Greetings and Salutations! We are back for another week of Impact! Wrestling. This week we have Alan Angels cashing in his Ultimate-X win for a chance against the X-Division champion, Chris Sabin. We also have Gisele Shaw facing the Knockouts champion, Trinity in a non-title match. We also have “Speedball” Mike Bailey taking on Jonathan Gresham. With such a packed show, we should get right to the action.

X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) VS Alan Angels

Angels tries to get the win out the gate as he covers Sabin, but it wasn’t enough for the surprise win. After some offense, Sabin locks Angels in the bow and arrow stretch. With both men back on their feet, Sabin hits a pair of hip tosses followed by an arm drag and back into another submission. Sabin goes for a boot, but Angels ducks and then pulls Sabin into the ropes, causing Sabin to crash hard. Angels stomps the elbow of Sabin. Sabin and Angels go back and forth but Angels manages to hit a Northern Lights Suplex. Angels tries to grab Sabin into another move, but Sabin grabs the ropes. With Sabin back up, he chops Angels a few times. Angels finally hits an Armbreaker, but Sabin comes right back with a dDropkick. Sabin with a Thrust Kick and a Single Leg Dropkick, but that again wasn’t enough for the win. Angels uses some mat wrestling and spins Sabin a few times looking for a submission, but Sabin turns that into a  pin attempt.

Sabin with a Tornado DDT, but Angels blocks it and takes Sabin down back into the mat and locks in an Arm Lock. Sabin is able to reach the rope with his foot to break the hold.  Angels is frustrated and grabs the title but the ref takes it. This distraction allows Angels to hit a Low Blow on Sabin. Angels hits Halo Strike for a nearfall, but Sabin comes right back with a Missile Dropkick from the top rope, and hits Cradle Shock for the win.

Winner: And Still X-Division Champion; Chris Sabin

After the match, with Sabin still celebrating the screens show a KENTA promo and he will be back at Bound For Glory.

Shelley is interviewed and says he respects what Alexander has done. But he challenges Josh to step up to the plate at BFG.

Rhino VS Jack Price

Price with a few punches before Rhino tramples him, sending him outside of the ring. Rhino drops Price right on his back into the apron and hits a huge clothesline. Rhino sends Price in the ring and hits a few chops and Clotheslines. Rhino hits the Gore for the win.

Winner: Rhino

After the match, Steve Maclin comes down and attacks Rhino, but Rhino turns the tables and hits a Belly-to-Belly after landing some punches. Maclin has had enough and leaves.

Tasha Steelz talks about coming back last week. She says she’s going to bring the flava every week. Deonna Purrazzo walks up and welcomes her back. Steelz said it felt good to stand side by side with her. Purrazzo hints at them working together and Steelz is into it. They agree to watch each other’s backs.

Alisha Edwards complains to Eddie about Impact 1000. Eddie says things aren’t over with Kazarian. Kazarian walks up and says he wants this feud to end. Kazarian is going to talk to management about ending it properly…

Yuya Uemura says Goodbye

Joe Hendry and Yuya Uemura come down to the ring after one final dance. Hendry says he has no regrets about their team.  Joe starts a “Thank You Yuya” chant. The Rascalz then come out and mock them both. Trey Miguel starts the “Goodbye” song. Hendry said he will be lonely nect week, but not tonight. All four men start fighting and this brings out Santino Marella. Marella says this is why we can’t have nice things. He then books a non-title tag team match where if JoYa wins, Uemura gets to keep his job.

JoYa VS The Rascalz

Trey and Wentz tag in and out fast until Uemura hits Migeul with a few Arm Drags, and followed it up with a Body Slam. Wentz and Hendry tag in and Hendry chops the chest of Wentz. Hendry hits a Stalling Suplex on Wentz and goes for the pinfall. Uemura is back in the match. Wentz separates Uemura from Hendry and cuts the ring off. Wentz rakes the eyes of Uemura. The Rascalz double kick Uemura, but then Uemura comes back with a Double Dropkick. Hendry spins Miguel, but Miguel escapes and pushes Hendry into Uemura. Wentz with a Cutter and the pin, but it’s not enough.

Wentz and Miguel mock Uemura while pinning him. Wentz continues to keep Uemura in their corner, separated from Hendry. Uemura is able to escape and clears the ring with a Double Fallaway Slam on The Rascalz. The Rascalz come right back and hit a double Superkick, then go right back to double teaming Hendry. Miguel with some kicks, and Wentz follows that up with a Stomp for another nearfall.

Hendry with a huge slam and a nearfall. Uemura and Miguel are back in. All four men are eventually taken down via clotheslines. Hendry and Uemura hit a One Hit Wonder and Uemura almost gets the pin until Wentz pulls Miguel out of the ring. Hendry chases Wentz up the ramp. While the ref is distracted, Miguel Low Blows Uemura and sprays him in the eyes with paint. Miguel gets the win.

Winners: The Rascalz

Gia Miller catches up with Gisele Shaw and asks her about facing Trinity. Shaw says her plan is to leave Bound For Glory as champion and tonight is step 1.

A vignette airs for The Design. Deaner promises to return to his throne, and it starts with Kon facing Josh Alexander.

Memphis Street Fight: Tommy Dreamer & Heath VS Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

Jean and King meet Dreamer and Heath on the ramp and all hell breaks loose. Heath takes on Jean and Dreamer battles King. Eventually, they make it to the ring to officially start the match.  King and Jean double team Heath and send him spine first into the apron. King pulls out an old rusty ladder and Jean grabs a trash can. They put the ladder around Heath’s neck and run him into the ring post hard. Back inside the ring, King hits Dreamer with a spinebuster, landing on a trash can.

Jean holds Dreamer and before any damage can be done, Heath pulls King out of the ring. Heath hits King with a knee, then hits a Powerslams. Jean breaks the pin. Heath with a Wake Up Call on Jean. Heath grabs a table and sets it up in the corner of the ring. King with a Spin Kick on Heath and Dreamer grabs the ladder and goes up top with King on his back. Dreamer gets tripped up and falls balls first onto the ladder’s rungs. King hits a blockbuster for a nearfall. Heath tries to go for a second Wake Up Call, but King escapes and wipes out Heath out. Heath and King fight their way to the back. Int he ring, Dreamer slams Jean through the table that was set up earlier in the match int he corner and picks up the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer & Heath

After the match, Crazzy Steve runs behind Dreamer and attacks him with his briefcase. Steve stand tall over Dreamer holding the case.

It’s announced that Scott D’Amore will induct Tenay & West, while Gail Kim will induct Traci Brooks during the BFG pre-show.

ABC sends a message to The Rascalz after Bey won the tag team title shot briefcase. ABC pitches a Fans Revenge lumberjack strap match to John Skyler. Skyler points out that Hotch is MIA. ABC then tells Skyler to find a partner.

Jonathan Gresham VS Mike Bailey

They shake hands to start the match and lock right up. Gresham  with a Headlock and starts a combo of pin attempts. Bailey manages to send Gresham to the outside. Bailey goes after himand kicks the living daylights out of Gresham. Bailey hits a springboard twisting moonsault off the ropes onto Gresham still outside. Back in the ring, Gresham focuses his attack on the legs of Bailey and locks in a Boston Crab in the center pf the ring. Bailey fight sit off and manages to crawl to the bottom rope for the break. Gresham with a Suplex, but Bailey keeps his feet planted. Gresham tries for the Suplex a few more times, but gives up and hits another pin attempt. Gresham locks a Headlock but Bailey elbows his way out. Both men go back and forth with pin attempts, but Gresham grabs all the tights, and gets the 3.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

Bailey is in shock that Gresham cheated to win and Gresham just shrugs it off.

Moose talks to Myers about holding the World title briefcase. Moose wants to get his feet wet in a singles match next week.

Maclin finds Bully Ray in the locker room. Bully says he’ll talk to PCO for Maclin, which makes Maclin question what’s led to Bully going soft.

Trinity VS Gisele Shaw

Shaw is ready and goes for a wrist lock but Trinity twists her away and kicks Shaw. Trinity hits the splits and gets a nearfall. Shaw is in need of a regroup, but Trinity hits a Forearm in the corner n Shaw. Trinity with some Chops, then hits a low clothesline for another nearfall. Trinity with a Dropkick. Shaw rolls out of the ring for a breather and to regroup with her group.  Trinity follows her and tries to grab her, but Shaw counters and sends Trinity head-first into the steel steps.

Shaw enters the ring and the ref counts to 10. Trinity barely beats the 10 count. Shaw is in firm control of the match and hits some punches and stomps on Trinity. Shaw sends Trinity to the corner.  Shaw hits a pump kick and then makes fun of Trinity. Shaw stomps the head of Trinity. Trinity starts her comeback with a kick and punches. Trinity hits two running clotheslines and then a Samoan Drop for the nearfall. Trinity climbs the top rope and lands the Crossbody for another nearfall.

Shaw hits her Shock and Awe for a nearfall. Shaw goes for a running knee strike, but Trinity counters into a cover. Trinity sends Shaw to the apron and then drives her face first into the ring mat for a pinfall. Evans is on the apron for a distraction but Vidal trips Shaw by accident and Trinity slams Shaw then locks in a Starstruck. Shaw gives up.

Winner: Trinity

After the match, Evans attacks Trinity. Mickie James runs down to make the save. James hits Vidal then slaps Evans. Trinity and James kick Evans, sending her out the ring. Trinity and James shake hands. Mickie grabs a mic and says she doesn’t need to be thanked because that’s what friends do. James says she’s had her back since day one and always will. James said that it hurt seeing Trinity win her title while she was hurt. James then says that she has never faced her and everyone knows she didn’t lose the championship. James says she has a rematch clause and wants to use it at Bound For Glory…