Where has Daffney been?

The former WCW valet has been working with Dusty Rhodes’ Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling and other independents across the country.

Daffney Unger (whose real name is Shannon Spruill) has been off national television since February 2001 but she has kept busy. The transition was not hard.

“I always enjoyed house shows,” Daffney said. “It gives you more time to interact with the crowd. Television is quicker and isn’t as interacting with the crowd at the show. So, independents are just like working a WCW house show.”

Fans remember Daffney for her love affair with David Flair, friendship with Crowbar and tussles with Stacey Keibler — who was known as Ms. Hancock in World Championship Wrestling.

One memory though sticks out more than any other for Daffney. “The time I won the WCW Cruiserweight title is my most memorable moment in WCW. I realize what an honor it was to win the belt.”

Although a short reign, Daffney held the title for three weeks in the spring of 2000. She became the second woman to ever hold the strap. Daffney had not had much ring experience when she won the title. Most fans would not consider her a wrestler but a valet. Most fans might be surprised at what she is doing now.

“Many people come up to me and are surprised that I have grown as a wrestler,” she said.

Daffney spent eight months training with wrestlers at Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling following her departure from WCW. She admits matches with such women stars as Lelani Kai and Malia Hosaka have really helped her as well.

She often finds herself running into old WCW colleagues while working in independents. She’s recently worked shows with Tammy Lynn Sytch (whom she pinned to win the WCW Cruiserweight title), Disco Inferno and Crowbar. She’s kept in touch with Crowbar since she left WCW. She always hoped to work again with him. She recently got that chance.

“He looks good and is in great shape,” she said about her former protege. She is happy Crowbar has worked with such groups as the WWA and the XWF and hopes he shows up full-time on television in the near future.

Although she enjoys wrestling as much as she does, Daffney is keeping her options open. She enjoys playing soccer and acting as well as encouraging her husband, Rich Ward, in his musical endeavors. Rich is part of Fozzy, the rock group featuring Chris Jericho. With a new album expected in July, an April performance at WWF New York and spending time in the studio, Daffney finds herself busy assisting Rich with his career as well as her own.

When it comes to wrestling, she has set one goal: to be successful. Her idea of success is not what others might have in mind.

“I want to feel successful and that doesn’t have to come with being on television.”