GCW’s Blake Christian has increased his lead in A Block at NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament by defeating the second place Titan. Christian continues to be undefeated thus far.  Kevin Knight scored a win over El Desperado to move up into third place. In B Block action Kushida saw his undefeated streak end when Robbie Eagles pinned him with a Hyperion Strike. Taiji Ishimori also lost to Francesco Akira so Kushida and Ishimori are tied with 6 points each at the top of B Block.

Best of the Super Juniors Standings


Best of the Super Juniors A Block


Best of the Super Juniors Block B

Best of the Super Juniors – Night Five Results


B Block match: Sho versus Hiromu Takahashi 

Hiromu has Sho pinned with a Time Bomb but Yujiro Takahashi pulls the official out of the ring. Bushi runs down to the ring. Bushi throws Yujiro out of the ring and splashes him on the floor. Hiromu pins Sho with a Time Bomb 2.

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi 

A Block match: Kevin Knight versus El Desperado

Knight puts Desperado with his Spike DDT.

Winner: Kevin Knight

B Block match: Francesco Akira versus Taiji Ishimori

Akira pins Ishimori with a Fireball knee strike.

Winner: Francesco Akira

A Block match: Blake Christian versus Titan

Winner: Blake Christian

B Block match: Robbie Eagles versus KUSHIDA

Eagles scores a big win with his Hyperion Strike. Eagles is the only entrant to defeat Kushida in the tournament this year.

Winner: Robbie Eagles

A Block match: TJP versus BUSHI 

TJP uses the official as a step-up to deliver a Tornado DDT. He pins Bushi but the official is knocked out. TJP blocks Bushi spitting his mist. TJP spits his own but misses. Bushi tries again and successfully blinds TJP. Bushi pins him with the Bushi Roll.

Winner: BUSHI 

B Block match: DOUKI versus Ninja Mack

Mack is in the Douki Chokie. Mack does a headstand to get out of it but submits to the Valiant Stretch ’92.

Winner: DOUKI

A Block match: Yoshinobu Kanemaru versus HAYATA

Kanemaru shoves the official into Hayata. Kanemaru takes a swig from his whiskey bottle. He spits the whiskey but misses. Hayata kicks Kanemaru in the “lower abdomen” after blocking Kanemaru’s kick aimed at the same place. He pins him with his 403 finisher.

Winner: HAYATA

B Block match: Dragon Dia versus Drilla Moloney 

After a slow start Moloney is racking up the wins. He pins Dia with his Drilla Killer piledriver. Moloney could really be NJPW’s newest breakout star.

Winner: Drilla Moloney 

A Block match: Kosei Fujita versus Clark Connors

Fujita makes Connors submit.

Winner: Kosei Fujita