HOUSTON – Ever the techno wrestling geek, Bob Kapur filed his report Twitter-style, giving you short bursts of his wacky life as he packs up to leave Houston — but not without a genuine hate on for the airport there.

Tues, Apr 7, 4:43am (Houston time) — What the hell? Get my glasses off the nightstand, and the frame is broken in half. How? Bigger mystery than who drove the white Hummer.

Tues, Apr 7, 5:09am — On way to airport to drop off Doug, get some tape to fix them up. With my tie-dye shirt and taped glasses, just call me Mahatma Dudley.

Tues, Apr 7, 10:37am — After some TV back in the room, head off to Houston’s famed National Museum of Funeral History. No, seriously.

Tues, Apr 7, 11:42am — Among other things is a tribute to dead Popes and U.S. Presidents. But I’m marking out for the original death certificates of all FIVE stooges!

Tues, Apr 7, 12:17pm — Nothing in this world beats an American Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast. The U.S. grits are ten times better than back home.

Tues, Apr 7, 1:48pm — Decide to check into my flight early (5:30 departure). Wanted to buy some booze, but the airport doesn’t have a Duty Free store. Heels.

Tues, Apr 7, 2:13pm — At the food court I buy a $5 sundae. Two steps from my table, I slip on the freshly mopped floor and drop it. I hate the Houston airport.

Tues, Apr 7, 3:05pm — Ran into George “GT Dynamite” Terzis, and talk with him until we board. Arrange to do a story on him in the near future.

Tues, Apr 7, 5:40pm — Wheels up, on my way home. The in-flight movie selection does not include The Wrestler. Too bad, that would have been real appropriate.

Tues, Apr 7, 9:50pm (Toronto time) — Home safe and sound. Thanks for virtual-traveling with me through my ramblings, hope it was fun for you too. See you in Phoenix in 2010!


Bob Kapur’s ramblings from Houston are done. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. It’s the most coherent he’s been in months. Email Bob at bobkapur@hotmail.com.