Adam Copeland considers his Smackdown match in Toronto against Sheamus in August to be the end of the Edge persona, character.

“Honestly, that Toronto show was a send-off of that character and it was the perfect way for that character to go out. Wrestling a guy that I’ve never wrestled that I always wanted to. It was just so much fun in there. That night, I’ll never forget it. I’ll always have that night with me. I told Sheamus that too. That will be one of the most special nights in my career, always,” he told CBS Sports.

In the interview Edge disclosed that one of the reasons he took the deal with AEW is because the WWE didn’t have any long-term angles for him. He was just floating around near the end of his last run.

“I kind of got the sense there wasn’t really a plan [for me in WWE]. I get it because what else do we do? What else is there to do? And after 25 years I’ve literally done everything there. So what do we do? It wasn’t anybody’s fault. I was coming up against creative walls too. I was having a hard time coming up with ideas and that’s not usually the case. I think they were too,” he said.

The other big draw was working with his close friend and tag team partner Christian (Jay Russo) again and possibly ending his career with him. His daughters and wife encouraged him to go be with “Uncle Jay” again.

“I really thought that working with Jay again was what I wanted to do and how I pictured it in a perfect world. Beth (Phoenix) said, ‘What’s your perfect world? ‘I was like, ‘My perfect world is that I end my career with Jay.’ So suddenly that perfect world looked like it could be there. It’s tough to pass that up,” he said.