A new era of NXT forcefully arrived after the WWE Draft with top staples such as Carmelo Hayes, Bron Breakker, Ilja Dragunov, and Lyra Valkyria sent to RAW and Smackdown. But holding down the fort is new NXT Champion Trick Williams, who defeated Dragunov last week in a moment that actually shook the Performance Center.

Williams opened the show, showered in “whoop that trick” and “you deserve it” chants. He thanked Dragunov for helping boost NXT and his own career before ushering in the “Whoop That” era. Meta-Four’s Lash Legend interrupted to celebrate too, trading flirtatious bars with the champion, until presenting an envelope. “Enjoy it now,” she said. “Because soon, it’s gonna come all crashing down.”

An Arianna Grace and Gigi Dolin vignette switched between a restaurant etiquette tutorial and a Spring Breakin’ hype package. Dolin chugged her water better than her narration of tonight’s card.

Oba Femi (c) vs Ivar – North American Championship

Femi stares down Williams at ringside, and the future of the Performance Center might actually be developmental for once. Ivar explodes with his uncanny agility, splashing Femi through the barricade before picture-in-picture. He connects with a top-rope senton to the outside and stifles Femi’s offense like no other opponent has. Ivar scores with a Moonsault, but the champion recuperates with an Electric Chair and Pop-Up Powerbomb for the victory in a very solid hoss fight.

Winner: Oba Femi


Orlando pops big for the return of Wes Lee, arguably the best champion in the lineage. The current champion stands his ground, and Lee soaks it in for Booker T’s “shucky ducky quack quack” moment of the show.

Thea Hail vs Jacy Jayne

“Welcome back” chants drown out Chase University’s backstage segment where Hail convinces Fallon Henley to accompany her through the crowd. Jayne is backed by Jazmyn Nyx, an ensemble member of this Chase U saga that culminates tonight. Commentary ponders the morality of both Chase and Jayne after break, and meanwhile the latter catches a nice mid-air neckbreaker. The competitors trade strikes, Henley sacrifices herself on Nyx’s kick, and Hail capitalizes with a Kimura Lock for the submission win.

Winner: Thea Hail


Chase, Duke Hudson and Riley Osborne hoist their star pupil up in victory before Henley floors Hail with a right hand. Henley walks past a bloodied Jayne as her own woman for now.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe

Dupont and Igwe’s vignette showcases their collegiate shot put backgrounds and community involvement, but they can’t get a proper entrance in for their TV debut. They utilize their size against Anderson until “Big LG” evens the scale, and Dupont makes a comeback with contrasting intensity. But a Spinebuster from Anderson and a subsequent Magic Killer puts the newcomers away in another nonchalant display of coasting for the veterans.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson


A recap video for the WWE Draft shuffles through the NXT call-ups, and unlike previous years, it’s a shift to be confident in. Performance Center coaches such as William Regal and Robbie Brookside share their proud thoughts, and the latter says, “The future of WWE has never been better.”

NXT General Manager Ava declares a ladder match at Battleground for the Women’s North American Championship. Potential competitors step in to stake their claim: Jaida Parker, Sol Ruca, Arianna Grace, and Smackdown’s Michin. A brawl erupts, and about a dozen more women start scrapping over gold before next week’s lengthy selection process: a combine of 12 winners, a set of six matches, and six participants advancing to the Apex Center in Las Vegas.

NXT Tag Team Champions Axiom and Nathan Frazer are met by The Street Profits, who forewarn a beating from Authors of Pain. “Never slow down,” says Montez Ford in wise words of wisdom.

Shawn Spears vs Ridge Holland

Spears’ staredown with Holland before picture-in-picture symbolizes the excitement, or lack thereof, of this match between two wrestlers exuding indifference. A QR code flashes, leading to an ominous video that reads, “They were broken. I didn’t fix them. I accepted them. They opened the door.” Meanwhile, Holland gets the clean win with The Redeemer DDT after hulking up with a standard strongman comeback.

Winner: Ridge Holland


NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez blames Ava for not being drafted even though champions were locked to their respective brands. Afterwards, Josh Briggs thanks Ivar for softening Oba Femi up when Wes Lee steps into the title picture. He offers to beat Briggs to contend, who threatens to “see if that back is really healed or not.”

Paul Ellering speaks for The Final Testament: “You are all living on borrowed time… We are coming for all the titles. You saw what we did Friday. That was just the beginning!”

Suspiciously for a crime boss, the D’Angelo Family’s car-ride conversation is filmed in multiple angles. Tony D’Angelo instructs Stacks to gather footage of Heritage Cup Champion Charlie Dempsey, who is promised to pay up one way or another.

Authors of Pain vs Axiom and Nathan Frazer (c) – NXT Tag Team Championships

The champions’ inhuman speed is quickly suffocated by big Akam and Rezar, who really do have frightening presence. They destroy Axiom through picture-in-picture, and Akam halts Frazer’s comeback by weaponizing the champion’s body. Scarlett saves Rezar from a Spanish Fly but is thereafter ejected alongside Karrion Kross and Paul Ellering. With the referee distracted, New Catch Republic jumps in and allows Axiom to capitalize with a roll-up to retain.

Winners: Axiom and Nathan Frazer


Thea Hail sobs over being betrayed once again, and Andre Chase leaves to congratulate Ridge Holland. Afterwards, Meta-Four is interviewed in the parking lot, and Noam Dar invites Trick Williams to Supernova Sessions to reveal what’s in the envelope. Fallon Henley follows, telling Kehlani Jordan that it’s time to put herself first.

Edris Enofe copes with breaking a mirror, and Malik Blade insists that he’s cooked. Brinley Reece cheers them up with black cats, adding to Enofe’s worries of bad luck. “I hate to say it, man… Enofe and Blade about to get fired,” Booker T comments.

Lola Vice vs Natalya – NXT Underground Match

The competitors have trained throughout the night, with Vice alongside Shayna Baszler being much more foreboding than late-career Natalya and Karmen Petrovich. Natalya spears Vice into the ringside crowd, closely spectating the no-rope ring. The latter recuperates with MMA-influenced striking, returning the favor into the crowd before picture-in-picture. She sweeps Natalya atop the announce table and clinches an arm triangle in-ring that transitions into a Guillotine. Natalya slams her opponent ringside and locks in a ringpost Figure Four that’s broken by the cornerwomen. She applies the Sharpshooter as Baszler chokes out Petrovich, which foolishly distracts her enough for Vice to win with a ground-and-pound knockout.

Winner: Lola Vice


Roxanne Perez watches in Ava’s office, complaining about a title defense set for next week against Chelsea Green. “I think I’m gonna love it here,” Green says.


NXT Spring Breakin' 2024 Week Two

Orlando, FL

Natalya looked extremely out of place in the Underground Rules match, where MMA-trained Vice needed an out to defeat her. The influx of WWE mainstays to NXT has been a mixed bag, ranging from a driven Ivar to the not-so Good Brothers. NXT is luckily back to having an exciting core of developmental talent, but the weekly shows are often held back by aging veterans.