Natalia Markova has come close to claiming The NWA Women’s World Championship on multiple occasions, only to fall short of the goal. She has another chance at The Burke, but this time she faces Kenzie Paige. Also, The Miserably faithful have their sights set on Big Strong Mims, but he and Dak Draper haven’t been getting along lately.  Will they get on the same page in time for the main event?

We’ll find out later tonight on The CW, but there is a vignette ahead of the Women’s title match tonight:

And we come to you from the Dothan Civic Center in Dothan, Alabama. Joe Galli and Danny Dealz have the call in these Hard Times, and your First Match of the Night is…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Daisy Kill and Talos vs. Mecha Wolf and Alex Misery

Kill and Talos want to get back the NWA US Tag Titles, and these two are in the way.  Mecha Wolf is a veteran tag team champion with Bestia 666, so this will be a new dynamic with the unpredictable Alex Misery, and Galli explains these two are together because of Vampiro.

Kill wants to serenade the Dothan fans with a ukelele number, and they are cut short as Misery and Wolf attack.  Misery dives to Talos on the floor, and the seven-footer picks him up, walks him up the ramp, and throws him into the chain link portion of the stage.  Misery starts to climb up to the steel rafters and security tries to bring him down.  Misery moonsaults onto all of them, and Talos grabs him and puts him on his shoulder as he walks back to the ring.  The match now starts with Kill and Wolf, and El Lobo Malo flapjacks him in the center of the mat.  Kill then gets a lawbreaker, and then Wolf tags in Misery and he fights with reckless abandon.  A dive gets turned into a spinebuster by Kill, and he tags in Talos, and the big man runs roughshod on the madman.  He and Kill take their time leaving the young man in Misery and In Peril.  Kill gets Misery in a Gory Special variation but he wriggles free of the hold and kicks him in the jaw.  He crawls to his corner and gets the hot tag to Wolf and he is Un Lucha Malo en Fuego.  There is much lucha in the ring, and Misery nails Kill and Talos with a springboard corkscrew on both men on the outside.  He sends Kill back in the ring and Misery and Wolf nail him with a double How the Gods Kill short-arm running knee strikes.  Wolf sets up for a powerbomb but eats a big boot by Talos.  Misery tries to make the save, and the big man grabs him and slams him onto Wolf and he pins both men.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Daisy Kill and Talos

Kyle Davis is backstage with Ricky Morton and The Southern Six members Kerry Morton and Alex Taylor. They’ll face Murdoch and Knox in a steel cage in a few weeks, and they brag that they are geniuses of their craft. Kerry promises to beat them in the steel cage, and Taylor as that when you’re hot, you’re hot.  And when you’re not…you walk out on Davis.

Now it’s time for title action and this is for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

NWA World Women’s Championship: Kenzie Paige(c) vs. Natalia Markova

I’m not sure I would have placed this in the middle of the match, but I’ll try to avoid my snarky armchair booker man persona.  I’ll leave that to Mark Out Meltzer and his Funky Bunch™.

Paige trash-talks at Markova and then she comes out swinging.  There’s a shotgun boot to the champ and Markova covers for a two count.  Paige kicks Markova midway between ropes and she showboats for the fans who shower her with boos.  They battle outside and Paige nails her with a suplex on the concrete floor.  She rolls Markova back in and Paige covers for a count of two.   They chop away and Markova whips her to the ropes. She attempts the Beautiful Destruction kick but gets blocked and Paige stacks up for another near fall.

The Champ rushes at her in the corner and Markova rolls through and makes her eat a kick.  Now she charges at Paige and sends her face-first to the middle turnbuckles.  Paige is still showboating when she turns around and gets planted with a missile dropkick and Markova can’t capitalize on the big move as she is still hurting from the suplex on the concrete earlier in the match.  She finally gets up to a vertical base and lands a shot to the back of Paige’s head but still can’t get the pin.  Now there’s a superkick by Paige and she can’t put her away, either.  She goes to her Kenzie Cutter finisher and Markova has the move scouted.  She blocks it and sends her into the corner with a knee lift, and follows with a kick and rolls her up but Paige gets out of the pin.  She nails a kick to Paige’s leg and follows with a knee strike to the head and Markova covers for one, two…no such luck.

She whips her to the ropes and Paige counters with a sling blade and then follows with a DVD to the turnbuckles. Another pin and Markova kicks out at two.  There is a series of reversals by both women and Markova connects with a double underhook DDT and still(!) can’t put the champ away.  Another Beautiful Destruction kick in the corner misses and Paige lands the Kenzie Cutter, but Markova manages to kick out at two.  The champ is beside herself as Markova goes for a schoolgirl but Paige rolls through and delivers another Cutter and she finally gets the three count to retain.

Your Winner via Pinfall, And Still NWA Women’s World Champion:  Kenzie Paige

Paige walks back with The Burke held high.  At that point, Vampiro comes out with Misery in tow, and his protege carries black roses with him to the ring. He offers them to The Crush as a goodwill gesture, and she wants nothing to do with him. Vamp is looking nonplussed by this rejection, and you know this won’t turn out well down the road.

Father James Mitchell cuts a promo with The Miserably Faithful on Mims putting his hands on him a few weeks ago. He says that because of his error, he unleashed a hellstorm of unbelievable proportions. He adds that in the end, playing nice guy will get him nothing but a beat down. Sal goes full Heaven’s Gate and notes not all friends are faithful.

Okay, folks.  When Sal out-evils Mitchell with his dead-eye cult stare, you know you have a piece of work on your hands.  I should know.  I’m from Utah.

We head back to the ring for the Main Event, and it is a six-man tag team match between…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Magnum Muscle (Big Strong Mims and Dak Draper) and Carson Drake vs. The Miserably Faithful (Gaagz The Gymp, Judais, and Max The Impaler)

There’s still friction with Magnum Muscle and having Drake in the mix doesn’t look like it’ll do anyone any favors.

Drake faces Max at the beginning of the match, and he offers money to hopefully buy them off. A clothesline by Max sends the money scattering and he goes to his corner.  Draper tags in and he and Gaagz face off against each other, and he slams the Gymp to the mat.  He tags back to Drake, and Mims is pissed off that his tag partner disrespected him.  Drake tags Mims in and he’s wanting to do the damn thing by himself.  He goes to work against Gaagz and as he yells at Draper, Max catches Mims with a clothesline from the ring apron.  Judais enters for the first time and The Priest of Punishment is making sure Mims gets his comeuppance.  Now all of The Miserably Faithful isolate Mims in the corner and work over one-half of Magnum Muscle and he is in Peril in Big Strong portions.  They give Mims sentons in the center of the ring, but Judais misses the target.  Mims crawls to his corner for a tag, but Draper is dragged off by Gaagz.  Max comes back in to administer more punishment and he gets a desperation flying clothesline on The Non-Binary Nightmare.  He crawls again to his corner and finally gets the hot tag tag to Draper and he is a Mile High Magnum en Fuego.  Max works over Drake in the meantime, and Draper is whipped to the corner, but he leaps up to the top turnbuckle and lands a crossbody on them.  Now Sal Vation runs it and his crossbody attempt is caught by Draper and he nails him with a front slam.  As he turns around, Judais and Max deliver a spear/clothesline combo and Max pins him for the one, two, and three.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Judais, Gaagz the Gymp, and Max The Impaler

After the match, Mims is beside himself. Draper recovers and Mims comes into the ring and blindsides him with a clothesline. He’s lost it and this is the dissolution of Magnum Muscle. Drake tries to interject himself between the two, and then he stomps on Draper as well.  He tries to send Draper to the guardrails but he reverses and the Milke High Magnum makes Drake eat steel. He walks up to Mims demanding an explanation, and Drake attacks again. Mims then gives a belly-to-belly suplex to Draper and he crashes through the chain link fence portion of the stage as he seethes with rage.  This is a new side to Mims fans rarely see, as the show goes to the credits.

NWA Powerrr: 04/23/2024

Final Thoughts:


I disagree with putting the six-man tag match ahead of the Women’s title match, but I am intrigued what will now happen as Draper and Mims go their separate ways.  Markova is turning to quite the workhorse, and Paige is showing why she plans to hold The Burke for a long time to come.

Until then, see ya next Tuesday from The CW app.