We were barely getting pass the introductions of the show when Salina de la Renta came bombarding the screen to foreshadow an announcement later tonight.

Tiara James vs. Zayda Steel

I’m somewhat surprised. Commentary just informed us that Miss Steel is 19-years-old and has been training for a year. Contemplations of her coming on the scene too early are questioned.

She even quit school for this.

Whether James beats her or not, I still believe you need more training than that. It almost feels lopsided given others who’ve trained excessively and continue to show how elite they are with their skills due to long training. Or those who keep going to school because a degree or two in something is always a good thing.

Once the bell rings, James is the one in control as she establishes herself around Steel. Nothing too hurtful has happened yet, but Tiara’s ability to swerve through the attempted arm dislocation maneuver left Zayda dumbfounded.

Steel gets shoulder tackled by James in a hurry. She retaliates with a quick slap to Tiara’s face and runs. What’s funny is that she misses with an elbow drop once she was forced back into the ring. Ha! Ha!

Steel manages to place Tiara in a chin lock followed by a drop kick. James makes a comeback with a series of takedowns plus a spine buster. She even returns the slap Steel delivered earlier. Ha! Yes!

Miss James scores a win with an amazing DDT to Steel to conclude the match.

Winner: Tiara James 

If you remember last week there was a brawl that broke out between the SGC and The Calling, which resulted in many bodies on the floor.

The Calling has left something more than their regular calling card. This time it’s a thumb drive.

More are joining their so-called cause, the likes of Cannonball being their newest member after Mandy Leon. Rickey Shane Page regales in the destruction he inflicted on Manders when he leaped from a  ladder.

This just makes me excited for the arrival of Slaughterhouse coming Oct 14.

You know what’s weird? I got this odd and alarming impression that when Jimmy Lloyd was seen regurgitating in a garbage can, talking about how difficult it is to lose weight, it almost seemed like Mance Warner was… sanctioning it. If I’m wrong then someone tell me.

Elsewhere, Salina de la Renta announces that the biggest match she was able to book for Slaughterhouse is a promotion versus promotion fight. Rocky Romero, World Historic Welterweight Champion at CMLL vs. Akira of The Calling, the World Middleweight Champion at MLW. I LOVE IT!! I may not know who Romero is, but I like the idea.

TJ Crawford vs. Alec Price vs. Kevin Blackwood – Triple Threat match

It doesn’t seem like Blackwood and Price are fond of  Crawford very much given they were ganging up on him at the begin of the match.

Once Crawford scurries off the ring, Price and Blackwood go head-to-head. The last time we saw Crawford aside from tonight, was when a hooded figure approached him and whispered something in his ear.

I don’t know what’s going on there, but the fans seem to be displeased with TJ as well.

Crawford and Price attempt to swerve each other. Alec having long legs has more room to work with as he kicks his opponent in the mid-section. TJ makes a comeback as he takes out Alec then goes for Kevin.

Alec was doing such an incredible job as he takes down Crawford with a highflying DDT.

Another momentary tag team action from Price and Blackwood when they disposed of TJ. Kevin performs a massive German suplex against Price.

Blackwood had TJ up for a potential powerbomb, but Alec utilizes it in his favour with a blockbuster from the top of the ring, planting both Blackwood and Crawford.

The match was so intense to watch, but the same hooded man from last week comes running and takes out Alec then walks away. What the literal hell? Meanwhile, as Blackwood leaps from the sky, Crawford beats him with an ear-ringing Silver Bullet.

Now the question remains, who was the hooded man? And why was he interested in Crawford?

Sam Leterna asked him the very question, yet TJ couldn’t answer since Blackwood had to say something. He may not like Crawford, but he respects him. That was decent enough, so why did the hooded man come back and attack Blackwood WITH the assistance of Crawford?

Commentary believes TJ knows exactly who that is. I’ve never seen so many officials like I have here. After a few minutes of breaking Blackwood’s leg and ankle, the hooded man reveals himself as none other than Tony Deppen. A friend of yours, Crawford?

Premeditation is a possibility in this case.

Winner: TJ Crawford 

Speculations about the likelihood that Mister Saint Laurent is building a separate promotion called the World Titan Federation within MLW is taken under microscopic advisement. Given this kind of scheming has happened before, such as the creation of Pro Wrestling Noa back in All Japan Pro Wrestling in the 2000s, it could happen again.

Only time will tell.

And speaking of random, Matt Cardona was live on Instagram venturing to interview some people backstage. Alas, he was ambushed by both Maki Itoh, who kept yelling in his face in Japanese, and Mance Warner, who attacked him from behind.

While we’re still on that topic of abrupt destruction, due to the beating Manders received at the hands of Rickey Shane Page last Thursday, a match has been scheduled for Slaughterhouse called Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal for the National Openweight Championship. Whoo! Ah! Yay!

Despite how fighters tremble at the design alone of the Chamber of Horrors in the last three decades, Warner decided to revive it for Slaughterhouse. How fitting. Halloween is coming a tad early. He and Matthew Justice fight Cannonball and a mystery man from The Calling.

Following the injury she suffered because of B3cca, the God Queen Delmi Exo is medically cleared to fight the self-proclaimed Popstar for the Featherweight Championship on Oct 14.

Slaughterhouse is insane and aptly named. Damn. You won’t find this anywhere else.

Akira (c) vs. Jimmy Lloyd – World Middleweight Championship match

The match hasn’t even started, and Akira instructs the goons to jump Jimmy only for his challenger to beat them to the punch with a suicide dive.

Akira may have had the slight upper hand, but Jimmy turns it around in his favour by sending the champ crashing against the post. He finds a metallic tin under the ring, and whacks Akira with it.

Akira’s one weakness are the welts showing on his back. The clear description of the damage he endured. Lloyd rains a double fist against that very spot. Oof.

Jimmy goes even further as he uses a piece of long, thin metal to pierce Akira’s back wound. My God. It was bad. It would have been just as terrible if the camera man zoomed in.

Ding. Ding. Ding. The fight has now begun. Jimmy pays homage to the late Terry Funk as he utilizes the ladder on his shoulders.

After a few minutes to recuperate, Akira suplexes Jimmy into the same ladder he used against the champ.

Lloyd is now on the receiving end of punishment, a knife to his hand. And not too late after, the temple of his skull. Jimmy was bleeding as Akira hammers the knife into his head… What’s gross is that Akira puts the knife in his mouth to taste Jimmy’s blood. Akira continues to use the knife as he thrusts it into Lloyd’s mouth. You can see the grimace of disgust and worry from the audience.

What a sick bastard this Akira person is.

I also thank the brutality of these fighters for showing that wrestling and any type of professional violence isn’t a game, nor something anyone can do or endure. MLW is one the promotions where raw sadism is at its peak and done very well.

Jimmy does make a return as he delivers a Phantom Driver to Akira against a steel chair. I can’t say that Lloyd isn’t as bloodthirsty as Akira. The champ may have met his match.

The thumbtacks Jimmy dropped on the mat were finally used as he plants Akira’s welts right on top of them. The camera made sure I saw everything. This match is definitely one of my favourites now.

Suddenly, Rickey Shane Page is seen walking to the ring to help Akira, luckily Matthew Justice intervenes before he could start any damages.

Since bursting on the scene, Akira has never had to reach for dear life in a match before. With Jimmy, he almost lost his title due to the Driver his opponent performed landing the champ head first on the tacks. Normally, Akira does the twisting apart.

Akira uses Jimmy’s momentum against him with a DDT off the top of five chairs to retain his Championship. Man, this was a great fight to watch.

Winner: Akira

Did you know that the acronym for the World Titan Federation is WTF? Ha! Ha! I didn’t notice until now how on the nose this is. The randomness of it all is truly WTF.

But never mind my need to sidestep, the Federation has a statement to make. We’ve seen that Davey Boy Smith Jr. has chocked and knocked out Alex Kane. So, Mister Saint Laurent bets that Davey will pin Kane at Slaughterhouse. But first, he intends to soften Kane with a mystery opponent next week.

Stay tuned!

TOP PHOTO: Akira fighting off Jimmy. Courtesy of MLW