little Brawlers. In this one, trials continue for Pinky and Syko’s relationship, Andrew The Giant sees his start to his wrestling career, while sadly Ivar may have seen the end of his. Wendi Ferguson returns and a possible squashed beef between Lil Show and Hot Rod happened.

There’s a lot to unpack so let’s get started.

Pinky & Syko

Starting from where the last episode left off, the pair make up due to Syko taking accountability for not letting Pinky know ahead of time for the decision to move to Micro One. Since Syko is now on Micro One, it leaves Pinky to find a new way to make the cut for Microfest. Then we see Syko training for a possible new move before Micro One heads to the road. At first, he tries to add the 450 splash but he just couldn’t get it down so they which to the next move, which is the top rope seated hurricanrana. He nails it almost every time which Cody Hawk thinks it can be something he should add to his repertoire. I agree, from what I’ve seen Syko is really comfortable doing the move and it looks smooth. The couple heads to the party at their local bar with the whole cast of Micro Wrestling. This is where something in the show gets repetitive and overdramatic. The two have a disagreement again from a misunderstanding. Pinky thought that Syko was saying she was a bad mother and she couldn’t raise their daughter, but Syko was trying to say with him going on the road, it can help Pinky grow. The argument pretty much changed the outlook of the episode as majority of the episode was happy moments. It seemed like the show was trying to milk the drama between the two as much as possible before Syko goes on road. This is something that most reality shows do which is what I hoped the show would avoid after episode two. Nonetheless, the two made up once again just before the episode ends, which is something to feel good about before the two have their own separate journeys for the rest of the season.

Pinky lifting weights.

Pinky lifting weights. Photo: Discovery Channel

Ivar the Micro

Sadly the returning Ivar the Micro will have to re-evaluate whether or not he should continue to wrestle. It seems like everything was going his way during the training session, but after trying to kick Lil Show in practice, Ivar dropped and yelled in pain. He injured his knee and was struggling to put any sort of weight on it. They try to ice it until the next morning but it still was bothering him. Ivar talked to his wife Melissa about whether it was worth it to continue to chase the dream. It’s heartbreaking to see because he wants to do it but the obstacle seems way too big to deal with. We’ll see his decision soon on whether he continues to pursue the dream, but I’m rooting for him too, but wouldn’t be disappointed he doesn’t go through with it.

Andrew The Giant & Jmazing

The pair provide the comedic relief this episode needed with the heartbreak of Ivar’s story and the drama from Pinky and Syko’s relationship. Andrew has lost 15 pounds in two weeks and is given the green light to get in the ring. Andrew learned how to take a bump and even impressed Hawk in his first day. Jmazing and Andrew talk about hygiene so they go to the laundromat so Andrew can be better. The two exchange many jokes about the smell and Andrew needing a shower, just friendly banter. It’s no secret they are great duo to have on the show, I only wish they would have been part of the episodes since the start of Big Little Brawlers.

Lil Show and Hot Rod

The two only feature for a small portion for the episode but it seems the beef between them is slowly fading away. Lil Show was giving Hot Rod advice and unlike episode one and two, Hot Rod was willing to listen. Lil Show believes Hot Rod can be the best and is trying to be there for Hot Rod as a previous wrestler was for him. Although Hot Rod admits that they are trying to be on the same page, both have crossed one another so he will have to keep an eye on him. The two are slowly turning their heated rivalry to a friendly one. The rivalry is similar to what WWE’s Logan Paul had with social media influencer KSI. The two influencers had beef but ended up becoming great friends, even being the faces of the sports drink Prime together. Lil Show and Hot Rod have the opportunity be great friends and rivals if the tension is settled, it’s something I think the audience want to see the beginnings of before the end of the season.

Hot Rod catches his breath in the ring

Hot Rod catches his breath in the ring. Photo: Discovery Channel

Wendi and the party 

The two-foot ten-inch comedian returns to Big Little Brawlers and has some great jokes to add to the episode. The party itself was a final send off and a gathering before Micro One heads on the road. It was nice to see the whole cast in one place and have fun.

Overall, I think it was the weakest episode to come out. It seemed like the video editing was rushed and the episode ended suddenly. Then after Syko and Pinky’s argument at the party, they forced another portion of Wendi’s comedy act in, but I don’t think it worked well. The flow of the episode changed as well when the argument at the bar happened. The tone ping-ponged back and forth between funny and intense. The show took a step backwards from the previous episodes, hopefully they bounce back before the season finale.