The Highlanders are on their way back to Ontario, one of the places where it all got started for the unorthodox duo and this time, they’ll be bringing the creativity they weren’t allowed to showcase while with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Rory and Robbie MacAllister will return to their roots — the Ontario indy scene — on Feb. 20, wrestling against Notorious TID and George Terzis for the Pure Wrestling Association.

The Highlanders in WWE.

Both men are eager to get back into the PWA ring, after spending four years away from the promotion, most notably plying their trade in WWE.

They were both released from their contracts on Aug. 15, 2008.

“I’ve been waiting for a phone call from Ontario since I got released by WWE,” said Rory. “Of everything I’ve done and all the places I’ve worked, I still think Ontario was probably my happiest time in wrestling by a long shot.”

While Robbie has wrestled in Ontario since his release, he too is looking forward to the PWA match and continued work in the indies.

“I’m really enjoying it right now, because it’s like a breath of fresh air,” said Robbie. “I can just do whatever I want, within the guidelines of the promoter’s wishes. It’s a lot more relaxed and laid back and it’s more exciting, I think.”

Both men are entering their match that night with an open mind, not sure what exactly he’ll get from his diverse opponents, but knowing that it will be the rough, physical match fans of the Highlanders have grown accustomed to.

“I’m just going to enjoy the match,” said Rory. “I have been in the ring with TID before and it was a stiff encounter. He likes to wail and he knows that I like to take a beating. I can take it and he can dish it out, so usually fireworks happen.

“As far as Terzis goes, I’ve always liked the guy. He was down in OVW when I was up in WWE and I’ve seen him come on in leaps and bounds. He’s a phenomenal little worker and when he’s able to incorporate his great martial arts into his work, he does very well. I think I’m just going to go in their and feel him out.”

Robbie could only guarantee that TID and Terzis were in for a beating and aside from that, a heavy serving and unpredictability could be on the menu.

Win, lose or draw, the Highlanders are most looking forward to catching up with old friends, many who were around when they were just starting out in the industry.

“Without a doubt, I’ll be throwing back beers and scotch after the match,” said Rory. “They were cool guys and I learned a lot from all of those people.”

While Rory grew up in Scotland, idolizing the wrestler Big Daddy, Robbie was first introduced to wrestling in the form of wrestling promotions that ran in and around Ontario.

Memories of going to local arenas along Highway 401 to watch the likes of Tiger Jeet Singh and The Sheik beat each other’s brains out, remain fresh in his mind. That, along with Saturday morning wrestling inspired the youngster.

“My big thing was that my friends and I used to watch wrestling every Saturday morning,” said Robbie. “That’s when I told all my friends, when I was like seven or eight years old, that I was going to be a wrestler.

The Highlanders action figures.

“We all had that dream and we wrestled down in the basement and made tag belts and world championship belts and we pulled out the bed and made a ring. Those are my earliest memories of wanting to be a wrestler.”

Now years later, after successfully competing on the circuit where he was once merely an observer and following a stint under the bright lights of WWE, Robbie is back, along with cousin Rory.

Both men find the indy scene has changed in some good ways, like more respect and money, but a lot of the old politics and such remain. Regardless, they try to work as often as possible together, which is sometimes difficult when a promoter is only willing to pick up the tab for one of them, as opposed to both.

“I always try to push to work tag team because that’s my passion and I must have been on the road with Robbie every day,” said Rory. “I mean we were together for over 10 years and so as often as I can work with him, I want to.”

Now fans in Ontario get another chance to see the Highlanders work together, up close and personal, no creativity barred.


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