Never one to mince his words, Chris Jericho took to his Saturday Night Video Special to respond to critics of his fall during the recent Blood and Guts match.

In the War Games style match pitting The Pinnacle against The Inner Circle, MJF “threw” Jericho off the top of the cage backwards to the floor. Those watching the match could see that just like in other promotions when someone is going to take a nasty bump from such a height there was obviously something hidden to cushion Jericho’s fall.

“It was terrifying because I have never done anything like that before. It wasn’t a crash pad that I fell on. It was cardboard boxes…the cardboard softens the blow with a piece of plywood over the top which wasn’t even as thick as this book. It was scary. It really was because I didn’t know what to do or expect. When I hit, I hit hard. The elbow injury I got because of it is legit. That isn’t a work. It came from that because I hit the side of the stage. My head missed the back by just a little bit,” said Jericho describing how he took the fall.

Jericho sent out his best wishes to an indie wrestler who took a bump off a ladder recently and is apparently injured because of the spot. He then addressed those who ridiculed his bump.

“People that bagged on it can really f–k their ass because it was dangerous. It was scary. I was saying prayers before. I was a little bit worried because you never know. It was a legit drop. Nestea plunge. You can’t see behind you and you hope for the best. It was something that I thought about all day. No one had to convince me to do it because I knew it was right for the story but like I said people that didn’t respect that bump really aren’t fans. People in the business that were kind of bagging on it should know better because it’s not something you would really want anybody to do because it’s dangerous and it can affect you for your life if it goes wrong,” he said.

Although he didn’t name them, Jericho roasted Shotzi Blackheart and Shayna Baszler, who publicly mocked the ending of the match.

“So people laugh at that sort of stuff but there’s no reason to because this is the real deal and it can happen at any time. Best of luck to anybody in our business and anybody that bags on somebody who’s taking a chance and putting their bodies on the line can really f–k off, especially people in the business. I could say some names. There are a couple of chicks in WWE who said some stuff and they should probably not have said that. They probably weren’t trained any better and in six months they’ll probably be asking us for a job anyways and I’ll remember that, so we’ll leave it at that,” he concluded before moving on.


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