Ric Flair has told The Gainesville Sun that he is considering suing Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza over last weekend’s incident.

“I have the money to buy the restaurant. It’ll be called Ric Flair’s Italian Bistro,” he said.

Responding to a video leaked of the argument Flair stated the entire issue began when he had to use the bathroom due to a medical condition.

An employee went into the only stall and could be seen texting on their phone the entire time they were in there.

Flair told the employee to “get his ass out of the stall” as he needed to go. After Flair was done he says a female employee called him a “Peeping Tom” and a “creep” which made him even angrier.

“I’ll be quite honest with you, I was pissed because I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s my word against the kitchen employee and it makes no sense. I admit to everything I said. I have no problem with it because I was mad,” he said.

Flair did leave a $1,000 tip to two bartenders. The co-owner told The Sun that the owners paid the tip to the employees out of their own pockets and rejected Flair’s.

“It was really a matter of principle on how our team was treated and no matter how much money someone’s willing to spend, if their not going to treat our team with respect, we just felt like that was the right thing to do,” Piesanos co-owner Jerry Roberts said.

Footage of Flair restaurant altercation emerges