In an interview with TV Insider, Tony Khan refused to answer a question about the current status of commentator Kevin Kelly.

“I prefer not to comment on that but I appreciate you asking,” Khan responded.

Kelly was removed from AEW’s official roster after he spoke publicly about a dispute he had with RoH commentator Ian Riccaboni. Kelly maintains that Riccaboni libeled him in his comments on Discord about the film Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel.

“When you go out of your way to intentionally mischaracterize my raising awareness of the global horrors of child trafficking to a fringe conspiracy theory that everyone knows is bulls–t in order to hurt my career and standing in the industry, that at the very least is libelous,” Kelly wrote on X.

Khan was also asked about Darby Allin’s infamous spot on the AEW Revolution pay-per-view. In Sting’s retirement match Allin leapt off a ladder and went through a sheet of glass between two steel chairs. There was nothing to break Allin’s fall but the arena floor and glass flew into the audience at ringside. The stunt has been criticized by some media and wrestling fans as being impossible to pull off safely so AEW should never have permitted it as it endangered their talent (Allin) and fans too.

Khan was asked by reporter : “There was concern about Darby Allin’s big spot through the glass at Revolution. What is the line between talent with what they want to do, and what you’ll allow them to do? How do you look at risky moves such as that one?”

Khan responded by saying:

“It has to be something safe. Whenever a wrestler comes in and wants to try something, especially dangerous, I just want to know that there is a safe way to do it. Darby Allin, every time he has ever had an idea for a wild high spot or a crazy move, he has had a rationale and plan. Darby doesn’t take these things lightly. Nobody would have attempted the amount of crazy, wild, death-defying stunts Darby has done in his tenure and made it this far unless they are a methodical, organized planner. In Darby’s case, he is fanatical about finding a way to pull off the impossible and do these incredible, seemingly death-defying stunts. He always finds a safe way to pull them off. He always has a rationale for why he is able to do it. That’s what impresses me, the way Darby plans his matches and his biggest moves.”