The season finale has arrived for Big Little Brawlers and it was the most action-packed episode to date. In this one, there is a lot of growth seen from different people and even dreams accomplished. Ivar was able to check off his bucket list and Pinky and Syko got engaged. However, Lil Show and Hot Rod continued their beef even if it looked like things were going in the right direction. Time to unpack everything, let’s get started.

Ivar The Micro

Ivar gets it done. He has competed in the ring as a wrestler. It was a dream of his since he was five years old. This was amazing to see as he looked good in there, to put the cherry on top, they let him pin Disco Dom for the victory. It was a good gesture by the two wrestlers and it made Ivar very emotional on stage. Before the match, you can see he was excited and nervous at the same time. But he absolutely killed it and it is now tied for the most heartfelt moment in the series. At the end of the show, it was revealed that Ivar will most likely not enter into the ring again but plans to be part of Micro Wrestling for as long as he can. Plus he wants to relax and have more time in the hot tub — which is exactly what I would be doing if I had a hot tub too.

Pinky & Syko

What was the most dramatic part to follow throughout the entire show, their season ends with a moment that is tied with Ivar accomplishing his dream as the most heartfelt moment in the show. Yes, Syko and Pinky got engaged! Before we get into how they did it, let’s get into what happened before that. There is an update on Pinky and how she was doing being a mother without Syko able to be there. Syko and her mother, Sheri, agree that she is doing well. Sheri thinks that Syko and Pinky having time to themselves is beneficial to their relationship. I completely agree with that. The two were constantly together for work and at home.

A little time individually can help them mentally and become less co-dependent. Syko also talked to Jack Darrell about the match against Pinky at Microfest and how he was disappointed and wanted to face someone from Micro One. Darrell then explains it’s for the company and his popularity that it had to happen, Syko understands and heads home.

Later we get to their daughter’s birthday party with a little surprise. Syko made it to the party and the family was reunited. Syko later reveals to Pinky that they will have their match at Microfest. Pinky is excited and they go back to the party. The two go back to the ring and create a new match. They implement Pinky’s new move, the front flip off the top rope.

At Microfest, the match was amazing and Pinky was able to finally hit the front flip off the top rope and ends the match. This is where everyone can watch and witness possibly one the greatest moment of the two. Syko takes the microphone and asks Pinky to marry him. She said yes. Everyone was happy to see it happen and congratulated them. The closing remarks ended with Syko continuing to stay with Micro One and Pinky will be at Pigeon Forge. In classic fashion, the two leave the episode with another argument jokingly about Pinky being mad that Syko would go to another strip club with Hot Rod.

Syko proposes to Pinky.

Syko proposes to Pinky. Photo: Discovery Channel

Congratulations on the engagement you two, looking forward to see what happens next.

Hot Rod & Lil Show

The two started to be on the same page, until they weren’t. Hot Rod and Lil Show were going through the choreography of their match. Both admit that they had their differences and plan putting on the best show possible. Lil Show talks to Hot Rod on the side about passing the torch to him. Hot Rod was confused at first but was ready to take on the new role. Lil Show told him that he should win the match as he thinks Microfest will be his last match. The two continue to work on their match until Microfest hit. All was going to plan until, while in the ring, Lil Show decided it wasn’t his time yet to leave the top and went off script and won the match.

Hot Rod was outraged backstage. Lil Show came up to him and they got into a heated argument as Hot Rod was under the expectation that he was supposed to win. Lil Show completely went behind Hot Rod’s back. Its understandable of why Hot Rod was upset as he thought it would be his time. Although I love that Lil Show wasn’t done with wrestling, he should have let Hot Rod win. If he still wanted to wrestle, I am sure the two would have no problem having a John Cena and Randy Orton type rivalry but Lil Show chose himself. It’s a bummer to see this happen as it really looked like their relationship turned a corner.

Lil Show walking in as Hot Rod is mad.

Lil Show walking in as Hot Rod is mad. Photo: Discovery Channel

Overall the episode took a step in the right direction. It was a lot more entertaining as there was more matches seen and it ended off nicely with a segment of what’s next for some of the Micros. However, there was a lot of inconsistencies in terms of editing. There was a voiceover of what was supposed to be Pinky but it sounded nothing like her or the microphone quality was completely different. It didn’t really affect the episode itself but for the experience watching it was a head scratcher. Something that did throw off the experience was adding Micro Jackson’s dance session, as it ruined the flow. If they added it before Pinky or Hot Rod’s match, it would have been fine, but they added it in the middle of Hot Rod’s match.

Discovery’s Big Little Brawlers was good but not great. If renewed, I would like to see what comes next with the people in the show and get introduced to more Micro wrestlers in the potential new season. The series has been beating other shows like AEW Rampage which is a good sign for Big Little Brawlers getting a second season. Time will tell if we can see our favorite wrestlers from Pigeon Forge in the future.