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Armageddon: WWF saves the worst for last

  There’s a phrase us old school, traditionalist types have used as our battle cry all throughout the presently fading pro-wrestling boom. “Shut up and wrestle!” is the mantra which succinctly sums up our...

Tag team bout steals Massacre show

  History repeated itself in more ways than one at the ECW Massacre On 34th Street pay-per-view live from the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, New York. Steve “King Of Old School” Corino once again fended off...

Weak stunt ruins Survivor Series

  At WCW’s Halloween Havoc in 1995, something really dumb happened. Something so plainly ridiculous that it inspired a guffaw heard ’round the world. Hulk Hogan and The Giant (Paul Wight) went bumper to bumper...

ECW has an Old School champ

  He wrestles like Dusty Rhodes. He bleeds like Ric Flair. He is Steve “Old School” Corino, ECW’s new World Heavyweight Champion. At the exemplary November To Remember pay-per-view from the Odeum Theater...

Austin culprit unrevealed at Unforgiven

   In keeping with the WWF’s bookers strategy of maintaining the status quo and stretching their angles for every last pop they can get, the surprises were short and few at the potent Unforgiven pay-per-view from...

WWF’s British PPV, Insurrextion, a blast

There is a reason why the WWF’s track record in Britain is next to perfect. Whenever they go there the talent seems to give it all they’ve got. This particular stop – the Insurrextion pay-per-view from London,...

Vancouver warms up to WCW

By RYAN ROBSON — For SLAM! Wrestling VANCOUVER — In the first ever WCW pay per view in Vancouver, many patrons were not very sure what to expect. Most of us had been to WWF shows, and only seen WCW on TV. It is quite...

Canada rules at WCW New Blood Rising

 Someone call the army, the navy or the marines! The good old United States Of America has been invaded! It’s official. Canada has taken over World Championship Wrestling. At the conclusion of a below average New...

ECW’s Heat Wave fizzles

  After all the hype surrounding the main event Stairway To Hell match, it was presumed that we’d see Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible using the roll of barbed wire hanging above the ring to its full potential. That...

Booker T new champ at the Bash

Following Vampiro’s encounter with Sting, Russo again entered the ring to speak. He looked tired and despondent draping his head over the ropes with the microphone in his hand. Sometimes real life is better than any angle...


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