With a few days away, the wrestling landscape is looking to be shook up once again, and the women of the NWA are looking to make a huge statement in the squared circle.  It’s no wonder that executive producer Mickie James titled the show EMPOWERRR. More impressive is the promo/mission statement she made on an episode of NWA POWERRR where she stated:

“We have a real opportunity here, with so much history.  The same show that I used to sit back, and watch with my dad and just a …just a block, like right next-door.  And now we have a chance to really show that women’s wrestling… not only does women’s wrestling make money, but it deserves that prime real estate right at the top of the marquee, just besides the men’s wrestling every single night, and I’m here to show you why women’s wrestling matters.   It’s not just a hashtag.  It’s not just a money grab.  This is real, and I want the best of the best women out there.  I don’t care where you’re from.  I don’t care if you have a contract somewhere, and are bound somewhere.  I want the cream of the crop.  I want that untapped talent.  You know?  Those diamonds in the rough, but just haven’t had that chance, that opportunity to show what they’re meant to be.  And together, if you build it, they will come.  And, I’m so excited, that this is the first step, and a big journey, and I just could not be more excited!”

Yes, Virginia, there is women’s wrestling again, and this is empowering, in every sense of the word.

Now some of the female combatants are familiar with most wrestling fans, but there are others  audiences will be seeing for the first time on a big platform like this.  Since this is a unique PPV to predict, what will take place is there will be a quick couple of sentences about the wrestler and any pertinent information of their bona fides.  Some of the women wrestlers we at SLAM! Wrestling have already covered in anticipation to this show, and links to their respective interviews will give you a better insight.  For now, let’s talk about the Three Way Dance…

Chik Tormenta (AAA) vs. Diamante (AEW) vs. Kylie Rae (NWA)

For the last two wrestlers, Diamante should be no stranger to IMPACT fans, as she was part of the new LAX.  She went to wrestle in AEW and was one half of the AEW Women’s Tag Team with Ivelisse as tournament cup winners.  As for the women’s division at AEW…ehh, I’ll be charitable, and say that this is Diamante time to really shine.

Kylie Rae is another familiar face.  After joining AEW for a hot cup of coffee in the initial months of the promotion, she decided to “retire”, and then come back to IMPACT, before “retiring” again.  NWA is her latest stop, and “Smiley” Kylie seems to be finding her groove now.  She’s definitely going to be pulling double duty, as the next night she will be facing Mickie James, who’s making her NWA debut.

Chik Tormenta is the new face for those gringos who’ve never seen her north of the border, Tormenta has made her name in The Crash Lucha Libre and has journeyed to AAA.  She was last on IMPACT teaming with Jordynn Grace and Rosemary against Kiera Hogan, Madison Rayne, and Vanilla.

My Prediction:  This is a pick ‘em, and if you know how Diamante and Rae work, then you know that Tormenta is no slouch.  At this point, my gut instinct says that Kylie Rae will get the win to have momentum going to NWA 73 the next night.

Winner:  Kylie Rae

Now that brings to the the next big event of that night…

The NWA Women’s Tag Team Tournament

The tag titles were an important part of the NWA’s history from the 1950s until 1983, when the belts were acquired by the World Wrestling Federation from The Fabulous Moolah, when Vince McMahon was gobbling talent and territories like it was going out of style.  It was last held by Wendi Richter and Joyce Grable until it was deactivated.  That ended the lineage, and was yet another thing WWF threw in the trash when it came to women’s wrestling

(Did I say the quiet part out loud?)

In any case, the NWA will crown a new tag team, and the four teams look very interesting.  They are:

The Hex (Allysin Kay and Marti Belle)

Fans will remember both Kay and Belle from the initial days of NWA POWERRR.  Kay was the NWA Women’s Champion before losing the belt to Thunder Rosa.  Belle was featured as well in a storyline with Melina trying to get into Rosa’s head for the belt.  It would been interesting to see how far it would gone, but COVID put the kibosh on that.  Kay and Belle left the NWA for greener pastures, and Kay last wrestled on AEW’s PPV against Serena Deeb for the Women’s belt.


Hell on Heels (Renee Michelle and Sahara 7)

Renee Michelle is the wife of WWE Superstar Drake Maverick, and she worked in WWE, and did independent shows like SHINE.  Sahara debuted in Steve Corino’s Premier Wrestling Federation, and is mostly a journeywoman wrestler.


Red Velvet and KiLynn King

Both Velvet and King have mostly been on AEW side in Dark and Elevation matches, with the occasional title fight against Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.  Last time I looked, Velvet was engaged in a feud with Baker and Nyla Rose.  I haven’t followed the product as much, but others have.  I’m only one man.

The FreeBabes (Jazzy Yang, Hollyhood Haley J, and Miranda Gordy)

Now this team looks impressive on paper, and not because this is a female edition of The Fabulous Freebirds.  All three members of The FreeBabes are second generation daughters of wrestlers. Miranda Gordy is the daughter of the late Terry Gordy who was a member of the aforementioned Freebirds. Hollyhood Haley J is currently the OVW Women’s Champion in her second reign, and is the daughter of Amazing Maria, a Canadian pro wrestler. Lastly, Jazzy Yang is the daughter of former WWE wrestler Jimmy Wang Yang.

My Prediction:  All due respect to Velvet/King and Sahara/Michelle, but I don’t see them getting out of the first round.  The Hex and The FreeBabes looks promising in the final round, and Smart Mark Sense is tingling, when I say that The FreeBabes will involve the Freebird Rule, and have a fresh partner be the difference maker in the ring, or have shenanigans outside the ring.  Will that be enough for The Hex to stay and chase the titles?  That is a subject for another night.

Winners:  The FreeBabes

This brings us to the inaugural event of the PPV…

The NWA Women’s Invitational Cup

This ten-women, gauntlet match will feature two women in the ring, and then every two minutes a new competitor will enter the squared circle.  Eliminations will be by Pinfall or Submission.  Let’s take a quick look at the entrants

Lady Frost (Who will begin at No. 1)  

Frost has been featured quite a bit in NWA POWERRR, and you can check more of the Pittsburgh native’s journey to the NWA  here: Lady Frost ‘rounds the bases’ on way to NWA Empowerrr

Tootie Lynn

Also known as Seishin the Blue Dragon, Lynn was first introduced by James as the first entrant to the invitational, and she’s a St. Louis resident to boot.  Most of her time has been spent in the indies, but she was trained by Davey Richards, so expect that the American Wolf taught the Blue Dragon to spit fire.

Jamie Senegal (with Pollo Del Mar)

Senegal is a transgender wrestler, who spent time in CZW.  Senegal was part of a stable with Penelope Ford called The Fella Twins Academy for Gifted Students.  Del Mar is a drag queen and journalist who’s covered and sponsored many a wrestling match within the LGBTQ++ community, including Effy’s Big Gay Brunch.

Chelsea Green

The wife of Matt Cardona, and a Hot Mess in IMPACT.  She was an IMPACT Knockouts Champion, and has been getting back in the grove since being future endeavored by WWE during a pandemic (stay classy, WWE).

Debbie Malenko

Trained by Boris Malenko, alongside Dean and Joe Malenko; she was gifted the name by her mentor.  She is best known for her run in All Japan Women’s wrestling from 1991 through 1993, where she held the AJW Tag Team titles and the AJW title once. She had to vacate the AJW title after suffering a knee injury that largely ended her in-ring career.

Bianca Carelli

Another second generation star, the daughter of Santino Marella is making her big break at the PPV.  Slam! Wrestling also spoke to her on the invitation here: Bianca Carelli’s big break has arrived.

Jennacide (With Taryn Terrell)

Also covered at Slam Wrestling here — Jennacide unleashed at NWA Empowerrr — with her manager Terrell at her side, she is starting to make an impression in recent POWERRR episodes.  She fought against the current champion, Kamille, and was a huge part of The Champion Series being, part of the winning team for a chance at a title shot down the road.

Masha Slamovich

The Russian born Slamovich debuted in 2016, and wrestled Jordynn Grace on an episode of IMPACT XPlosion in 2019.  She’s mostly spent time in the indies and in Japan, and has done some northern Manitoba “Death Tours” too.

Thunder Kitty

Billed as a “lady wrestler extraordinaire”, Kitty looks to be a throwback to the early years of women’s wrestling. Debuting in 2009, Kitty has wrestled in SHIMMER and Shine.

Kiera Hogan

Most of Hogan’s time has been in WOW and in IMPACT Wrestling, where she was part of Fire N’ Flava with Tasha Steelz, becoming Knockouts Tag Team Champions.  She recently departed from the company in July of this year, and is currently a free agent.

My Prediction:  So much talent, so little time.  I think the smart money is on Hogan getting the win, but Jennacide looks to get the Diesel push, and if Terrell gets involved that is going to be more than a promise.  As for dark horse favorites?  I’d be interesting to see Carelli or Senegal get the win.  Mostly Senegal, if Del Mar is going to add more to the proceedings here and down the road.

Winner:  Jennacide

That brings us to the double Main Event of the night, which is…

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Melina for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship

The match came about as James was scouting for talent, and Purrazzo grudgingly agreed (with a little prodding by IMPACT Producer Gail Kim).  As James brought her a contract to sign, Purrazzo demanded to know her opponent.  Well, Melina made her presence and intention known:  She wants the Knockouts Title.

My Prediction:  As much as it would be cool to see Melina hold the strap, methinks there may be an unresolved issue or two in the NWA, especially if she wants to get her hands on the “Burke” currently held by NWA Women’s Champion, Kamille.  So, I say Purrazzo keeps the strap, but perhaps the doors between IMPACT and NWA will be open for business for a while…I hope.

Winner:  Deonna Purrazzo

And this brings us to the second Main Event…

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Kamille (c) for the NWA Women’s Championship

No longer just the “insurance policy” of Nick Aldis, Kamille has stepped into her own and made her a domineering force in the NWA Women’s division.  After beating Serena Deeb at When Our Shadows Fall PPV, she redubbed the belt “The Burke” and has been able to defend against all comers, and had a couple of classic matches with Thunder Rosa that evoked serious Ric Flair-Ricky Steamboat vibes.

Leyla Hirsch has mostly spent time in independents like CZW, before signing to AEW.  The Russian-born Hirsch was mostly relegated to AEW Dark matches but on a recent AEW Dynamite episode, she faces The Bunny (Allie) in a number one contender match to challenge for the NWA Women’s match.  Hirsch won that night, and Kamille (who was in attendance) stepped up and the 5’10’ Brickhouse held the belt high aloft the 4’11” shoot wrestler.

My Prediction:  Any other woman, I’d say “Hah!  Good Luck!”, but with Hirsch?  She may not beat Kamille, but she will give her a fight she will not expect, and it will be “legit.”  But, since this reign is early, Kamille will be able to put able to put away Hirsch with a spear.  But how will she fare the next night at the PPV is anybody’s guess.

Winner:  Kamille

** Here is the interview with Kamille, which ran after this preview: NWA Women’s Champion Kamille confident and Empowerred

With this and NWA 73, this is a historic double event that you should subscribe to on Fite.TV.  I’d even recommend any young girl out there to really see what professional wrestling has to offer, and they, too can be empowered to be in the center of the squared circle.

NWA EMPOWERRR and NWA 73 will be August 28th & 29th in the Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis, MO.