With All Hallows’ Eve almost upon us, join us for a look back at the most famous, or in some cases, the most infamous monsters of the last couple of decades of the squared circle.

WCW’s The KISS Demon spewing blood. (Photo Courtesy: WWE)

These personas that would fit in perfectly when the witching hour strikes this Halloween.

Below is Part One of our picks for wrestling’s most memorable and most creepy, most outlandish ghoulish grapplers.

Check back for Part Two, completing the Top Ten.

20. Loch Ness

Loch Ness stares down The Giant. Photo Courtesy: WWE Network.

A member of the goofy Dungeon of Doom, Loch Ness (Martin Ruane) made his mark in WCW during a brief feud with Hulk Hogan before he become Hollywood Hogan.

19. The Zombie

The Zombie shuffles to the ring. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Tim Roberts did his best Night of the Living Dead impression on the debut of the WWE’s iteration of ECW. The Sandman and his Singapore cane brought the apocalypse to this undead grappler.

18. The Yeti

The Yeti creeps out of the shadows. Photo Courtesy: WWE Network.

Another zany member of the kooky Dungeon of Doom, the Yeti was more of a mummy than a ferocious Tibetan beast. Portrayed by Ron Reis (Big Ron Studd, The Super Giant Ninja), the Yeti blindsided Hulk Hogan during his Halloween Havoc match with The Giant before the character faded into forgotten mists of time where it truly belonged.

17. KISS Demon

The KISS Demon and a famous friend. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

In a partnership with rock legends KISS, WCW brought the gimmick to wrestling ring. Although Dale Torborg did well with the character and frankly, looked very, very cool, the KISS Demon failed to make the impression he should have.

16. Mortis

The monstrous Mortis and his manager James Vandenberg. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

To his credit, Chris Kanyon took a sloppy idea, made it his own and succeeded despite the odds and insiders being against him. Feuding primarily with Glacier and managed by James Vandenberg, Mortis was a Mortal Kombat character come to life.

15. Halloween

Come on, dude even looks like a pumpkin. Photo Courtesy: AAA.

We know Manuel Partida as WCW’s Ciclope but in Mexico he is the mysterious Halloween, the living embodiment of the haunting season.

14. Abyss

Abyss is hooked on phonics. Photo Courtesy: Impact Wrestling.

Billed as “The Monster,” Abyss (Christopher J. Parks) has been putting fear in his opponents since 2002. Crazed and chaotic, Abyss is the stuff of nightmares. [Abyss story archive.]

13. La Parka

The chairman of the board, La Parka. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Symbolizing Mexico’s Day of the Dead, La Parka is as dangerous as he is lively in the ring.

12. Kamala

Kamala tenderizing Hulk Hogan. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Nothing is as frightening as a cannibalistic savage removing his tribal mask ready to pounce on you like a hungry lion. Although a simple character, James Harris made Kamala a household name. [Kamala story archive.]

11. Kevin Sullivan

Sullivan takes control of Kamala. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Whether as the leader of the Army of Darkness, The Varsity Club or The Dungeon of Doom, the charismatic cult leader was a crazed puppet master who struck fear into the hearts of his victims.