The Elimination Chamber takes center stage, as WWE presents No Way Out from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. On this night, both Edge and John Cena will be forced into the brutal structure as they defend their WWE and World Heavyweight Championships consecutively.

The night began on a shocking note, as Edge was eliminated first from the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match, that was later won by Triple H, who lastly eliminated The Undertaker to begin his 13th Championship reign.

Following the match, Edge complained to Vickie Guerrero about the loss, but Guerrero told him it was his own fault, before retracting her statement and saying that she didn’t really mean it. Edge just sat by, still befuddled by what took place.

As the main event World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match was getting ready to begin, Kofi Kingston made his way out to enter the fourth and final pod, only to be attacked from behind by Edge, who slammed him headfirst into the steel steps and hit him with a con-chair-to of sorts, knocking him unconscious. Edge then entered the chamber and locked himself in a pod, as Rey Mysterio ran out and tried to get revenge for Kingston.

Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho started off the match, going back and forth, before Kane entered the ring. Mysterio and Jericho worked together somewhat, with Mysterio hitting Kane with the 6-1-9, followed by a Codebreaker from Jericho and West Coast Pop off the top of a pod to send the “Big Red Machine” to the back.

Mike Knox entered next and went to work on Mysterio, slamming him around. Knox had things going his way and was getting ready to put Mysterio out, when Jericho snuck up and hit him with the Codebreaker for the second elimination of the match.

Edge got into the mix and immediately went at it with Rey Mysterio. Jericho also exchanged some shots with Edge. These three provided some good action and went at it hot and heavy, until John Cena came in and knocked them around. Cena was able to get off a Five Knuckle Shuffle on Edge, but was hit with a Codebreaker, followed by a Spear from Edge for the pin.

With Cena eliminated, a new champion was guaranteed, as it came down to Mysterio, Edge and Jericho. Mysterio fought valiantly against Jericho and Edge and was able to roll Jericho up, as he attempted the Walls of Jericho, taking him out of the match and bringing it down to just Mysterio and Edge.

The former WWE Tag Team Champions battled back and forth, both inside the ring and on the steel grating. Mysterio had things going his way, until he charged at Edge, who avoided the attack and sent Mysterio through the bulletproof glass. When the match returned to the ring, Edge hit the spear on Mysterio and pinned him to capture the World Heavyweight Championship and round out a pretty good No Way Out.

WWE No Way Out 2009 PPV Report

The show began with a package that highlighted the feuds being settled at No Way Out, as well as the Elimination Chamber matches.

Jim Ross welcomed us to the PPV and pitched it to the opening contest, which was the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match.

Match One – WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match – Edge (C) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Big Show vs. The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Jeff Hardy and Edge started off the match, going back and forth with each other. Hardy was able to hit Edge with the Twist of Fate, but missed the Swanton Bomb. Edge then attempted a spear, which Hardy avoided and rolled Edge up for the pin.

Elimination One Via Pinfall at 3:00 min – Edge

Vladimir Kozlov entered next and went on the attack of Hardy. His entrance was followed by The Big Show, who assisted in tossing Hardy around. Eventually, Kozlov went after Show and two brawled. Triple H was the next one out of his pod and he tried to even the odds with Hardy, but Kozlov and Show put the boots to him. They dominated Hunter and Hardy, as The Undertaker waited in his pod. When ‘Taker finally entered the match, he cleaned house and hit a Last Ride on Kozlov to eliminate him.

Elimination Two Via Pinfall at 23:00 min – Vladimir Kozlov

Hardy ascended one of the pods, only to be crotched on top of it by Show. Hunter and ‘Taker then went to work on Big Show and took him down, giving Hardy enough time to recover and hit the Swanton Bomb off the top of the pod. Hunter then fell on top of Show and covered him for the pin.

Elimination Three Via Pinfall at 26:00 min – The Big Show

Hardy used his momentum to go after Hunter, using ‘Taker, who was on the mat, as a springboard to lunge at “The Game.” The Undertaker was able to get back up and grabbed Hardy, hitting him with the Tombstone Piledriver to eliminate him.

Elimination Four Via Pinfall at 28:00 min – Jeff Hardy

Hunter and ‘Taker exchanged near falls and the match progressed. Hunter was able to kick out of a Chokeslam and even reversed a Tombstone attempt, only to be reversed back into one and planted. When ‘Taker made the cover however, Hunter was able to get his foot on the rope to break the count. ‘Taker went for the Last Ride, but Hunter slipped out and hit him with a kick and Pedigree for the win.

Elimination Five Via Pinfall at 36:00 min – The Undertaker

Winner and NEW WWE Champion at 36:00 min – Triple H

Match Rating – 8/10

After the match, Triple H celebrated with the WWE Championship as The Undertaker stared back at him.

Backstage, Edge complained to Vickie Guerrero, who told him that it was his own fault that he lost. She felt bad however, and told Edge she didn’t mean it. Edge just sat there shocked.

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole took over, as a package was shown to hype the Randy Orton/Shane McMahon match.

Following the package, Randy Orton was shown backstage. He talked about how Vince McMahon was helpless and how he was going to watch Orton destroy his son. Orton said he was going to destroy the entire McMahon family and that they could watch him take his rightful place in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Match Two – No Holds Barred Match – Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon

Stephanie McMahon was shown watching on a monitor in the backstage area. Shane McMahon went right after Randy Orton and even busted him open with a monitor from the SmackDown announce table. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase came out to interfere, but McMahon fought them off and hit the Coast to Coast on Rhodes. With Orton laid out on the announce table, McMahon attempted a top rope elbow drop, but Orton moved out of the way and he went crashing through the table. Orton fought back and brought another table that McMahon had brought out, into the ring and superplexed him through it for a near fall. McMahon mounted another comeback and hit Orton with several chair shots to the back and ankle. McMahon had the match won and motioned for Orton to get up, and as he did, McMahon went for the punt, only to get hit with an RKO for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall at 18:15 min – Randy Orton

Match Rating – 7/10

After the match, Randy Orton stared back at Shane McMahon, who tried his best to get back to his feet.

A Wrestlemania moments package was shown.

Match Three – ECW Championship Match – Jack Swagger (C) vs. Finlay w/ Hornswoggle

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker took over on commentary for this match. Finlay had the match under control, as he put Jack Swagger in the Celtic Cross. Swagger fought out of it and shoved Finlay into Hornswoggle, who was on the apron, before taking Finlay down and pinning him to retain the ECW Championship.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL ECW Champion at 8:00 min – Jack Swagger

Match Rating – 5/10

After the match, Hornswoggle laid at ringside holding his ankle.

The announcers said that Shane McMahon was on his way to the hospital.

Shawn Michaels was shown praying in the back. He then put his hat on and began walking to the ring as a package was shown, highlighting his feud with JBL.

Match Four – All or Nothing Match – Shawn Michaels vs. JBL

Shawn Michaels’ wife, Rebecca was shown watching at ringside. This was a back and forth match. JBL eventually knocked Michaels out of the ring after delivering two Clotheslines from Hell. They wound up fighting near Rebecca, who decked JBL with a punch, firing Michaels up and allowing him to go back on the attack and hit JBL with Sweet Chin Music to pick up the victory.

Winner Via Pinfall at 13:30 min – Shawn Michaels

Match Rating – 6/10

After the match, Shawn Michaels celebrated with Rebbecca and walked to the back with her.

ACDC’s “Shoot to Thrill” came on with a Wrestlemania package.

Backstage, Todd Grisham spoke to Chris Jericho who said that he was going to win the World Heavyweight Championship and offer Ric Flair a chance to come out of retirement and face him for it. Jericho quickly changed his mind and went on a rant about Flair.

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole talked about the Elimination Chamber and said that with Triple H’s victory earlier on, the title has changed hands 67 percent of the time in a Chamber match.

Kofi Kingston was attacked during his entrance by Edge, who subsequently took his place in the Elimination Chamber match.

Match Five – World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match – John Cena (C) vs. Mike Knox vs. Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Edge

Elimination One Via Pinfall at 9:45 min – Kane

Elimination Two Via Pinfall at 15:45 min – Mike Knox

Elimination Three Via Pinfall at 22:25 min – John Cena

Elimination Four Via Pinfall at 24:00 min – Chris Jericho

Elimination Five Via Pinfall at 29:47 min – Rey Mysterio

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion at 29:47 min – Edge

Match Rating – 9/10

Overall PPV Rating – 7.5/10