The moniker “Trick James” was done justice tonight as Trick Williams faced NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov in their fourth encounter with the challenger down 0-3. Over the rivalry’s year-long span, Williams not only fared increasingly better but grew “whoop that trick” to the top of NXT, culminating at Spring Breakin’.

Beginning the show, general managers Adam Pearce and Ava met with Nick Aldis zooming in via the monitor. They competitively hyped up the WWE Draft coming this Friday on Smackdown, and Ava promised that “NXT will never be the same.”

Lyra Valkyria vs Tatum Paxley vs Roxanne Perez (c) – NXT Women’s Championship 

Championship introductions begin immediately after the first segment, and Paxley garners big vocal support a week after being a topic of criticism. The match is smoothly high-paced with all getting brief moments of shine before picture-in-picture. After the obligatory Tower of Doom, they trade strikes until Perez gains control with a Crossface on Valkyria’s injured arm. The crowd rises for Paxley’s 450 Splash and chance at victory, but Perez steals the win with a roll-up, retaining the gold in a well put-together scramble.

Winner: Roxanne Perez


WWE competitors weigh in on X over tonight’s main event, and after, Thea Hail shares her gratitude for the women’s locker room. Jaida Parker butts in calling Fallon Henley a “popular loner” and a pull-apart between them commences.

NXT Level Up tag team Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe present an energetic vignette, showing off their “butters” – or Timbs in layman’s terms. They make their NXT debut next week

The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile’s backstage interview is met with a hero’s welcome from Orlando, and the trio unites in a “whoop that trick” chant. Speaking of grapplers, NXT Battleground comes to the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on June 9 for a showcase of TKO corporate synergy.

The D’Angelo Family vs No Quarter Catch Crew

The six-man match begins with a brawl, and tensions are high after NQCC refused to pay their “bill.” Context clues reveal that Tony D’Angelo whacked Drew Gulak, adding to the list of wrestlers killed off of TV. Without him, NQCC impresses as a young and scrappy unit, and Damon Kemp scores with an outside senton before picture-in-picture. There’s a fire under them, which remains to be seen from a stagnating D’Angelo Family, as they break apart Channing Lorenzo with technical prowess and athleticism. They quell D’Angelo’s comeback, but he recuperates with a spinebuster to Charlie Dempsey for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The D’Angelo Family


In footage from yesterday, Lexis King gifts Baron Corbin a go-away basket after Bron Breakker’s departure from NXT. Corbin doesn’t plan on going anywhere, for now, and questions if King’s beard is real (it’s not).

Jaida Parker vs Fallon Henley

Both Henley’s entrance and the match begin in picture-to-picture to show how important they really are. Commentary notes the impending NXT North American Championship, and there’s a plethora of midcard women to be the first. Parker dominates until Henley’s comeback, but the former connects with the Teardrop Hip Check for victory.

Winner: Jaida Parker


Jacy Jayne calls Thea Hail ungrateful and takes credit for nurturing her. She threatens her at Spring Breakin’ Week 2, saying that gratitude is not an option but a debt.

The Judgment Day’s JD McDonagh says that Trick Williams needs to hospitalize Ilja Dragunov to win. “I know (he) isn’t that guy. I think Ilja’s gonna retain tonight,” he says in his creepy drawl. New Catch Republic jumps in, split on the winner.

General Manager Ava conducts a contract signing for the first women’s NXT Underground match between Natalya and Lola Vice, with a ropeless ring and surrounding crew. “Just because I shake my ass, doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass,” says Vice – who in the prior video package questioned Natalya’s condition after a European tour. The latter rebuts with her Dungeon history, backed by her cornerwoman Karmen Petrovic. But Vice reveals her’s: Monday Night Raw’s Shayna Baszler, who arrives to “welcome back” chants. Petrovich drops her with one kick, and it’s her duo that stands tall.

Earlier today, sly Shawn Spears goads Ridge Holland into letting his emotions loose in the parking lot, but Holland keeps his composure to Spears’ surprise.

The Final Testament vignette recounts better days in their WWE careers, meaning years ago in NXT. Axiom and Nathan Frazer watch the monitors, and the tag division roots against the outsiders – much like the Good Brothers. Edris Enofe plans on speaking up to them before accidentally breaking his mirror in embarrassment.

Blair Davenport vs Sol Ruca – Beach Brawl

It’s Ruca’s Monster’s Ball, except weapons are replaced by surfboards and beach balls. She traps Davenport in a floaty, but the latter escapes and throws her into a wooden bench. Ruca slams her opponent into a ball pit before picture-in-picture, where a steel chair is introduced to much appreciation. Powerbombs and suplexes emerge deep into the match, and eventually, Ruca sends Davenport into a picnic table before hitting Sol Snatcher for victory. 

Winner: Sol Ruca


Trick Williams wishes his mother, who is currently in the hospital, well over the phone before chatting with Johnny Gargano. The former NXT Champion pep-talks him, urging the challenger to whoop that trick. 

Baron Corbin vs Lexis King

Corbin throws King around as commentary ponders his future without Bron Breakker. King gets little offense in on Corbin, who maintains some innovation learned from his Wolf Dogs tenure. But it’s an unseen low blow by King, followed by the Coronation, that lends him the pinfall victory.

Winner: Lexis King


The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate, and Johnny Gargano join the crowd to watch tonight’s main event. A hype package commemorates Williams’ rise to the top and fourth encounter with the “Mad Dragon.”

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov is interviewed before his entrance, saying that the challenger has earned his respect. World Champion Damian Priest steps in to wish him luck, foreshadowing his future with the upcoming WWE Draft. Byron Saxton interviews a fired-up Trick Williams, saying that he fears no man. “Like my momma said… let’s whoop that trick!”

Trick Williams vs Ilja Dragunov (c) – NXT Championship

The stipulation contends that if Williams cannot defeat Dragunov for the NXT Championship, he’ll be forced to leave the white-and-gold brand. Haymakers fly from the get-go, and Dragunov gets the upper hand with Constantine Special and a powerbomb. The rivals embrace before throwing hands, and Dragunov connects with a knee before gutturally screaming, “This is my ring!” After picture-in-picture, both land awkwardly on a top-rope sunset flip, but Dragunov fuels back up with a Coast-to-Coast. Williams snaps back with powerbombs, an H Bomb and Torpedo Moskau of his own for two before getting driven into the turnbuckles. But he takes it ringside, hitting a barricade Bookend through the announce table that gets the crowd standing.

Dragunov connects with a Superplex, an H Bomb, and a Super H Bomb for a close near fall. He lands another Super H Bomb, briefly hurting his wrist, allowing Williams to kick out yet again. In an atmosphere comparable to Game 7, the competitors take their corners for their respective finishers, and it’s Williams that hits Trick Shot first. Williams gains the pinfall victory to booming “whoop that trick” chants, and Dragunov personally awards him the NXT Championship.

Winner: Trick Williams


NXT Spring Breakin' Week 1

Orlando, FL

Along with the incredible year-long build, tonight’s main event was hyped extensively for a big match feel that had the Performance Center louder than it’s ever been. This is the greatest NXT success story of the 2020s, and it makes up for an otherwise average rest of the card.