Happy, intense and scary describe some of the moments on this week’s episode of Big Little Brawlers on Discovery.

The show explores Pinky and Syko’s relationship, we see progress to Ivar checking off his bucket list and learn more about Hot Rod. Let’s get started.

Pinky and Syko

This week, Pinky and Syko had quite the rollercoaster of emotions. The couple was the main focus as they took majority of the screen time. It started with the two having the tea party with their daughter which was nice to see. Going into the first match of the show, the two were motivated and it went well, However, Syko was interviewed after their match and after Jamaican Jo and Hot Rod’s match. Syko was honest about his thoughts saying Pinky is still not up to his standard he has for her.

He explained after that he can separate Pinky as a wrestler and girlfriend, which is why it was confusing seeing Pinky take his opinion the wrong way. I do think he could have said it in a different way but I respect him not sugarcoating anything. We also see Pinky and Syko practice with the Micro One team.

Syko does well working with the more experienced wrestlers, however, Pinky let her fear consume her. The song choice used in the moment by the production team was perfect. The lyrics were along the lines of “I wasn’t ready.” Pinky said that Syko was pushing her more than she could move which is something that many others can relate to.

She explains to her mother Sheri that she feels that she’s letting the team down. It is the most heart-connecting moment in the show by far.

Pinky holds onto Syko on motorbike

Pinky holds onto Syko on motorbike. Discovery Channel photo

The two then go on a date and have the conversation about Syko going on the road with Micro One. The reaction from Pinky is understandable because they do have daughter who isn’t even two years old yet, and if Syko would be on the road, he would miss a lot of moments. In the scene, it is easy to see that the relationship between Pinky and her own non-involved father affects the conversation as a whole, because another point brought up was Syko just leaving with no intentions of coming back or being there.

There part of the episode does end light heartedly with Pinky teasing Syko about going to the strip club with Hot Rod and other micros. I look forward to see what their decision is and if either of them make it to Microfest.

Ivar The Micro

Ivar takes one more step into accomplishing his goal of being in the ring as a wrestler, not just as a hype man. He first appears with his wife Melissa at a mini race track where they go for a quick and fun ride. It then transitions to a quick little chat between the two. Ivar is happy that he got the call to be on Microfest as a wrestler, while Melissa is reasonably happy for him but nervous.

He is finally started practicing with Lil’ Show and Cody Hawk, they went over some precautions of what he could and couldn’t do. Ivar provides the heart-warming parts, as it is nice to see him chasing something that he has wanted to do for so long, making you want root for him.

Ivar isn’t shown much more in the episode besides doing his usual The Rock-like microphone work. I hope you guys are cheering for him through your screen as much as I am.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod gets re-introduced talking to Lil’ Show about showing up on time and becoming the top guy in Micro Wrestling. Hot Rod is naturally talented but it’s clear that he thinks he’s too good to be contained within rules. Lil’ Show was just trying to give advice and hold him accountable so Hot Rod can become greater.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod

Lil’ Show talks to the interviewer and says, “Sometimes when you’re cocky, you can get hurt.” It was honest take by him and it foreshadowed something scary at the end of the episode.

It is revealed that Hot Rod has a girlfriend and daughter. He is part of Micro One, meaning he is on the road a lot and barely can see the two. The scene can pull on the heartstrings as the daughter wants to see him in person but can’t.

Hot Rod is in a match against the luchador Micro Tiger. Everything was normal until the final moments in the episode where it goes wrong for Hot Rod. Micro Tiger flies onto Hot Rod out the ring where a big thud is heard. It ends with Hot Rod screaming for help because he could no longer feel his body. A scary scene to end off with.

The episode still has times where it feels scripted but it did better in keeping the scenes real and authentic.

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