The WWE’s Royal Rumble plans and perhaps their WrestleMania plans could be in jeopardy.

It is being reported that WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, injured his left leg last night due his match with Jinder Mahal in the main event of Raw.

Rollins was seen limping and having to be escorted, assisted to the backstage area after Raw went off the air.

Rollins is scheduled for an MRI today to determine the severity of the injury.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer had this to say:

“This would be a bad time if he needs to be out for a couple of months. Really, really bad. He has a big program coming up, he’s got a championship…It will kill a lot of his momentum and be frustrating for him,” he said.

It is thought that Rollins would be defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against CM Punk at WrestleMania which is just two months and three weeks away.