Vince McMahon’s legal team has filed a response to the Janel Grant’s lawsuit. In it, he claims that his relationship with Grant was “a consensual relationship” and is demanding private arbitration.

In the filing he also states that Grant cheated on her fiancé, an attorney named Brian Goncalves.

“Plaintiff and Goncalves lived in the same luxury building as Defendant—just four floors below—when the Parties began their affair in 2019. Plaintiff would often visit Defendant at his condominium at all hours, including at 2:30 a.m., to pursue their affair and then return back to her condominium with Goncalves the same night. It is nonsensical that the disturbing alleged acts in the Complaint including violence, coerced sex, and forcing Plaintiff to be defecated on were taking place before Plaintiff returned to her lawyer fiancé four floors below without incident,” states the filing.

Grant’s attorney Ann Callis told the Daily Mail that: “Her ex-boyfriend allowed her to stay in the apartment as she rebuilt her life.”

He also called Grant a liar.

“The Defendant vehemently and categorically denies all allegations of wrongdoing in the Complaint, including Plaintiff’s outrageous claims that Defendant coerced Plaintiff into unwanted sexual acts, sexually assaulted and/or battered her, trafficked her, and defecated on her. Those are false statements intended for publicity. When the Complaint’s allegations are adjudicated in the proper forum (arbitration), witnesses are called to testify under oath, and all communications between the Parties (including those authored by Plaintiff which she intentionally did not share in her Complaint) are produced, the allegations and claims will be disproven and Plaintiff will be exposed for the liar she is,” states the response.

McMahon also claims that Grant was not involved in “around-the-clock caregiving” for her parents. He states that her father lived in a senior care home in Stamford, Connecticut, and that both her parents passed away before she even met McMahon.

McMahon states they both agreed to end their affair and says she only filed the lawsuit after he refused to pay her $3 million to keep their relationship a secret. He also states he wants Grant to pay back the $1 million he paid her.