It is time for all the ghoulies, ghosties and long-legged beasties to make their annual appearance.

Kane just chilling. (Photo Courtesy: WWE)

Stuck for a costume idea this Halloween? Below you might find some inspiration in Part Two of our picks for wrestling’s most memorable and most creepy, most outlandish ghoulish grapplers of the last couple of decades of the squared circle.

Here is our rogues gallery, our top ghoulish grapplers of all time.

10. Boogeyman

The Boogeyman looking all sinister like. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Who could forget those disgusting worms or his spazzed-out Voodoo dance? Dude was creepy.

9. Mankind

Mankind is all tricks and no treats for the Undertaker. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Originally a tortured soul who made his home in a boiler room, Mick Foley’s deranged maniac would do anything, including putting his own body on the line, to win.

8. Vampiro

Vampiro ready to take a bite out of the opposition. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

With his signature dreadlocks and ashen visage, this crazy Canuck has terrorized foes from Thunder Bay to Mexico City. Just ask Sting.

7. Leatherface

Leatherface is all a buzz.

There were two different men who were Leatherface in the squared circle. Leaving his Corporal Kirchner persona behind, Michael Penzel was inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films to create the diabolical Leatherface. Terrorizing Japan, he became one of the most feared and crazed hardcore wrestlers challenging the likes of Terry Funk. When Kirchner ran into some legal issues, Winnipeg’s Rick Patterson assumed the role, and he talked about it with SLAM! Wrestling in 2000: Leatherface a star away from home.

6. Gangrel

Come on, dude even looks like a pumpkin. Photo Courtesy: AAA.

So dedicated to his vampire gimmick, David Heath filed his own teeth and married his first wife, Luna Vachon on Halloween. Now that’s dedication … or should that be … deadication?

5. Papa Shango

Pimpin’ ain’t easy for Papa Shango. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Long before he was Kama or The Godfather, Charles Wright there was the evil voodoo priest: Papa Shango. Main eventers like Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior quickly fell under his quirky spell. We will never forget that black ooze making the Warrior look like a human oil spill.

4. Jason the Terrible

Jason the Terrible during his babyface phase with Owen Hart.

A mainstay of Stampede Wrestling as well as Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling, Karl Moffat’s take on the infamous horror icon Jason Voorhees was hardcore before hardcore was cool. [From the archives: Moffatt’s Jason the Terrible a Stampede original]

3. Paul Bearer

The incomparable Paul Bearer. Nuff said. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

A legit embalmer and mortician, as a manager of monsters, Paul Bearer (William Alvin Moody) was a grave threat to anyone who dare challenge anyone in his sinister stable. Moody’s portrayal was truly unforgettable. While he started as manager Percy Pringle III, he was truly born to play the role of Paul Bearer. Let me repeat that. Moody was a real-life embalmer and mortician.

2. Kane

A face only a mother could love. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

On the small screen and the big screen, the Big Red Machine has been terrorizing the WWE since 1997. Evolving from a crazed pyromaniac to a brother of destruction, Kane is as unstoppable today as he ever was.

1. The Undertaker

There is only one Undertaker. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Boo! When that bell tolls and the smoke billows, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t feel the chills brought on by the Deadman.