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Bianca Belair vs. Tiffany Stratton – Quarterfinals in the Queen of the Ring Tournament 

Oop, girl. At the beginning of the match, Bianca’s strength is displayed in ways that seem like she’s pissed as she shoves Stratton in the corner twice, nearly getting disqualified. Tiffany fights back with a harsh right hand plus yanking Belair by her ponytail.

The EST retaliates with two powerful takedowns. Later on, Stratton regains control over this match by kicking Belair in the gut during a showing of athleticism. Bianca delivers a gut buster plus a Moonsault that almost ended this.

Stratton tries to utilized Belair’s braid the first time, but she was unsuccessful. She tries again the second time, and manages to get Bianca’s knee caught between the ropes, taking the opportunity of her slight injury from last week.

Tiffany viciously shoves Bianca’s knee against the stairs as she screams in pain. Stratton continues to exploit her opponent’s weak spot. Belair fights through the agony as she forces Tiffy to collide face first with the post.

Powerbomb from Belair didn’t put Stratton away like she hoped. That thunderous thud against Stratton’s chest has her teetering as Bianca lifts her up for the KOD that eventually fails.

Even after Bianca hurdled Stratton in the air, then ploughs her down, it wasn’t enough to put her challenger away. So, Tiffany utilizes her sneaky skills by grabbing hold of the ring banner, so the official would be compelled to put it back. Stratton uses this to scratch Belair’s eyes, then attacks that knee followed by a massive clothesline that should have concluded this match in her favor as she thought… but no. Ha!

The look on her face. Ha! Belair shoves Stratton from the top turnbuckle as she tries to perform the Prettiest Moonsault. The EST has Tiffy on her shoulder for a victorious KOD in order to advance.

Winner: Bianca Belair

As LA Knight exits Nick Aldis’ office, he bumps into the unfortunate US Champion Logan Paul as they stare daggers. An interesting angle that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

Commentary was speaking controversy that could take place between Belair and Cargill just like it happened between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio when they were reigning Tag Team Champions. I thought that the same might occur with our Women’s Tag Team Champions. I’m only hoping that if this is made official, that it won’t dampen their relationship as title holders. We’ve just started.

As we prepare for the next match in our Tournament, The Bloodline’s Tama Tonga is seen snarling like some venomous animal prior to being told by Solo Sikoa that it’s time to go. I felt like mentioning this because the man isn’t human… That’s the point.

Elsewhere, Carmelo Hayes and LA Knight collide in a dispute over whether or not Hayes’ first Draft spot is relevant as we also dive into his upcoming opponent in Randy Orton. “Go play somewhere because I’m busy,” said LA Knight. Ha!

Tama Tonga vs. LA Knight – Quarterfinals in the King of the Ring Tournament 

Tama charges at LA Knight, but he misses as the Megastar delivers a couple of well-placed jabs to the jaw. Tonga retaliates with a sleeper hold that came close to knocking LA Knight out, yet he manages to sling Tama over his shoulder and onto the mat.

Tama nearly removed LA Knight’s head with that massive clothesline. The Megastar returns fire with one of his own. A body back drop from Knight thwarts Tama’s efforts.

Things were going too well for LA Knight, so of course, the Bloodline attempts to interfere long enough for Tama to get back to his feet and body splash Knight in the corner. Tonga pushes Knight against the post, then a clothesline from the stairs.

Ever since the previous attack, Tama Tonga has been in control, blundering the living hell out of his challenger. However, he hilariously misses with a splash from the top of the ring. LA Knight moved out of the way in time.

The Megastar inflicts more pain by banging Tama’s head with the apron. LA Knight was doing great, he was lining Tama up for a BFT. Tonga Loa notices that, so he helps his brother by grabbing hold of his ankles and drags him out. Because of this, Knight shoots a double kick to Loa.

Instead of going back inside the ring after disposing of his opponent’s brother, LA Knight bumps heads with Solo Sikoa, provoking him to slap his face. Once he does return to his match, Tama delivers a conclusive face plant. Oop…

Winner: Tama Tonga

Up next we have the Champion versus Champion contract signing for the upcoming King & Queen of the Ring premium live event. Despite the fact that Logan calls Cody’s need to remanence one of the greatest War Games matches that took place 32 years ago in 1992, the Stingers Squadron versus the Dangerous Alliance, a waste of time, it introduces a very important point to the table being that Rhodes is a professional wrestling fan while Paul is simply passing through to reach whatever nonexistent fame he so obsessively desires.

A tourist is how Cody described his opponent. You can drop your US title at the gate before you leave, thank you, but never come again. Logan whines that he came here to sign a contract, not listen to Cody’s voice. So… SIGN IT THEN. You’re also stalling. To my amazement, he rips the contract stating that he agreed to wrestle Cody for the Undisputed Championship ONLY. His title shouldn’t be on the line according to him.

Am I suppose to feel bad for you? Anyway, Logan brought in his lawyer with a contract that they constructed knowing Aldis might pull a fast one. Logan is so entitled that he forces Nick to “do his job and get Cody to sign the contract” despite it not being the correct one.

The foolishness of this man is poison to the eyes. Nick is a no-nonsense type of guy. “You know what, Logan? I’ve had just about enough of you and your broccoli-head entourage,” Ha! Ha! Ha! Given how Cody knows how angry Nick can get, he decides to release Aldis from this ongoing torment, so he could do it for him.

Logan believes that Rhodes hasn’t done anything to deserve a shot at his title, hence the self-righteous contract they drew up in secret when they thought no one was looking. In order to shut this man’s mouth up, Cody reads him for filth, yet he signs the contract. Let’s not forget that powerslam to one of the broccoli-heads. Ha!

Nia Jax vs. Jade Cargill – Quarterfinals in the Queen of the Ring Tournament 

When Corey Graves says that Nia doesn’t buy into the Jade Cargill hype train, she does not as she delivers a harsh punch to Cargill’s chest, knocking her down to the mat. And again. But Jade fights back with a powerslam. Jax imposes more of her will as she throws Cargill’s body near the barricades closes to her daughter.

Dear God… Jax didn’t give a damn. “Your mom sucks!” She said. Wow… The last time I saw wrestlers interact with someone’s family was with the Mysterios. Oof. Cargill’s daughter started cheering once her mom had some leeway.

Face first against the announcement desk goes Nia until she returns fire by side-stepping, so Jade’s face bumps into the post. Jax wants this win no matter what, so she was prepared to get herself nearly disqualified as she and Cargill ignore the warnings of the official. Jax kept throwing chairs and other things around.

She went to hit Cargill with a steel chair, Jade stops her and makes the biggest mistake by hitting Jax with the furniture resulting in a premature ending for her. She was rightfully pissed regardless of how this actually started. Because of this, they begin to brawl outside the ring.

Oh, never mind…

Winner by disqualification: Nia Jax 

DIY vs. Humberto & Angel – Tag Team match

Humberto and Johnny start this match off as they attempt to get a grasp over the other. Humberto creates a form of separation as he becomes the more dominant of the two in the early goings. DIY finally get their footing as they double team on Humberto.

Gargano and Ciampa are doing so well thus far until Legado del Fantasma start to get their wind back as Tommaso slips onto the floor. By the way, the mystery surrounding those weird glitches we see on screen is still ongoing as one just flashed a moment ago.

Anyway, Legado del Fantasma performs a new move called the Garza Special that almost put Tommaso away. A power struggle between Humberto and Ciampa as to who will gain the upper hand at suplexing the other. Ciampa successfully achieves the intended goal.

Gargano is clearing up shop as he disposes of Angel and Humberto. Now, as he lines himself up at the top, Santos Escobar distracted the referee as Elektra trips Johnny off. Luckily, the official saw that and sent them away. Ha! Ha!

DIY take advantage with a winning Meet me in the Middle.

Winners: DIY

Commentary mentions that this past Monday, there was another glitch displaying a QR code that resulted in the reveal of a blonde women with glasses talking to someone we don’t see like some kind of therapy session. I wonder who it is. My first guess is Alexa Bliss. Every time there’s a glitch, I’ll be giving my personal guess as to who they’re talking about. It could also be someone we haven’t met yet. Stay tuned.

Although they interrupted Bayley during an interview as to her preference in Cargill being her challenger, Piper and Chelsea’s manipulative ways encouraged the WWE Women’s Champion to issue a match for next week. They didn’t seem bothered. I think they wanted Bayley to think she had leverage over them. Chelsea’s eyes went so far back in her head just to confirm what I just said.

Next week in the semifinals of the King and Queen of the Ring Tournament, Bianca Belair and Nia Jax meet in the middle. On the men’s side of things, whoever wins between Hayes and Orton will face Tama Tonga.

Randy Orton vs. Carmelo Hayes – Quarterfinals in the King of the Ring Tournament

Hayes manages to force Orton to one knee, but that slap to the Viper’s head stunned everyone to remain perfectly still, otherwise, Randy might hit you by accident. Ha! The brutality that follows is just beautiful to watch. You’ve been warned, Carmelo. I wouldn’t want to be thrown around by this man simply by witnessing the hits.

Carmelo may have avoided disaster when Randy wanted to slam his body against the announce table, however, Orton sweeps him from behind as Hayes crashes on the desk. Ha! Randy slams Carmelo onto the table twice. Nice.

At some point during the match, Carmelo manages turn the tied in his favor as he toys with the Viper’s left knee back inside the ring. Hayes admires his handywork as he’s able to dodge Randy’s go-to powerslam. He grins fiendishly. Randy retaliates as he avoids Hayes’ incoming attack with a successful powerslam.

Since Hayes wasn’t able to capture a win after that First 48, he ventures to remove the wrapping around Randy’s injured knee. Orton fights back to prevent that from taking effect.

Randy spikes Carmelo with a vintage DDT. Hayes thought he had Orton pegged for a second, yet the Viper springs an RKO out of nowhere just as Carmelo was coming off the ropes. That awards him the win he needed.

Next week, he’ll be facing Tama Tonga in battle as I suppose he wanted. And as if on cue, the Bloodline make their presence known. Randy, on the other hand, isn’t intimidated as he reintroduces himself. He’s Randy fr*akin Orton. He’s a 14-time World Heavyweight Champion, and soon-to-be King of the Ring.

In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Randy will shove his foot directly into Tama’s ass. Good.

Winner: Randy Orton


TOP PHOTO: Randy Orton. Courtesy of WWE