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Brett Ryan Gosselin vs. Jake Crist

Jake Crist explodes in the early goings with two drop kicks plus a suicide dive, shoving Gosselin to the main floor. At the end of this, I’m simply hoping that Brett doesn’t win as he takes over this match by kicking Crist as he leaped from the sky.

Brett uses the ropes to sling Crist’s body viciously against it. Unfortunately, Jake is on the receiving end of Gosselin’s onslaught. Later on, Jake catches Brett with short jabs and a massive clothesline.

Crist manages to sneak a victory with a backslide pin that angers Brett so much that he attacks Crist after the bell rang. Gosselin didn’t give a damn. I’m just happy he didn’t win like I hoped he would.

Winner: Jake Crist

Aside from the ones I’ve already mentioned, more wrestlers have been confirmed for the upcoming Battle Riot VI such as: Mads Krugger, Timothy Thatcher, and Paul Walter Hauser.

Akira vs. Bobby Fish

Here we have the kickboxing background of Bobby Fish versus the catch wrestling techniques of Akira going toe-to-toe. Fish delivers a harsh kick to the abdomen of Akira, nearly pinning his opponent with a lateral press.

Akira makes a comeback by twisting Fish’s leg using the ropes. He flies from the top and performs a thunderous forearm to the forehead of Bobby. He was doing just fine, till Fish trips him off the apron as Akira lands harshly on the floor. Bobby is looking for a count out win, yet Akira returns inside the ring.

This is hard to see, but Akira is momentarily on the receiving end of Bobby’s assault. However, he traps Bobby’s leg with the ropes. Things turn around again as Bobby attempts to submit Akira by grabbing his ankle.

Akira manages to escape by taking hold of the bottom rope. He fights back with two overhead suplexes, yet Bobby retaliates by slinging him into the turnbuckles, where he hits his head. That wasn’t enough to end this match.

Akira lands a roundhouse kick followed by a winning Death Penalty maneuver. Akira wanted to show some sportsmanship, but Bobby wasn’t having it. Middle finger in the air.

Winner: Akira

Alex Kane vs. ?

Kane made an open challenge for anyone to come fight him. What he didn’t expect was AJ Francis’ in-television appearance tonight. He wanted to inform Kane that A-Game wants to take on the “old” captain of the Bomaye Fight Club. Apparently, A-Game was a former member of BFC. Naturally, Kane takes the fight to him as he’s making his entrance.

Kane is dragging A-Game’s body for filth the majority of this match. Alex is so pissed that he doesn’t let go A-Game as he chokes him so hard that he passes out quick. Wow. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Following the conclusion of this match, a tiff between Mister Saint Laurent and Mr. Thomas erupts. He even shoves Laurent inside the ring, so he and Kane could beat him up. I find it funny that Laurent tried to bribe them with money. Ha! He was scared out of his mind.

Despite all this going on, AJ Francis challenges Kane at Battle Riot in Ritual Combat for the throne of Bomaye. The submission assassin accepts.

Winner: Alex Kane

Mads Krule Krugger vs. Mathew Justice – Falls Count Anywhere match

As Mathew makes his entrance, he came swinging a baseball bat covered in bared wire as he attacks the CONTRA soldiers. Mads sees this, so he decides to perform a highly effective suicide dive while his men retrained Mathew. Krugger continues by choke slamming Justice against the apron.

Mathew returns fire as he dives into Mads on the outside. He stays on Krugger as he ploughs through him with pieces of wood. We knew this match was going to be violent. Mathew kept hitting Mads’ temple resulting in a bit of blood showing from the impact.

Krugger regains his form as he punches through an incoming wood attack from Justice nearly knocking him out. Mathew sidesteps as Mads crashes into more wood staged in the corner of the ring.

If you thought the beginning of this match was crazy, you haven’t seen what happened next. We don’t know what those metallic objects were, but Mathew uses them to puncture Mads’ chest and head, forcing it to bleed. Krugger’s head was streaming more blood than I’ve seen in a while.

The insane part is that he remained on his feet like nothing just hit him. Inhuman behavior is the least explanatory words you could use to describe him right now. A choke slam to Mathew stops him still. Blood is still leaking like water would on someone’s body. My God… my teeth were grinning disturbingly.

Mads dragged Mathew’s body like hell into the audience area. Who cares about all that. Ha! Ha! The people loved it. The best the officials could do is ask the fans to move over because no one can stop these men.

Justice almost sent Mads flying from a high level into a table, but Krugger elbows him in the face and throws him like human waste as he crashes into that table on the main floor near the fans. Holy… The commentary table was stumped.

Mads covers Mathew for the three count. My God… Even though the fight was over, CONTRA Unit wanted to put Mathew in a body bag, but Justice had a relentless spirit raging in him as he enters a six-on-one situation. He places Mads on another table and flattens him silly.

Ding. Ding. Ding. Who cares? The brawl continues all the way to the back somewhere I don’t know of. The stairs. Also, I thought this reveal would surprise me, shock me, but it didn’t. Janai Kai has been helping CONTRA from behind the scenes. It makes sense to if I’m being honest. This should have been revealed sooner.

I guess that’s confirmation that she’s no longer part of Promociones Dorado. Hmm.

Winner: Mads Krugger 

Delmi Exo vs. Janai Kai (c) vs. Miyu Yamashita vs. Zayda – Fatal 4-Way for the Featherweight Championship match

This is the match I was waiting for, and I’m so excited to witness it at last. Despite the fact that the fans are behind Delmi, I personally want Kai to retain. We’ll have to see. Janai kicks both Zayda and Delmi, then attempts to do the same to Miyu, but her legs gets caught as all three women pounce on the Champion.

Once Janai is temporarily disposed of, Zayda tries to steal one by rolling Miyu for a near fall. She looks to prove herself as she dodges Yamashita’s swing and suicide dives after Kai. We suspect the damage has been done to both women as we focus our attention to Miyu and Delmi inside the ring.

While Exo ventures to hoist Miyu for the Delmi Driver, she counters with a kick to the back of her opponent’s spine. Janai and Zayda return to the ring. I’m not sure why, but Zayda and Kai were working together to neutralize their challengers. Despite the fact that alliances will happen, this one is a HUGE what??

Zayda kept trying to get on Janai’s good side, so I’m glad that didn’t take place for too long because even momentary alliances get on my nerves. Kai toys with Zayda so much so it was funny to watch. Janai truly is the embodiment of brutality that this women’s division so desperately needed. I’m glad Kai hasn’t slowed down since debuting in October last year.

Miyu comes back in as she wants a piece of Zayda as the champ and Yamashita gang up on the Federette. That until they start trash talking amongst each other. They may not have forgotten about Zayda, but they did when it comes to Delmi. Ha! This girl has been absent for most of this match.

Strike for strike between Miyu and Janai in the middle of ring. Delmi is perched on top, waiting for an opportunity to jump them. Now, here comes Exo with a double drop kick. Her attention turns toward Zayda. She wanted to perform the Delmi Driver, but Miyu kicked her in the back of her head. Then Janai came and knocked Yamashita out, too.

Janai cinches a double Demon Clutch on Miyu and Zayda. Yamashita tries to block Zayda from tapping, yet she couldn’t take it anymore, so she tapped. Ha!

Winner: Janai Kai 

I don’t know what kind of silliness is going on back there, but Saint Laurent stole Satoshi Kojima’s Heavyweight Championship for some reason. Kojima seeks him out and retrieves his title back, but not without stomping Laurent’s head in first. Ha!

Matt Riddle vs. Sami Callihan

While Riddle greets the fans as he always does before a match, just as he turns a corner, he manages to dodge Sami, who was hiding behind the ring waiting for Matt to come by. A brawl takes place on the main floor. Callihan attacked Riddle with a chair plus the guardrails.

Eww. I’m so happy that Riddle dodged that saliva dripping hand of Callihan, otherwise, this would have been even more gross than it already was. Riddle came at him with multiple kicks to the gut, yet Callihan strikes back by scratching Matt’s eyes.

The match hasn’t officially started as he swings Matt inside the ring. Sami grabs one of his favorite weapons, paper, as he uses it to slice between Riddle’s fingers. Ouch. I’ve suffered that, too, but it’s been a while. Thank God. Callihan does the same to Riddle’s bare feet.

That may have hurt him, but it didn’t stop him from striking Sami with his knee for a near fall. So damn close. Later on, Sami drops Matt on the apron. He hopes for a count out win here. Since he didn’t get it, Sami delivers a Cactus Driver on the outside.

I was left stunned for three minutes because I witnessed Sami’s spit. AGAIN.

Anyway, Sami removed the floor covering to inflict more pain. Luckily, Matt fights back with his striking knee to Callihan’s jaw. Both men beat the referee count.

Following this, the most dramatic thing happened. Just as Matt went for the Cutter, Sami shoves the referee in front of him, so Riddle accidently spikes the official. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, poor man. Fortunately, Sami wasn’t able to pin Matt with that Cactus Driver.

Once again, I was stunned for a bit witnessing Callihan biting Matt’s big toe… Nasty. Regardless of that, they didn’t beat the count the second time because the levels of animosity were too high to restrain it in a rules match. Riddle speeds after Sami to the back of the stage.

Winner: No one 

After Salina was taken prisoner at Azteca Lucha, the new National Openweight Champion Bad Dude Tito comes looking for Cesar Duran while bulldozing the Azteca henchmen. Duran was scared of Tito’s arrival, but he warns him to leave because Bad Dude is the one in a more dangerous position than he realizes.

As Battle Riot VI looms over, it was just announced that CONTRA Unit will be unveiling a new member to the ranks on June 1.

Satoshi Kojima (c) vs. 1 Called Manders – MLW Heavyweight Championship match

A handshake to begin this fight is a good way to start after the nonsense that went on prior to this. Kojima is looking to tackle Manders multiple times, but his opponent never buckled. Satoshi encourages Manders to take a swing, and he ploughs through the champ the first time.

The fight overflows outside for a little while as Manders continues to hammer down on Kojima’s wounded knee. Satoshi fights back, yet Manders throws the champ over his shoulders with ease.

The tied changes as Satoshi delivers his famous chops almost non-stop with Manders in the corner. A chop fest ensues. The discoloration begins to show on both their chests. While Manders prepares to topple Satoshi, the champ takes that opening to deliver a clothesline tipping Manders overboard.

Later on, Manders nearly pins Satoshi with a surprise Lariat clothesline and the Doctor Bomb. The champ and Manders almost pinned each other with those massive Lariat clotheslines. They were too damn close.

A second and final Lariat wins this bout in Satoshi Kojima’s favor. However, good on you, Manders. You did well. This match was entertaining to watch, but CONTRA Unit just had to ruin things by invading the ring again.

That wasn’t all, folks. Bad Dude Tito, Akira, Brett Ryan Gosselin, Jake Crist, Sami Callihan, Mr. Thomas, Matt Riddle, Alex Kane, and Josh Bishop were out here fighting as well as if CONTRA poisoned them all to get the last word before Battle Riot.

Winner: Satoshi Kojima 


TOP PHOTO: CONTRA Unit decimating Kojima, Manders, and Okumura. Courtesy MLW