On Friday, April 26, 2024, Divine Women’s Pro Wrestling returned after a hiatus of a few years, in Livonia, Michigan, with a show titled “A League of Their Own.”

As a veteran photographer, I was curious about the show, so headed out to document it.

The show was actually quite fun and I enjoyed it. Most of the girls were young, many trained locally by Truth Martini, but everybody worked their behinds off.

How young, you ask? Leela Hall just graduated from Wyandotte High School.

As would likely be expected, the ageless Mickie Knuckles stole the show.

The goal going forward would be to increase attendance.

Here are the results:

  • Match 1: Randi West beat Heather Blue
  • Match 2: Leela Hall beat Max Reign
  • Match 3: Stella Búho beat Rory Shield
  • Match 4: Frankie Ainsek won over Mickie Knuckles via DQ
  • Match 5: Stella Búho won the Royal Rumble to determine the new Divine Pro Wrestling champion (the title had been vacant for a while, with the promotion on hiatus, and Jody Threat was the previous champion). The ever devious Mickie and Randi decided to “team up” and eliminate all the other girls. This worked for a while but the other girls caught on and eliminated both of them.

For more on Divine Women’s Pro Wrestling see its Facebook page.


TOP PHOTO: Frankie Ainsek vs Mickie Knuckles at the Divine Women’s Pro Wrestling card on Friday, April 26, 2024 at the Livonia Elks Lodge in Livonia, Michigan. Photo by Brad McFarlin