Former WWE superstar The Great Khali is receiving criticism after sharing a video on his Instagram account.

In the video The Great Khali is sitting beside Jyoti Amge, 30, who has been identified as the world’s shortest woman due to growth disorder known as achondroplasia. People with that condition have a protein which functions abnormally and slows down growth. Amge is 62.8 centimeters tall (approximately 2 feet) tall. Khali is 2.16 meters tall (approximately 7 feet tall).

Khali breaks the scene by lifting Amge up. He hoists her and flies her around with one hand while she laughs. Afterwards, Amge says she feels “nice” but then says she is “scared” when Khali does it once again in another video he posted.


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The video has received 92 million views and over two million likes on Khali’s Instagram account.

Khali captioned the video: This video makes her The Great Khali Dhaba.

Reaction to the video and Khali’s handling of Amge have been mixed. Some see it as harmless fun while others believe it is demeaning to Amge.

One person wrote: Put that grown woman down and stop making a spectacle of her.

Another wrote: That’s rude…she is a adult! Why is he picking her up? Isn’t this woman an adult?

Another user commented: She’s a woman, respect her.

A Instagram follower also wrote: She is a person why treat her like your toy?

Someone else wrote she was having fun while another commented: As seen clearly, she’s voluntarily enjoying it. It’s a video made for fun between the largest & the smallest Indian. There’s no breach of consent. How many times have you seen Khali sharing a screen space with women & behave like this?