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Welcome to the Grayson Waller Effect as we invite the Hall of Famer and the new US Champion Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar.

Since Austin Theory doesn’t have the Championship anymore, life is better for the LWO. Theory’s hold on the title has finally broken for the greater good. Ha!

The annoying thing is the one insinuation that I was hoping wouldn’t make its way to our ears did. Waller tried to create tension where there wasn’t any between Escobar and Mysterio by saying that Rey stole Santos’ moment, when we all know that he would have face the past champ if Theory didn’t dislocate his opponent’s leg hard enough to prevent him from competing.

Theory stole his moment, yet I know why Waller is doing what his doing. Drama is a key part of entertainment. Sadly, people procure it in uninventive, boorish ways.

I don’t know why Waller sounded like he’s the upset one as he rants that Rey never wanted to pass down the torch to Escobar since he still loved the fame. Why was he yelling? Ha! Santos isn’t mad at all, whilst Grayson is, which is weird.

The atmosphere takes a different turn once Theory shows up demanding that Adam Pearce hands back his title. LA Knight, however, doesn’t see it that way. So he suggests that Theory and himself compete for a title shot instead.

LA Knight vs. Austin Theory – US Championship No#1 Contender’s match

According to Michael Cole, The Miz told them on Monday that he might show up to Knight’s place of work because he arrived on RAW to talk to Miz. I Know Miz is jealous.

The bell rings and Austin lunges after Knight in quick force. Knight manages to retaliate with a brutal clothesline followed by a suplex then an elbow drop right on Theory’s chest.

Knight kept bouncing Theory’s head against the announcement table like some bouncy ball just as Miz continues to rage. He called Knight a “human catchphrase” with the Yeah movement from the audience.

That distracted LA Knight for a bit as he receives a boot to the face. He counters by shoving Austin into Miz. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Knight has Theory scouted as he catches him mid-air during a rolling drop kick attempt and plants him on his back. He even delivers a running knee in the corner of the ring.

Theory retaliates with a ringing right hand to Knight’s jaw that left me wincing at the sound. Austin was looking for A-Town Down, yet Knight reverses into a powerbomb.

Miz may have distracted Knight again, but he managed to deliver a beautiful DDT to Theory. Unfortunately, he didn’t keep his eye on the assignment which that’s Austin. Instead, Knight went after The Miz. Once he came back, Theory quickly rolled him up and won.


Winner: Austin Theory

Given how tonight is Edge’s 25th anniversary at WWE, the fans aren’t the only ones celebrating. Superstars like John Cena, Sheamus, Natalya, The Miz, Charlotte Flair, and Sami Zayn along with many others shared their appreciation for the Rated R Superstar’s journey, personality, charismas and talents.

Thank you, Edge!

Charlotte Flair & Bianca Belair vs. Iyo Sky & Bayley – Tag Team match

Bayley and Bianca start this match off as Bayley tries to get ahold of Belair’s leg as she continues to dodge. Belair has a gut wrench lock on Bayley as she slams her body on the mat.

Flair is tagged in reluctantly by Belair as she goes to work on Bayley, colliding her head against the turnbuckle.

Finally, Bayley gets her foot in on this match as she drags Flair down by her hair before tagging Iyo. The champ inflicts a chop to the queen’s chest prior to getting her ass blasted away by Charlotte.

After that choke hold in the center of the ring by Bayley to Charlotte, she has the upper hand. She even yanks Flair off the top, so she could crash on the mat.

Iyo turns things further in their favor with a Crossface submission hold on Charlotte. Sky looks to muscle the queen up, but she couldn’t since she got dropped on her backside as Charlotte attempts to tag Bianca breathlessly. She doesn’t make it, and Iyo knocks Belair off the apron.

Flair manages to tag Belair, and she comes out like a bull towards Iyo. Knocking her ass down real quick. Ha! Bayley tries to help Iyo who’s stuck in the corner, but she misses as she collides with her teammate’s gut since Bianca did a backflip to avoid an attack.

Bianca was on fire as she delivers a back breaker to Bayley then a spine buster to Iyo. Unfortunately, the champ torts Belair’s efforts by destabilizing her knee.

Belair pushes them off with a double neck breaker as she struggles to tag Flair and makes it.

Iyo may have missed with a Moonsault, but she rocked Flair with a Shotai uppercut. However, Sky misses with a body ram and lands shoulder first against the post. Also, Bayley foolishly tried to replicate the Figure 8 on Flair, but failed miserably.

Charlotte delivers a quick big boot to create space between she and Bayley, so Bianca could perform a winning KOD.

Although, they won, that was the problem. During an interview backstage, Bianca’s leg gets even more distorted.

Winners: Bianca Belair & Charlotte Flair

The O.C. vs. The Street Profits – Tag Team match

As soon as the bell rings, Montez speeds his ways towards Luke Gallows, taking the fight to him. But Gallows swiftly shoves him with a boot to the shoulder.

Anderson and Gallows play a double team against Ford as they keep him in their corner as they drain him out.

That momentum is abruptly taken from under the brothers’ feet as Dawkins and Ford rain more aggression on Anderson. Their team up with Bobby Lashley a few months ago has encouraged them to focus rather than… well, be silly in the ring. Their newfound focus is well received by Corey Graves.

The O.C. picks up some pace as Anderson delivers a spine buster to Ford after the brutality he suffered earlier.

Never mind all that supposed momentum once the Profits get back in this. Dawkins blocks a second attempt at the Magic Killer by The O.C. Ford sends Gallows packing with a massive clothesline. Gallows isn’t aware of the tag made between his opponents that the Profits win with a combination of a powerbomb and a neck breaker finish.

The All Mighty Bobby Lashley joins them in their victory, raising their hands high.

Winners: The Street Profits

The end of The Bloodline. The long-awaited, exhilarating, crucial end of a toxic union. Regardless of that, I’m glad they added this storyline to SmackDown because of how much people can relate to it on multiple levels. I get mad, sad, surprised, confused, alarmed and intrigued at the same time by how magnetic it gets.

I’m not entirely sure how the deserving conclusion of The Bloodline will be, but Paul Heyman informs us that Jimmy Uso will be here live next week, but he doesn’t reveal the source of who told him as Kayla Braxton asked him. I wonder why?

Edge vs. Sheamus

This is it. Edge’s main event match against the Celtic warrior Sheamus on his 25th anniversary in Toronto. A place I’m born and raised in, yet I’m not there in person… Oh well.

Anyway, let’s enjoy this match. Exchanges of shoulder tackles starts this fight off on the right foot since the fans already seem to like it. Obviously it’s because of these amazing Superstars.

Sheamus puts Edge through an Irish Curse back breaker just as Kevin Patrick rehashes the question Sheamus asked Edge last week, if this was going to be a mistake on his part to challenge the Celtic warrior. It might not be, but we’ll wait and see.

Edge turns things around as he powerbombs Sheamus off the apron onto the main floor. Ouchy. He even spears Sheamus through the ropes and land in front of the commentary table.

Edge is in agony as Sheamus initiates the Cloverleaf submission tightly. The Rated R Superstar fights through the pain, reserves his position to apply the Crossface on Sheamus as he does so.

The Celtic warrior was able to break the submission hold, but he took too long from the top rope, which allowed Edge to join him and superplex him onto the mat.

Sheamus rebounds with White Noise off the second rope then the Celtic Cross for extra insurance, but it wasn’t enough to put Edge away. A thunderous Ten Beats of the Bodhran encouraged Edge to show his middle finger. That angered Sheamus to inflict further pain with a second wave of Beats.

Edge’s second act of defiance to Sheamus was a quick slap to the face followed by a clothesline. The Celtic warrior comes back tenfold with a knee to Edge’s jaw then a Bro Kick after a failed spear attempt.

Just as Sheamus goes for a finishing Bro Kick, Edge beats him to it with an electrifying spear that awards him the win.


Winner: Edge

TOP PHOTO: Edge standing in victory. Courtesy of WWE


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