Welcome, welcome to Draft Night One where we’re definitely going to have plenty of fun. A contract signing between the Undisputed Champion the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles. Champions from both brands are protected, meaning neither of them will switch to the opposite.

Backstage, Kayla Braxton is getting an exclusive report based on the rumors circulating Roman Reigns as Paul Heyman narrates. Reigns has voluntarily withdrawn from eligibility, which gives Nick Aldis more to work with as to who will be the top two draft picks tonight.

Heyman is intrigued if anyone could take that spot.

Given how busy Aldis will be tonight, Corey Graves will be supervising the contract signing. Styles mentions that he was able to regain he composure in order to beat LA Knight to rightfully face the Champion. He let the Megastar get under his skin for a moment there, hence the booing, I think.

He recalls that the American Dream Dusty Rhodes gave him advice the he will never forget to keep pushing no matter what. Branch outside of WWE to prove something to yourself. “I learned a lot from your dad. He’s a good man,”

At Backlash, Styles wants to see whether or not Cody will able to carry the weight of the Undisputed Championship given its rich history. They’ve never faced one another before, so this match is a must win situation. Styles predicts that Cody’s reign will be short and quick despite how emotional WrestleMania 40 was. It truly was a beautiful night.

As one door closes, another one opens. Round One of the WWE Draft 2024 can officially start with The Game Triple H making the first announcement with Rhodes next to him.

SmackDown selects Bianca Belair, RAW selects Jey Uso, SmackDown selects Carmelo Hayes and the final pick, RAW selects Seth Rollins. And just to add more flame to the fire we already have, Hayes makes his entrance proudly shooting his shot versus Rhodes. So, the Champion agrees.

Rey Mysterio & Dragon Lee vs. Legado del Fantasma – Tag Team match

What surprised me was how fast that clothesline delivered by Humberto to Dragon flattens the man. Ha! Humberto rips Lee’s shirt then chops him. Dragon retaliates soon after by flying.

Given the upper hand Lee had, Angel and Humberto play a double team causing Lee to spill onto the outside, landing badly on his back. The tag to Rey changed the entire momentum of this match.

That Code Red nearly ended this fight, but Angel was saved by his cousin. However, Rey delivers a head scissor, sending Humberto against the main floor. Lee comes in securing a win with Project Dragon.

After the match, Santos Escobar interrupts the celebrations with explosive news as to who attacked Dragon Lee. I really thought it was Andrade, but I shouldn’t have overlooked Carlito. Elektra Lopez has been working tiredly to track down the footage of that night.

Due to that reveal, Carlito assaults Dragon Lee again by shoving him into Rey, then bolts out of there. Now the question remains is why? Jealousy seems to be a powerful manifestation for the actions we do.

Winners: Dragon Lee & Rey Mysterio

Bron Breakker vs. Cedric Alexander

Well, this match also ended too quickly as Bron snaps Cedric in half with that bone-crushing spear out of nowhere. Oof. Medic, where are you? Your boy is going to need it. Ha!

This was all well and good, but during the replay, sometime flickered on the screen. A message written “Remember who you are,” was displayed. I don’t know who that belongs to, or who’s the target, but I love a good mystery, you know that.

Winner: Bron Breakker

After that attack that broke Naomi and Bayley’s title match last week because of Tiffany Stratton, the Role Model was able to convince Nick Aldis to run it back again with Naomi and Stratton for an opportunity at Backlash.

Former Women’s Champion Michelle McCool has the SmackDown Round Two picks while Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson has RAW’s picks. The blue brand selects Randy Orton and Nia Jax as the red brand selects Bron Breakker and Liv Morgan.

Wade Barrett was disappointed to see Breakker go. Ha! Give him a minute. Other than that, Barrett mentions something I haven’t thought of, and that’s that The Bloodline still hasn’t been selected. Heyman meets with Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga in the parking lot. He informs Sikoa that they haven’t been drafted yet.

Because Sikoa is adding members to the team, they’re not sure who they’re getting. That makes Tonga very upset to the point that he gives Heyman one of his usual scowls. Sikoa was left in disbelief, so he asks Heyman to repeat what he said. He couldn’t due to KO’s sudden, but predictable appearance, attacking Tonga. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time to see Tama bleed. Ha! Ha!

I’m shocked by the news that Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill are facing the Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag Team Championships at Backlash. Why you may ask?

It came out of nowhere for me. When Cargill was brought here, I envisioned her as a solo competitor because she works better that way. Same goes for Belair. They don’t need Tag gold when they ooze a much higher status. However, if they can, they can. I’m unable to stop them. Ha!

Right on cue, the Warriors took notice of Belair’s comments and came out. So did Cargill. While the ladies were arguing, the brawl between Owens and Tonga was still ongoing as it spills onto the main stage. The numbers game takes over the second Solo arrives. Even the security guards were getting their asses dropped by Tama. Ha! Ha! Ha! The fact that they tried… Oh, my God.

Lucky for Kevin, he has backup in Randy Orton.

As we continue with the Draft, Hall of Famers The Dudley Boyz are up next with Round Three. SmackDown selects LA Knight and The Bloodline while RAW selects Ricochet and Sheamus.

Naomi vs. Tiffany Stratton – Winner gets to face Bayley for the title at Backlash

Out of the gate, Naomi jumps Tiffany with a body press as she throws punches to her opponent’s face. She was annoyed with Tiffy as she drop kicks her. Later on, Naomi suffers a bit of whiplash as Stratton delivers a hip attack.

Naomi fights back with a modified pile driver to Stratton’s head right on the apron nearly knocks her ass out. She takes Stratton down with a scissor spilt on the main floor in front of the commentary desk.

Stratton turns things around with a powerbomb that almost gained her the victory. Naomi avoids an incoming attack by sliding through followed by a double kick to Tiffy’s gut.

Stratton manages to allude disaster by shoving Naomi off, but Miss Glow comes back with a face buster. While they were brawling in the inside, something else was happening outside. Nia Jax jumps Bayley. I suspect she wants an opportunity already after being drafted.

Naomi notices the attack and tries to help Bayley, yet she gets whipped into the post so harshly that I believe she fell into coma. It looked that hard, mind you. Because of this, the referee ends the match. Jax demands Naomi minds her business as she continues to run through the Champion.

Stratton takes advantage of the fact that Naomi and Bayley were taken out to perform the prettiest Moonsault.

Winner: No one, AGAIN!

Prior to what’s coming up next, The Final Testament were initiating violence on the New Catch Republic backstage. This will keep going until they get what they want… which I’m not sure what it is. Ha!

Hall of Famers Teddy Long and JBL continue with Round Four of the Draft. SmackDown selects AJ Styles and Andrade while RAW selects the Alpha Academy and Kiana James on NXT.

Nick and Teddy Long announce upcoming Backlash matches such as a Triple Treat for WWE Women’s Championship between Bayley, Naomi and Tiffany Stratton. Plus, The Bloodline versus KO and Randy Orton.

The screen flickered again showing these strangely drawn stick-men on a blackboard, I believe. What’s going on??

Next week, Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles meet face-to-face. After being on the receiving end of an assault, New Catch Republic go against AoP. Also, the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships The Street Profits battle A-Town Down Under. Massive news that a first ever RKO Show is coming co-hosted by Orton and Owens.

Cody Rhodes vs. Carmelo Hayes

Rhodes was able to momentarily thwart Hayes, but Carmelo strikes back twice as hard to put Cody down. The American Nightmare bulldozes through Carmelo so much so that the challenger didn’t expect this kind of roughness.

The early goings of this fight appear to be evenly matched since neither of these men were able to gain the upper hand long enough to pin the other. That chop to Hayes’ chest was loud. Carmelo makes a comeback with a face buster plus a fade away DDT.

One of the biggest Disaster Kicks I’ve seen turned Hayes inside out in mid-air. Wow-wee. That didn’t stop Hayes, so a slugfest occurs in center ring. Like a bull, Hayes headbutts Cody. A running power slam and a Cody Cutter wasn’t sufficient to put Carmelo away.

Both men with the same idea made it look like a comedy skit. Ha! Ha! They missed with their respectable moves. Rhodes oddly lands on his shoulder because of that. However, Cody was able to finish the job with a Crossroads. Hayes did amazingly.

After the match, AJ Styles wanders into the ring.

Winner: Cody RhodesĀ 


TOP PHOTO: Draft picks. Courtesy of WWE