After two eventful nights in France, WWE Raw returns with the first rounds of the King & Queen of The Ring tournaments. The lineup is exciting today, and there is nothing but action ahead.

To start the show, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Damien Priest, makes his way to the center of the ring. He addresses what happened after his fight with Jey Uso, apologizes, and thanks JD McDonagh and Finn Balor. We see Judgement Day have a group hug — which is a very weird sight.

As the news that Drew McIntyre is not medically cleared, Balor is under the impression that he will get a first-round bye. However, Raw’s general manager, Adam Pearce, says that won’t happen. He announces that for the first match of the night, he will be facing ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso — I absolutely love this move.

King of The Ring Round One: Jey Uso vs. Finn Balor

Fan-favourite Jey Uso makes his iconic entrance and prepares for his match with Balor. The 23rd King of The Ring tournament has officially started.

The early portion of the match doesn’t look good for Uso, as Balor has his way. Balor doesn’t give Uso any room to breathe. Uso is basically getting tortured for his late entry into the tournament. That was until Uso clobbered Balor outside the ring and then took flight. The momentum was short-lived as the former WWE Universal Champion bashes Uso’s head in and bodyslams him onto the commentary table.

Coming back from a commercial break, Jey Uso is putting some punishment on Balor’s face until he slips through an opening and begins another onslaught on Uso.

The two then exchange blows, leading into a crossbody side splash from Uso.

A signature super kick from Uso leads to two failed top rope moves from both competitors. That’s when the injured Scottish Warrior appears and starts watching the match. He stares into Jey Uso’s eyes, almost costing him the match. After Balor’s pin attempt is broken, Uso almost splits Balor in half with a spear, ending the match.

Winner: Jey Uso via pinfall

Before the next match, McIntyre and Pearce are arguing about losing his spot in the King of The Ring tournament. McIntyre leaves in a supercar, and then, in an older car, CM Punk arrives. ‘The Voice of the Voiceless’ then makes his entrance to the squared circle.

He apologizes for being late to the show — which I highly doubt he really was. He then says he was expecting to get into a brawl with McIntyre, but he had left the building. He then creates a possible scenario: what if the show were to go overtime to get McIntyre to come back so they can face off?

Punk then gives a monologue about his reflection on getting injured, delaying his dream of being the main event of WrestleMania. He then asks McIntyre if Punk is to blame or himself.

Backstage, Ricochet is being interviewed and then gets interrupted by the returning Braun Strowman. Strowman wishes his friend good luck and says he has his back.

Queen of The Ring Round One: Iyo Sky vs. Natalya

I personally thought this match should be a little more down the card, probably near the main event, but I’m not complaining.

Natalya opens the match with a relentless assault on Sky. She gets Sky in a pin attempt and a leg lock submission and has her way until the former WWE Women’s Champion recovers from a failed moonsault leading to a springboard on Natalya.

With the momentum with Sky, she begins to have her way with the long-time WWE diva. That was until Natalya’s body slammed Iyo Sky into a top rope suplex.

Damage CTRL’s leader gets Natalya into a submission. Sky then assaults Natalya on the ground with dropkicks and stomps.

After a sequence of back-and-forth pin attempts, the Canadian power bombs the Japanese star, almost ending the fight.

Natalya fails to complete the sharpshooter, which leads to Iyo Sky’s moonsault, officially ending the fight with a pin.

Winner: Iyo Sky via pinfall

After the match, Dakota Kai threatens Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill and Becky Lynch for their titles.

King of The Ring Round One: Ricochet vs. Ilja Dragunov

Coming into this match, you can already tell that this match will be up there for the best battle of the night. The competition starts with many chops from Dragunov and athletic moves from Ricochet.

As advertised, this one is very fast-paced. Ricochet his Dragunov with a flying clothesline, followed by two German suplexes from the former NXT Champion.

Ricochet gets control as he does a hurricane from the top rope, then follows up with two suicide dives and a corkscrew senton—what an absolute beast.

Back in the ring, Dragunov hits the high-flying daredevil with a brutal clothesline, and then a top rope moves himself. Miraculously, Ricochet survives but is bombarded with chops. Ricochet gets a run of his own, hitting ‘Mad Dragon’ with another moonsault. He fails to pin.

A crazy back-and-forth just displayed a sequence that left me speechless. Superplexes, H-bombs, and moonsaults — nothing but chaos. This one ends with a final H-bomb from ‘Mad Dragon.’

Winner: Ilja Dragunov via pinfall

The match is followed up with an interview with Sheamus. He talked about his rivalry with Gunther and bringing his best tonight.

Queen of The Ring Round One: Zoey Stark vs. Ivy Nile

Two very intense competitors go at it. The two go exchange multiple counters. Both display their power, especially Nile, as she slams Stark with a suplex.

Stark nearly ends the match with a missile dropkick. Then, Nile almost ends the match by smashing Stark’s face onto the canvas from the top rope.

The two rivals find themselves back on the top rope, which results in nothing as Stark slips through and hits Nile with a K360 — a beautiful finisher.

Winner: Zoey Stark via pinfall

Returning backstage, there is a surprise appearance from the University of Connecticut’s Men’s basketball team, Dan Hurley, with Awesome Truth and Pearce. This interaction was then followed up by Bron Breaker getting a meeting with Pearce about not being in the tournament.


Bronson Reed vs. Chad Gable

We see Judgement Day backstage comforting Balor after the match; that’s when Dominik Mysterio brings Carlito to their hideout. Carlito and Priest have a bad history. Carlito asks for help. He says, ‘Scratch my back, I scratch yours.’ Priest asks Carlito to get out.

Now, onto the match. It was a short one. Neither was able to take control as WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn caused a disqualification to get revenge on Chad Gable. Zayn took out both competitors. The champion went for a helluva kick but was clotheslined by Reed, who then continued punishment on Gable.

Winner: N/A

Reed runs into Pearce and says he only cares about the WWE Intercontinental Championship and that Pearce knows what to do.

Becky Lynch Interview

Gunther has a monologue of his own, saying he isn’t concerned with having another banger match with Sheamus. He has his eyes set on being the greatest of all time and winning the King of The Ring.

‘The Man’ makes her way to the squared circle and talks with Michale Cole. Becky Lynch is asked about her outfit a few night ago — which was hideous. She was asked about Lyra Valkyria and many more competitors for the Queen of The Ring.

Incomes Liv Morgan, as she feels overlooked and disrupts the interview. Morgan continues to tell everyone her accolades, including injuring Rhea Ripley.

We get confirmation that Morgan and Lynch will face off on the King & Queen of The Ring night.

As the two get into it, Damage CTRL surrounds them. Morgan escapes, leaving the WWE Women’s World Champion by herself.

Then Lyra Valkyria comes to Lynch’s aid. The two manage to get Damage CTRL out of the ring.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn challenges Chad Gable and Bronson Reed to a triple threat match at King & Queen of The Ring.

Queen of The Ring Round One: Lyra Valkyria vs. Dakota Kai

After helping Lynch, Valkyria continues her momentum by getting Kai in a chokehold. Which was short-lived, as Kai took control, making Valkyria look like a slinky.

Back from commercials, Valkyria makes easy work of Kai with a sequence of body slaps like a sumo wrestler. Kai counters and then stomps on Valkyria’s back from the middle ropes.

The two exchange blows, but it is put to a stop when Valkyria beats Kai with a Nightwish.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria via pinfall

King of The Ring Round One: Sheamus vs. Gunther

To end the night off, we have a clash of two titans, two rivals. ‘The Celtic Warrior’ faces off against ‘The Ring General.’

The battle opens with the two in a clinch. The two exchange many thunder-sounding chops, leading to a slam on Gunther and a big boot by Gunther.

‘The Ring General’ uses Sheamus’ move on himself, the Celtic chops. Gunther has control momentarily until he counters with a back-body drop.

In the ring, Gunther is in the driver’s seat again. He starts working on Sheamus’s repaired neck. We can later see the imprint of Gunther’s hand on the back of Sheamus.

‘The Celtic Warrior’ hits the former WWE Intercontinental Champion with white noise, but it isn’t enough to put him away.

In revenge, Sheamus hits Gunther with 17 beats to the body. Ludwig Kaiser then interrupted the match, causing injury to Sheamus’ knee, similar to Xavier Woods last week. Kaiser is then ejected.

Sheamus refused to end the match by DQ, but this led to Gunther having him in a leg lock.

Gunther continuously tortures the knee but is met with a clothesline by Sheamus and a knee to the dome.


Sheamus goes for a brogue kick, but his knee gives out once more. He gets powerbombed and put into another leg submission, but it’s unsuccessful.

Brogue Knee, Brogue Kick. Sheamus takes too long for the pin, and Gunther escapes.

‘The Ring General’ turns Sheamus around and finally finishes the fight with another submission attempt. ‘The Celtic Warrior’ taps.

Winner: Gunther via submission

Tonight’s show was just a banger—after banger, after banger. It was a beautiful night of fights, and it made you want more. I can’t wait for what’s next in store in the coming matches.

See you next time.

TOP PHOTO: Sheamus punishing Gunther. Photo: WWE

The night overall was amazing. Good opening match filled with one great mid card battle and an amazing main event. There were a few matches that weren't the best, but it's nothing to complain about.