TORONTO TO HOUSTON – Ever the techno wrestling geek, Bob Kapur filed his report Twitter-style, giving you short bursts of his wacky life as he heads into Wrestlemania on Sunday, going from Toronto to Houston. Beware the roaches!

In431Sat, Apr 4, 3:20am — Up at 3am, got ready in record time. Now to figure out how to set 3 VCRs to tape 20 hours of TV between now and my return on Tuesday night.

Sat, Apr 4, 4:05am — You know that line in the Fresh Prince song where he says to the cabbie, “Yo, Holmes, smell you later”? That was my cab ride to the airport.

Sat, Apr 4, 4:15am — With my NEXUS pass, breezed through Customs. Forgot about the liquids rule, so had to give up my shaving cream. SLAM! will get the bill.

Sat, Apr 4, 4:30am — What’s more expensive than Starbucks? Airport Starbucks. Pretentious coffee snobs with their fancy croissants and scones.

Sat, Apr 4, 4:40am — Dammit. Wish I would have found the Timmies before now. Could have bought a good coffee and donut for 3 bucks less. Starbucks is a heel.

Sat, Apr 4, 5:15am — Boarding at 6am. In meantime, will transcribe some interviews. Would sleep, but can’t, thanks to the coffee. Starbucks, you are my nemesis.

Sat, Apr 4, 5:43am — Just saw a lady trip over her bags and hit the floor hard. Hard to suppress the urge to yell out, “She’s hardcore!” I may need counseling.

Sat, Apr 4, 6:30am — Only 12 people on my flight to Chicago. Still, some jerk thought it necessary to sit in front of me and put their seat all the way back.

Sat, Apr 4, 8:10am — Landed in Chicago (7am local time). Have time for a quick breakfast. Moving escalator drops me off right at McD’s. O’Hare rules.

Sat, Apr 4, 8:35am — If I volunteer for a later flight, I’ll get a 1st class seat and a free trip good for a year. But I would miss today’s ROH show. What to do?

Sat, Apr 4, 9:20am — Didn’t do it. Still got upgraded, as a lady asked me to switch seats so she could sit beside her daughter. Daughter wasn’t hot, so I did.

Sat, Apr 4, 9:50am — Met 2 other people on the flight who are going to Wrestlemania. Many others going to the golf tournament or the rodeo. City will be crowded.

Sat, Apr 4, 12:20pm — Got to the hotel, but the room isn’t ready yet. Going straight to the ROH show, then the HoF, then will return to check in.

Sat, Apr 4, 1:25pm — Took me an hour to get to the building. Next time, I’m staying at a closer hotel no matter what. This is crazy.

Sat, Apr 4, 1:55pm — Small world — just ran into local guy Rip Impact. He’s training in San Antonio and decided to drive down for the show.

Sat, Apr 4, 2:25pm — As the show kicks off, the McD’s breakfast decides to revolt. Spent the first two matches dying in the bathroom. McD’s is my new Starbucks.

Sat, Apr 4, 2:55pm — Wow, Houston is full of great looking women. I’m only in town for a couple of days, ladies, so make the most of it.

Sat, Apr 4, 3:10pm — The girl beside me is wearing a really low-cut halter top. Things really are bigger in Texas.

The Necro Butcher at Saturday’s Ring of Honor show in Houston. Photo by Mike Mastrandrea

Sat, Apr 4, 3:30pm — Necro looked like he died after a hard bump to the floor. Girl with the nice breasts just yawned. Clearly, she’s not my type. Her loss.

Sat, Apr 4, 5:10pm — Really good show. Necro-Jacobs was fun. KENTA in the main event was stellar. And a match with both Jerry Lynn and Danielson has to be good.

Sat, Apr 4, 5:20pm — Talked to Nigel briefly. He’s pretty bummed about his injury. He’s not sure when he’ll be back. That’s too bad, his run as champ was great.

Sat, Apr 4, 5:35pm — Heading to HoF, ran into Danielson, and then Cary Silken with Jerry Lynn and Kevin Steen.

Sat, Apr 4, 5:55pm — Just dropped half of my souvenir budget on merch. And still have two more days to go. Better find an ATM soon.

Sat, Apr 4, 6:15pm — Terry! Terry! Terry!

Sat, Apr 4, 9:15pm — HoF was good, but not nearly as emotional as Flair’s sendoff last year. SCSA was good, but others (talking to you, Bill Watts) were meh.

Sat, Apr 4, 10:45pm — Mmmm… Texas BBQ. Sitting in Skeet’s BBQ Restaurant right now. Food is delicious. American beer is pretty weak — better have one or two more.

Sun, Apr 5, 1:10am — Finally checked into the hotel. Worried when I see roaches on the sidewalk outside the building, but the room is actually really good.

Sun, Apr 5, 2:40am — Just watched the HoF ceremony on TV, and part of the RAW replay. Too tired to stay up for the whole thing. Must sleep now.